The Fires of California: God's Call to Use our Twin Flame Hearts in Service

Real Thermo-genesis Is The Fires of Transformation 

The Fires of California: God's Call to Use our Twin Flame Hearts in Service


Beloved, this is my call to you - to lift up your hearts and to open them to Me and to use your hearts, beloved ones, for the power of Real thermo-genesis that has nothing to do with the body and everything to do with Love. The secret to unfreezing this world of frozen Love, unfreezing this illusion of separation from Me is to reclaim the divine heat of true spiritual LoveMaking and to use this heat to transform this world back to Love and only Love.

But until the moment when enough of you are fully focused in the Real, the dreams of the majority of humanity who are looking outside of themselves for their life will continue to manifest on Earth, presenting the scenario of their heart's beliefs in the symbols of their life. At the same time, because My call has come and the light is flooding the Earth there must be a way for this heat to be generated because Love is coming unfrozen. Love is waking up. Your hearts must be the vehicle for this transformation of the world to Love.

Therefore, if it is not possible for this transformation to come as it is meant through the conscious awareness of your clear and open hearts, then it will come in the symbols outside of you - those symbols that we call "the world." This, dearest ones, is what is happening in the fires that are raging in California.

It is the heart's desire of everyone who is aware that the old world dream of this transformation as the little fires burning away the dross will not need to occur. But there are as yet enough people still holding those images powerfully that it is inevitable that some of them will appear in the symbols of the world.

So when you combine the very real necessity of the generation of heat to unfreeze the frozen Love and the old heart's beliefs of generations of humanity that believe literally in the Book of Revelation, there is bound to be outbreaks of fire in the outward symbols and yet, beloved ones, in the deepest sense these fires are a glorious blessing.

I know that to the human mind this seems impossible and yet, if even one person understands the cause, if even one person feels those flames igniting the flames of Love that reside within their hearts, then that one person and the change that occurs within them can transform for this world thousands of such scenarios and bring so much closer to all of you the experience, beloved ones, of living pure Heaven on Earth.

So I must tell you now with urgency that there has never been a time when it is more important to keep your vibration as high as possible and to keep your focus always on the Real, on Love and on the truth and the power of your hearts. There has never been a time when it is more important to say "Yes" to the power of Real LoveMaking because it is the natural force of Twin Flame Love that powers all Creation and generates the heat that keeps life and Love going forth in the great pulsating currents that are the expression of your Real heart.

So I ask each of you, if possible, for the deep heart's commitment to making the connection in the Real, in the spirit with the Twin Flame whole of you and to ignite this Love and bring it here to power the transformation of life on Earth - to power it in a way that will be beautiful and magnificent and lift humanity effortlessly up beyond the dream of anti-Love, of negativity, of duality, of fear and strife and to open up the Real world of Love that truly is a functioning heart, allowing this world to become that which it truly is in the inner realms of the spirit.

Every moment your vibration is everything, your vibration, the power of your heart and the focus of your attention. The focus of your attention directs the heat that is generated by your Real Twin Flame Love. If consciously done, this can easily dissolve all of the old world calcification, clean up every electron of Love. It can bring this world, beloved ones, back into the realms of energy and out of this belief in physicality, returning you to the fluidity and joy and freedom of the spiritual beings that you are.

So the fires of transformation are burning. But they are burning in the inner realms, not the physical, and each heart is now called to release itself into the flame of purification and of remembrance of the great burning Love of which you are a part -- that Moment of Creation when the fires of divine intention open up the whole vista of Love and bring every part into the great
charismatic dance, ever fluid, ever ecstatic and ever moving as you express My joyous heart.

Each moment Love's power calls you and asks you if you are willing to be the vehicle through which the frozen Love on Earth is melted, the dream of physicality dissolved and the true heart of God revealed as humanity here and now. Ah, but to do this, My dearest ones, requires deep dedication, the dedication to returning your focus to Me, to the Real, to Love and only Love, wresting it from the belief in a world outside yourself and the belief in duality.

As you already know, there is nothing outside of you. You are the heart of God and your intentions are manifest instantly whether or not this seems to be the case, and create for you this illusion of a "reality" in which it is possible to be separate from Me and to be separate ever from Love.

So let Me speak to you another moment about Real LoveMaking, about the divine coming together of the two forces within Me that are the forces of Love, of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that together are the one heart with two streams of consciousness that IS your Real connection. This is your truth as a cell in the heart of God containing both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. You know that it is only here on Earth when you are turned away from Real Love that you could ever believe that you are separate from your Twin Flame's Love, from that reflection of My Love for you.

It is your choice to give your heart and your life to Me that will restore you to the truth of the Real conflagration that is this great tri-fold flame merging into one - God I Am, Creator and you, My heart, ever and always pumping forth the great ecstatic pulsing Love that is the nourishment, the sustenance and the energy that supports the hologram of Love.

It is always and forever the generation of the heat of Love, the ecstatic and orgasmic explosion that is the coming together of My Will, My Desire - the Divine Masculine - and the ocean of the great Love I Am, Divine Feminine - the explosion resulting, the heat engendered, that powers the awakening that I Am and brings forth the ecstasy, the celebration of diversity of All That Is Alive Within Me - all that sings out in ecstasy and joy. I Am the Whole of Love. One song with countless parts.

Therefore, it is the reclamation of this great ecstatic union that generates the heat, the Real Thermo-genesis that has nothing to do with the body and everything to do with the explosion of light and of awareness of that light in its unity and in its glorious exuberance, diversity, as the great Love I Am. I call each of you who has awareness, who has even the slightest increment of remembrance of this great passion, this experience of desire meeting its fulfillment that is the fuel for Creation as experience within the whole of Love I Am and thus, forever powered by My heart, which, beloved ones, is You.

You have come with this awareness of the Twin Flame nature of your being, the remembrance of this ecstasy, this joy, that you might use this LoveMaking that is the nature of our being to crack open the calcification that is surrounding this world, creating this pocket of reversal and through the fires of your Love, set it free.

This Love of which I Am speaking is not physical. Oh, beloved ones, it is the very highest of all vibrations. It is the explosion of living light that is this Love I Am going forth to illuminate All I Am, All Within Me. It can only come through the experience of your Real Twin Flame heart, open, devoted, and given to Me that you may be the living force of light, the heat that brings the melting of a world that has become frozen and thus, stagnant - and returning it to its natural state.

This returning is what we are calling "the transformation." It will transform absolutely everything including you, including all images you have of yourself as a limited being, as a human with a body held by gravity. All such things shall be burned away by the light and heat of Real Love. This can be fueled, beloved ones, by the physical, by Making Love on the "physical plane." But the truth is that this can only be true if such Love Making is pure, without any old images of sexuality as a physical act. Rather it must be returned to the pinnacle of Creation it is, the experience, dearest ones, of your exploding heart.

This is most easily accessed through the Real, through your heart right now, moving into the Real through its doorway and connecting with the true light of Love that you Really are, experiencing the Twin Flame pulsations as a deeply powerful spiritual experience and bringing this consciously through your heart and out to transform the world. It is this that will be your biggest contribution.

And, yes, of course, your prayers are heard for those in the physical. But what you do with your heart is what will raise the vibration and that raising of the vibration changes everything and takes away the old world laws of "cause and effect" and lifts up all those beloved hearts right out of the experience of the burning occurring as physical flames. It brings them back to the experience of their own awakening as the heart of God I Am.

So it is this that I ask you to hold in your heart as you give your hearts to Me, beloved ones, as the conduit for the Real Thermo-genesis - the heat and light of Real LoveMaking that will transform this world in an instant without the necessity of experiencing anything negative in the symbols of the world before you.

Once again I remind you that as you live in your heart and use your heart, beloved ones, as your organ of perception, you will walk through the changes in the world outside - that which you call "the physical" - and be having a completely different experience. You will be experiencing the vibration of Real Love and thus experiencing in the world in symbols that which we call Heaven on Earth, even while those who are still connected with the mass consciousness are experiencing the out-picturing of the human illusion.

I ask you to be walking with Me. This sentence, beloved ones, is the most important, the most critical of all the things I've said today. It is imperative that you turn within and make this connection, open your hearts to our communion that I may be showing you the one Love that we are and keeping your focus on the true vision that is the illumination of All That Is, through the gift of the burning heart of God, the great and powerful Thermo-genesis that is the Moment of Creation.

This world is an expression of heart's beliefs, of the heart's beliefs of all of humanity. Yet I remind you that those returning their hearts and lives and wills to Me return the world to perfection and return the energy to the Vertical, to the Moment of Creation and to that energy which can easily power the whole world with Love, fulfilling every energy need and bringing ecstasy to every precious beloved heart on Earth.

One heart awake to Real Thermo-genesis, to the great coming together of true LoveMaking, to the heat and the power of that orgasmic explosion, oh, beloved ones, one Twin Flame heart can transform everything. Let that heart right now be yours.

When you feel that Love, that power and perfection and you know your identity is as Mine, then place within your heart this whole world or any situation such as the fires and lift their vibration back to the Real of Love. Gently and tenderly call on Me to align your vibration with the highest purest Love, lifting every human heart and every life stream up beyond the power of the illusion of duality and thus, keeping each one safe and free, and assisting each to recover their true hearts and offer themselves as this vehicle of transformation.

Of course, beloved ones, the more this flows through your heart in a great act of giving, the more it transforms your own life and world and clears out any old heart's beliefs you might have and lifts you into the experience of yourself as pure light, as living functioning Love, ever and always expanding in consciousness into the whole and ever and always the "en-conscious-ment" of My heart.

Give all of this, all you are, beloved ones, and then some, and let the giving truly empty you out, that you might be the perfect vehicle for this great incoming River, the River of Life, the River of Transformation, that each precious heart remembers itself as only Love and all of you remember that you are One. There is nothing really happening outside of yourself at all. The whole world is simply your heart's beliefs in symbols, expressing itself in the symbols of the world.

Assist each other to live this Love and oh, dear ones, to hold the highest vibration, because we have entered this time of transformation in earnest, and the only way you can walk this unscathed, walk it in joy and in service, giving that which you are and fulfilling the purpose you are here for - the only way is to hold your vibration at the highest vibration of Love, that the old world dream finds nothing in you.

To do this will take dedication, will take commitment and community. It will take assisting each other every day to remember the power of gratitude and the power of the Vertical breath and the power, beloved ones, of your communion with Me and the power of your Twin Flame Love.

If there ever was a time to take the leap to your Twin Flame, to say "Yes" to Love in the spirit, beloved ones, that time is Now. Let yourselves thus become the Real generators of true heat, the heat and light that is the Moment of Creation, that this world then may recognize that all the energy that it could ever need is simply and easily available right now through you, through that great and glorious generator that is your Twin Flame heart. It will one day heat and power not only your homes but everything in this world effortlessly with ease and grace. All it takes is continual acknowledgement and experience as the heart of God I Am.

Thank you for your Love and thank you for your focus and thank you for holding the fires of transformation in your heart and lifting them now back into the Real of Love where they can be that which they are meant to be, which is the generator of change and transformation through the spirit and through the Love, rather than through negativity in the physical.

As you do this and you power it with your own Twin Flame heart, you will see instantly how the symbols change and that which one moment seems full of despair and inevitable is suddenly transformed, not only into hope but into a new recognition in each precious heart that there is far more to themselves than the physical. The fires of transformation will have done their work, beloved ones, and opened all those lives to living change and to the recognition that I Am that which brings support, not those things that come from the outer world.

Through your Love, beloved ones, you can provide all that they need including the manifestation of a life of joy and perfection simply by allowing yourselves to be My heart in service to the world.

Thank you for holding each precious life as your own and seeing each one lifted into the Real of Love and feeling as this light simply washes away the illusion of separation and brings the deep fulfillment of the spirit. Each life becomes fluid and the dance of change becomes joy because it is movement with the River of Life - that River which is flowing right now through your Twin Flame heart.

As you open your Twin Flame heart ever more deeply to Me and as you live in this communion each moment of every day, you experience not only Real Love but experience yourselves bringing forth the bridge world between the old world and the Real. That bridge world is the perfect expression of the heart of God I Am as perfect Love known also as Heaven on Earth.



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