The Full Now Moment Complex

You are a part of such a family of Love that your little mind can barely touch even the hem of this garment, this great and glorious wholeness that supports you in everything and cares for you so completely that every part of your great multi-dimensional being is fulfilled, loved and made whole.

All That I Am is that which you are, and everything is a living heart beat, in and out of existence, pumping Love through the whole, everything brightened in relationship and every part of Creation knows every other aspect, and greets and meets and loves, while at the same time, there is the perfect peace and silence of pure consciousness that holds every part of you in perfect stillness – that you might know yourself as the All, as pure God consciousness.

Because there is no such thing as Time, beloved ones, these things exist layered into each other, and they cannot be separated. So while you who are still functioning with the concept of chronological time attempt to understand the heart beat of God I Am, which is your holy rhythm as well – you cannot yet embrace the fact that all of it is simultaneous, that you are the pure consciousness and you are the relationship with the whole. All of it is coming together in an exquisite “Aha!” as the heart of God gaining awareness, and the rest of the whole is held in perfect and glorious fullness, where relationship and mystery and stillness of the All express themselves completely in every Now always.

So all you can do at this point, beloved ones, is let yourself simply desire to be the true Vertical and to move beyond the experience of Time. Meanwhile you can alternate your experience of the in-breath, of the pure and vast awareness that is the stillness of the whole AND the great and glorious pulsing of the living giving heart that truly makes the connection with every part of life, every nuance of vibration, every expression of Love, in the whole. All of it is illuminated instantly at the Moment of Creation.

Moving beyond Time is a function of going Vertical and yet, there is experience in this pocket of reversal that is returning to the whole, and you are the way I love the world and bring it back into the miracle of the pure ecstatic awakening into the Love as the whole.

So, two questions have arisen: how to relate to being both consciousness and Love, and how to practice the experience of being in the Vertical and living both awareness and Real Love. First, living beyond time. Let it be for you its own miracle because when you come to the center point, you move yourself into the experience of My Love as your life, as the purity and the relationship, as both consciousness and heart. So to practice I ask you once again to return to our Love, to meet with Me, your Creator; and to let Me give you this trust by showing you how deeply I love you, how perfectly I fill you, how every breath you take is considered a miracle of Love.

What I want you to truly experience is the multi-layered reality that is full to overflowing with all the nuances of Love. Beloved ones, please imagine all of Creation. Your little minds can’t even begin to get around such a concept. Then, holding yourself wide open, dear ones, step into the Vertical, into the fiery Twin Flame Love, into the living Now again. You will understand way beyond words, but a language that speaks deep into every electron, of how you know all aspects of Love, even though I Am All There Is.

Suddenly your whole being will contain Creation. Everything, All That Is is living within you, because every microcosmic drop of the living God ocean contains all of it, beloved ones. The whole I Am. Begin to touch what it means to love everything so intimately and so aware, so full of life and intensity, so glad for the hologram of life. Step forth into the opening that is the great Moment of Creation and let the passion that you feel light up everything and reveal it to you.

I Am That I Am and you are this experience, but to experience this hologram is to make a commitment to Real life, Real life beyond concepts, Real life beyond the identities of the ego, beyond anything but the living Now which contains All That is, All That Is, beloved ones, here for you, again. Then, in the very same Now, your heart opens and you are the explosion of Love that nourishes all of My children, all of the cells of My heart. You are everything I Am and you are dearly loved.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You tonight. We say “Yes” to Love. We ask You, God, to allow us together to be living conduit for Your glorious Love to pour through us to bless and lift this precious world and every life upon it. Thank You, God, for the great blessing of this spirit family and for all the ways that our hearts are joined together. We thank You for Your living presence within us and for our communion with You. Every moment truly is a miracle of life. I ask You God to use my voice, my life, my heart as a conduit also tonight for this shared experience, this meditation.

Let us begin as we always do, making connection with each other. As you feel your heart open, reach out with your heart’s perception and feel each other’s hearts, how we are joined together in our purpose and in our presence here tonight. As we join our hearts together we recognize that we become a living heart – a vortex, a powerful opening into the Real that Love can use to flow through. As we feel the energy moving from heart to heart, joining us into this conduit for Love, we also feel the power, the potency of this opening, of this heart that we share, and how much of this world is covered by this heart.

Acknowledging that we live by the greater rhythm of the one heart and the one breath, we begin to breathe this breath together. As you let your breath out, feel yourself relax and take a deep breath in, breathing in the light. As you breathe out, let all tension fall away from your body. As you breathe in again, feel your heart begin to open. As you breathe out, Love pours forth through your open heart. As you breathe in, you are aware of all of us as the conduit. As you breathe out, you can feel the power of the Love.

Breathing in pure Love from the Moment of Creation and breathing out the Love, pouring it to the Earth. Breathing in, your heart opens even further and breathing out, you become the living breath of God I Am. Breathing in pure Love. Breathing out, it is breathing you and Love takes this breath in and out.

Beloved ones, you are one breath, one heart, breathing together. As you breathe in again, let your heart expand so wide that you are completely melded with Me. You are joined in the holy communion of Love and your heart is the voice that we share. Now, beloved ones, let your heart expand wider than it has ever been and tonight let us experience the power of your heart.

As you open your whole life to Me, let yourself remember the pulsing light ever present at the center of your heart, and with this breath in, your focus on this center deepens and with this breath out, your consciousness falls into it. You are present now at the center of your heart, the heart of All That Is and you are resting in the pure silence and peace.

With every breath you are more and more centered, more and more open to the ocean of stillness, the ocean of Love, and you are now expanding into the very ocean of life itself. As you become for this moment the living Divine Feminine, you are for this moment simply open, open, waiting, expanding in your Love and the depth of your being cannot be fathomed. More Love that continues to grow and expand and the living breath moves you outward even further. You are flowing. You are the ocean and the gentle rippling waves of softly moving Love flowing through your being.

At the center of your being there is peace and stillness. At the very heart of this ocean there is a kernel of anticipation, unformulated but present and Love is all around. As Love now breathes you in and spreads you out into the ocean, you are openness itself, openness and waiting – tender fullness, gently moving waves.

Now, beloved, while the ocean waits and a part of you is the stillness, you are suddenly awake. You are now Divine Masculine. You are the energy of life itself. You are deep and powerful longing for the expression of all that lives and moves and breathes within you. You can feel the great power building, building. You are focused in your awareness on movement and energy and light. A tornado. There is something so alive within you that nothing can contain it.

You are the I Am and the power in that awareness builds and builds and moves within until the energy sparks and arrows forth into the Divine Feminine, and you are now the great union. You are the one great explosion. You are the orgasmic experience of full awareness of everything I Am. It pulses. It explodes. It rips through all Creation and becomes a living circle of consciousness and Love in the center of which is a heart beat as clear and full of purpose, that will never stop beating with awareness of All That Is.

From this Now Moment comes the power of My heart. This heart beat is so loud that all Creation is reborn every time the heart beats again. Now, beloved ones, each of you is a perfect replica of the Moment of Creation as a Twin Flame heart, one heart, one heart beat with two streams of energy. Beloved ones, you become this ball of light. You become the living power of all Creation each Now Moment. I ask you to feel this heart beat, to feel the great expression of consciousness and Love and the power of this joining that is who you are, the power of your heart.

For each of you I take you swirling into the center of the living Twin Flame heart that is you, and in the center you are the heart beat, you are the pulsing, you are the energy, you are the great orgasmic exclamation, ‘I Am Love’ and from the center of this pulsing heart stream forth rays of living light. They are shining, shimmering in all directions in a symmetry of Love. Your heart is a living sun, an explosion of Creation, and I ask you now, beloved ones, to feel this life.

Feel the life force, the power of living Love that is generated with every amazing heart beat. In All I Am, you are the heart of God and you receive your life from Me. Open, beloved ones, to the experience of life. Open, open to life more abundant, to the great and glorious power of the Moment of Creation that is alive within your being. As you breathe, breathe in this life, this electrifying union, this great exploding Love, and let it rush throughout your being and name you pure light.

As it reaches from deep within, in a shout of celebration it reaches toward the connection with the Moment of Creation, and you are exploding forth again. From the center of your glorious heart comes the pulsing orgasmic ecstasy and the opening once again to receiving life. Life. Pure. Glorious. Electrifying. Powerful. Generous. Glorious. You receive directly from Me. You are a part of the glorious heart expressing itself as All I Am. You are My shout of jublilation. I Am alive. I Am Love.

As you let this rush through you, your heart opens once again, becoming a fertile field, waiting to be impregnated by Love. Can you feel your heart waiting? Being as the Divine Feminine? Waiting? Open, accepting the miracle again. And now, it comes. The spark that brings new life and your Twin Flame heart is fertile and you become the receptacle of brand new Love. It bubbles up from within you and you nourish it with your very life, becoming the glorious union. Twin Flame Love again.

Beloved ones, you are woven, one heart, two streams of energy, of consciousness, of Love, so intimate that the miracle is you are one and yes, forever. You are moving in this dance of the great and glorious union that is Creation again. As you focus now once again on the center of this miracle that is your Twin Flame heart, you recognize always you are the Moment of Creation itself and the great whirling energy, like a living sun expanding that is your heart, beloved ones, I ask you now to attune to it and to recognize the wholeness and the energy of life, life as you receive it from the Moment of Creation. Limitless, explosion of incredible Love.

Holding this awareness that the whole I Am is present in every part, I ask you to gently turn your focus toward your life on Earth, and from the Real, beloved ones, I ask you to place within your “human” heart the full and glorious awareness of your Real heart as life, of the power of the life force, of the glory of Creation. Bring it alive now in your heart on Earth as well. Feel the gentle merger of the Real and the world until you are aware that your human heart and your Real heart are one.

Now feel the force field. Feel the living power. Feel the glorious light force. You are the heart of Love. The pulsing life spreads out from you, from the center of your heart in a great and radiant circle, a circle of Real Love. You are fully aware every moment of All That Is. As you step forth into the world, you are the heart of God, pure life, and pure and radiant Love.

As you see yourself moving in the world, see how your heart now encompasses so much of the world in its energy as you magnetize them to Love. I ask you to feel your heart as a magnet through your alignment to the Real, and how, as you step forth, into your life in the world, any life that is encompassed by the heart field of your Love has a moment of experiencing pure life and pure orgasmic Love. Whether or not such a person is conscious, that experience is there. It won’t leave them.

You are effortlessly realigning the energy from the illusion to the Real of Love. Beloved ones, as you look into the world, you can see how little life is experienced, for the ego mind keeps people everywhere from being fully present, and only now can you experience Real life as you receive it each moment from Me.

Ah, My beloved ones, your heart field – that radiant and glorious ever-pulsing energy – as it touches any life, it brings it to the center through the power of your glorious Love, and the magnetic power of your Twin Flame heart. As you walk forth into the world, I ask you, beloved ones, to keep this alignment and to continue to open to receive your glorious life each moment – pure and magnificent life, so full so rich, so powerful and so full of excitement at being alive, at receiving the gift of life each moment.

As you, once again, return your focus to the center of your heart, I ask you now to expand your awareness all throughout your force field of Love and as you do so, beloved ones, become fully conscious of how vast and how powerful are the energies of your heart. Know, each of you, that life becomes a true miracle as you retain your living center, your consciousness and your Love. Into this center of your magnificent heart I shall bring the most amazing of all gifts. That gift is the gift of Real Life. Real Life to you each Now Moment from the Moment of Creation itself that you may know yourselves as the heart of God awakening in ecstasy and pulsing forth in celebration of being conscious and alive, the heart beat of Love.

As you remain with this energy, I ask you to open to see the pattern of energy and vibration that is your heart. I now give to you the mandala that is your own heart’s nature, that you may hold in your awareness as you go forth into the world. See this pulsing with the energy of the Moment of Creation as you are given life again each Now Moment, and feel the life force that illuminates your great heart. Beloved ones, each of you, receive this and know your vibration, as you are, as you come forth the Moment of Creation as the conscious heart of God that you are.

Into this energy, this mandala of living vibrating Love, also comes the song of life that is your Twin Flame vibration. As you receive this, let it enter deep within your being that from every moment there shall come your life, full and precious, that no longer shall you live tucked in the illusion, seeking from excitement from the little mind or ego. For beloved ones, you have emerged into the glorious Now Moment and you are at last the full recipient right here of your Real life.

To hold this much life, this force with power while focused on Earth changes everything, so hold this truth, the truth of your life within you, and in each Now Moment, beloved ones, please keep it constant. You feel the vibration and you feel the glorious exclamation, the energy, the vitality, the magnificence of your Real life. No more looking for life, beloved ones, hidden in the illusion for you are receiving it fully from Me in the Now Moment from now on. All that you believed of the illusion while focused here on Earth, you will discover is as nothing compared to your Real life.

As you go forth, fully aware of the power of your Love, I ask you to be the focus of Real life on Earth, Real life as it is received by you in Me, as Me, of Me -- the Moment of Creation as My heart that all that has been separate is brought to the truth and the power of Real Love. Let every heart remember the full expression of your Love, the mandala, the expression, the ecstasy of the life you receive from Me, living in the Now Moment. Remember your heart feels how vast, how powerful and how magnetic, and the gift that you give by aligning each life to the Moment of Creation when they are embraced by your heart.

Heart beat after heart beat, Real life comes forth again. You are this life, beloved ones, and for this I am grateful.



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