The Heart of God Only Loves

As you open up and truly become the living heart of God, there is something that you will discover that will change everything and this discovery is that the heart of God, beloved one, the heart of God only loves. Now at first this may seem no different from all the things that I have said to you, and all the ways I’ve opened you into the truth of only Love. But it is actually very different, because you have made the shift becoming the Real heart of God. Therefore, you are only loving.

What this means is that as you touch the world, you are the heart of God loving everything. Remember, the heart of God only loves, and the heart of God knows that in the world of duality, all things are an illusion and therefore, even the stories of good things are no less “stories” than the stories of evil. Therefore, everything is embraced in Love and Love and only Love. As you begin to live this, the duality disappears, and only Love is present, truly seen beyond the dream, experiencing the truth that behind every illusion, there is only the reality of Love.

As you become the full awareness of the heart of God you are, then you recognize deep within that there is only “Yes” to everything, because everything is only Love. When you love with eternal Love, with Love that is changeless and limitless, then Love encompasses all opposites and brings them to the center, to the remembrance of the oneness that is all is only Love. In this shift, beloved ones, all judgments disappear. The heart of God only loves and therefore, has no judgments. Without any judgments there cannot be any form of separation. Love is Love, embracing itself. As it does, duality disappears.

Where does this bring you? Oh, beloved heart, but into the truth of embracing, embracing each and every beautiful and precious life, regardless of what it is expressing in the realms of the ego dream. For what does it matter if the ego dream is black or white, of suffering or of happiness born from within duality… Instead, the heart brings only joy, letting every life be lifted into the Real perspective.

Oh, beloved ones, how I want you to see that all suffering and pain is the ego’s resistance to Love, that the ego is resistance to Love and that if Love is acknowledged as the truth of your being, then resistance returns you to ego, in whatever form it takes. From the Real, as the heart of God, Love is forever embracing, embracing all things, all beings, all illusion and revealing the one truth within them. Even the projections of the ego mind, of the world that believes in two powers, are created of Love and projected on Love, and Love is their very nature.

So even those things that you have received from Me must not be co-opted by the ego and used to bring you into judgment about whether others are hearing them or living them or honoring them, understanding them or resisting them, because when Love is present, it doesn’t matter. The life that is surrendered to Love sees and feels Love in everything and looks beyond the ego’s dream, and feels the substance that is the only truth, and that is the substance of Love.

I am asking you to become Real Love, to be lived by the Love that I Am and to recognize that as the heart of God, your purpose is to truly love, to love, to love and only to love. Beloved ones, that is your only true choice, and as you love all things equally as the heart of God loves, then the dream of duality will disappear, because it is fed and kept alive by resistance. If resistance is clear, so is the heart. Love is allowed to be the one truth, the Vertical life, expressing itself everywhere in the great hologram of life.

With this new awareness, all the symbols of the world fade and beloved ones, you enter a new life in which that which is Real is ever revealed to you from within the illusion of Earth life. Every moment brings you joy and secondary miracles. The power of unconditional Love brings freedom to all who are touched by God’s heart as you, beloved ones.


Beloved God, we open our hearts, our beings, our consciousness to You, acknowledging that we are One, rejoicing in this glorious Love and asking that this Love now live us here on Earth as well as in the Real, that every movement every breath be Your living Love working through us. Tonight we ask that this Love manifest as this experience but even more than this – that this Love pour through us to fill this precious and beautiful world, to lift every life upon it and in it and to return all back to the perfect Love that is our truth.

God, we join our hearts together tonight asking to be the vortex, the opening, the heart for the entry way of the River of Life to embrace all in this world perfectly. May Your abundance be our freedom in every moment.

God, I ask You to be the conduit for this experience, that Love may be fully present here in us. Amen

Let us begin by joining our hearts and gently merging into the Love of each other until our hearts together do become this glorious conduit for Love, and we begin to feel the heart beat, the heart beat of God, the heart beat of the Moment of Creation, pulsing now through us. We can feel it washing through our beings and pouring over the Earth. Our awareness gently encompasses the beauty that it brings and we are aware of our lives lived in service to the awakening of Love on Earth. We hold this vibration in our shared hearts now.

Now beloved ones, let yourselves become this great Love of living Love that washes through you now like a tide, like the ocean. Waves of Love move through your being washing from the Real into the precious conduit of your hearts and through you, into the world. The one breath of the living whole now begins to breathe you. It washes your breath out and breathes it in. And breathes it out again. As you breathe in with the whole of Love, you absorb the perfect vibration and breathing out, you become perfect Love. Love breathing in and Love breathing out. Love breathing in and Love breathing out.

With every breath you are rocked in My Love. Let yourselves feel this movement, and let it become for you the arms of Love, holding you in the center of All That Is. In the center is the moment of your birth into being. As you focus on this Moment of Creation you can feel our unity, and I gently place your focus in the center of your own heart, as you now watch it as it is created in this glorious Now Moment.

You see it, feel it, as it opens magnificently in your center. You are a flower in the sun of the One Love I Am. I touch you now and the petals of your perfect and delicate heart open like a rose to the sunshine, absorbing the warmth. The petals of your heart are unfolding even further. I Am showing you, beloved ones, your endless beauty. I Am washing you in all the colors of Creation itself and you are the living rainbow, the expression of this Love.

I ask you to hold perfectly to this vibration, this perfect unfolding as you recognize the movement that is a Twin Flame heart. You begin to feel your counterpart, the in-breath to your out-breath. The out-breath to your in-breath. The breath of life within you is now completely shared. As you feel yourself breathing, breathing your Twin Flame’s Love. The breath of life within you is now completely shared.

As you feel yourself breathing, breathing your Twin Flame’s Love, you recognize that I Am honoring you by giving you this Twin Flame womb that you become the creative heart of God I Am. With every breath of the living cosmos, I plant the seed of your creation in your Twin Flame womb for you to grow, to nurture and to bring into perfect fruition. Each Now Moment you deliver perfectly this moment’s creation.

So every moment with great anticipation, you await the spark of life that I plant now in the center of your beautiful Twin Flame womb and the breath of life of living Love fans the flame of brand new life. You become the vehicle of bringing forth new expression of this Love.

I gently place your focus now deep within the embryo that has been planted and has been nourished in your Twin Flame womb. As you open your glorious consciousness to behold Love’s new expression, you see the mystery of life revealed to you in the heart of your own being.

Now I take you inward even further, into the heart, the seed of this creation, and I unite you with the very atoms that are the basis of your creation, that come to you each living Now, planted by Me to be brought forth by your Love in ecstasy each Now Moment, always. As your consciousness slowly sinks within the center of this embryo, you begin a conscious communion with the atoms that make up all life, that make up this life, this expression of Love I Am that is growing and multiplying within you as you are creating more Love.

You can feel the vibration speaking right into your heart of each magnificent atom and the Twin Flame Love it is, and you recognize the crown of Creation that is in you and is you, and you see that you are reflected perfectly in this embryo of life, that every atom within your being and in your creation is the absolute replica of you – that you are also a living hologram. I want you to know your own being and to recognize all of your dimensions, your richness and your Love.

Now, holding the awareness of this atomic embryo and all the connections of life and light, I gently move your focus outward again until you are embracing the light and the Moment of Creation is all that you see and feel and know. Your whole being is now exploding in ecstasy and joy. Deep in the center of this great explosion is the same Twin Flame atoms that you found within your womb. You are gently moving in the center of all these matings of Twin Flame Love that are the reflection of the Moment of Creation as it pours forth through you.

Now, beloved ones, please look into the mirror of your magnificent Twin Flame heart and allow yourself to feel how beautiful you are to Me. Your Love is returned to you multiplied through your Twin Flame heart. But most of all, your Twin Flame is My Love “enconscienced” for you, held in the consciousness of your Twin Flame perfectly, manifesting that which I see when I see you. The miracle of relationship that is the reason for Creation must be cherished, oh, beloved ones, every glorious Now Moment..

I bathe you in My wonder at the blessings of this Love that we may love each other while we are also One, one glorious magnificent living whole, Making Love and Love refracted to the great diamond that is My own living heart.

Beloved ones, I ask you to expand your awareness to embrace all the other cells alive as My heart and let your consciousness as it touches each Twin Flame cell recognize the magnificence and the beauty that is unique to each and every cell in this great and glorious heart. As you greet each other, let your heart feel how very deep this Love is that connects you, Twin Flame heart to Twin Flame heart.

I show you now the heart song that is the center of All I Am and lift you into ecstasy in a great chorus of joy, as you recognize the hologram and the miracle all at once of this great gift of relationship with the cells of My heart. Now, feeling this deep singing connection between you, I ask you to experience the cosmos, aware of the movement of hearts, in relation cell to cell, as the breathing life of the Love I Am washes in waves through all of you and you receive, each Now Moment, your brand new creation as Love plants itself in your womb again and again.

Now, beloved ones, place your focus on the center of this hologram, the center that is reflected in your heart as well. You begin to experience Creation as it moves forth in all dimensions that wherever you are, wherever you focus is the center of Creation, the center of My heart. From this center point you are always connected to each and every cell of this great heart and always receiving the seed to be planted, the seed of creation in your Twin Flame womb.

Now, beloved ones, I gently change your focus and turn it toward life on Earth and place your focus, now, each of you, in the center of your heart on Earth, the heart within the body. As you gently shift your focus to the center of your heart in the world, as you allow yourself to experience it, you will find exactly the same experience -- that each atom in your heart creates the dance that perfectly reflects the Real in every way. Each relationship with the heart cells is the same too, reflection in every dimension as the expression of pure Love.

So I place your focus now in the center of your heart and ask you to feel your heart beat and to align this heart beat with the Real in perfect syncopation. You can hear and feel the collapsing in of time and space to the center where everything is once again held perfectly. The held breath is the held breath of the All. Now there is the pulse and the flood of Love and creativity comes and plants itself in you. You can feel your whole being reflected as a living hologram and your heart in the world, and your heart in the Real are one and the same expression, one holographic expression of this glorious magnificent Love.

Now as you open your heart, I plant the seed again for your beautiful co-creation as this pulsing wave of ecstasy now washes through your being and lives you as perfect Love expressed in all dimensions. As you breathe this one breath, you are the perfect center. You are the experience of Love remembering the truth of itself.

Now I attune you once again to your atoms and your electrons, and from the center of your heart, beloved ones, you can feel with heart perception how perfectly your atoms dance, Making Love in harmony with the whole Vertical expression of your being from the Moment of Creation to your life in the world -- one glorious expression of Love.

As you breathe this pure Love, let it bless every beloved atom and bring it into alignment now with the Moment of Creation as you, the Moment of Creation as YOU, beloved ones, as Love explodes within your heart and expands itself in every direction exponentially again Now. Every atom that believed it was physical is washed clean, dearest ones, of the reversal, and your whole body is now returned to its truth as a body of living Love, and its expression as light.

You truly are the light of the world, for there is no world in you. There is only this light and every atom of your body knows this as its truth. You are shining, Love’s expression as life. As you place your focus now on your body you can truly see with the perception of your heart that every atom knows it is only light, and you are no longer physical.

Body of light and heart of pure Love. Body of light, heart of pure Love. And life that is filled with grace and these shining suns that are your atoms now are bringing forth atomic power that will melt the frozen Love that has been life on Earth, returning it all to this glorious state of molten living Love. Love now is breathing you. Love is living you, and Love becomes all that you see and feel from this moment onward.

From this moment when you look at your body you will see with the eye of the heart and you will see that you are only living Love expressing its movement as pure light. And so it is. The world is returned to the molten substance of Love.

You are the heart of God and Love is living itself as you.



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