The Language of the Heart Is Simple

Thank you for your Love, for the power of your devotion and the purity of your heart, and know that in this Love we share, the truth is always revealed. Thus, should you seek to know the truth about anything, simply place it in the heart of our communion and hold it in the glory, in the flame of your Twin Flame Love. All that is not the truth shall fall away and the truth of Love will be revealed.

Know, beloved ones, you are My heart, the deepest center of My being and that which powers all Creation. In this Love we share I am deeply honored, for you give Me the opportunity to know My own heart. In this deep communion you must know that there is never judgment and that the ways of the world, the illusions of the ego are like mist and shadows and do not even appear in my relationship with you. The answers to your questions come through that mirror of perfect Love, that when you place your life, your questions in the pure Love that we share, the truth is always revealed to you deeply and perfectly.

In terms of My relationship with you, My relationship with every human being, there are no gradations, no evaluations of progress. There is only a "Yes" or a "No." And when the heart has said "Yes," then, beloved one, it transforms. It elevates all the world of ego for the heart always takes precedence and the ego mind is relegated to the shadow land that it inhabits. The truth of Love radiates through everything when the heart has said "Yes."

So you must know that you can live in the world in joy, in ecstasy, embracing the world in your Love with abandon. There is never a need for you to be separate from anything, even from the illusions of the reversal. Like the smoke and mirrors that they are, they disappear in the glorious radiant Light of the heart.

Thus, every judgment is of the ego. I am always saying "Yes" to you. I am always always inviting your Love, rejoicing in your life, uplifting you and bringing you the remembrance of this truth of Love we share. So what I am attempting to say to you is that when the heart is alive in its "Yes" to Love, everything you experience in the world becomes an avenue of transformation, joy, ecstasy, unity, and the sharing of Love.

You can participate in your life in the world in joy knowing that the heart transforms every increment simply by the "Yes" to Love that becomes the radiating presence, the magnetic connection instantly to the Real of Love always -- unless you allow the ego dream to catch and hold you to such an extent that it lowers your vibration enough that your "Yes" turns into a "No."

In other words, if the ego catches you and its sole effort is separation, the moment you fall into separation from Me is the moment that the "Yes" becomes a "No" and then the world of the ego mind is your world, and the world of the heart takes the back burner. But only when the choice for separation becomes more than the choice for Love.

But now, the ego mind's game of evaluating every little nuance, thought, feeling and appearance no longer needs to hold sway. Yes, when you are searching for that light switch, when you are seeking to find your deep "Yes," when you are looking for a way to return to My Love, to return to this glorious unity - then the reflections of the world are cause for examination.

But examination, dearest one, is very different from evaluation and judgment. This is what is so important and what I ask you to take in deeply- that you may rejoice in this experience of service and in every part of the dream that it touches, knowing that your heart can see right through the illusion of suffering, pain, degradation and find the Love that is there.

It is there, beloved ones, always. It is there in the shape of other hearts. It is there in those powerful decisions that people make every single day from something as small as giving their seat on the bus to an elderly lady or something as big as saving a nation from the tyranny of war. Every one of these matters only in that it gives the heart the opportunity to say "Yes." From the perspective of the ego mind's dream and all of its layers of hierarchy, of gradations of good versus evil, light versus dark, etc., it seems impossible to recognize deeply that the language of the heart is simple. It is as simple as the language of the silicon, of the computers. That is a language of "No" and "Yes."

When a "Yes" is said, then the pathway is open. The current is free to flow from the Real through the Vertical into the heart and life and back to Me again. Every Now Moment brings nourishment. Every Now Moment brings life in the midst of whatever intricate fantasies the ego mind dreams along the way. The vibration is set by the attitude of the heart, whether it is open to life and to Love or whether it is choosing to be separate and to make separation its "No."

This is the only thing that the ego can accomplish. This brings it down to the simple but it does take a certain point of understanding or awareness to grasp the difference between the "No" and the "Yes." This is where I have been leading you. Step by step we have created the bridge. But now, beloved ones, that your language is complete and the gradations of the illusion understood - now you can participate in the life and the illusion completely unified with the Real of Love.

With your heart saying "Yes," no matter what. No matter what the two eyes see, the truth of the heart is always burning immaculately, perceived strongly without interruption. Therefore, you can walk truly through the pits of hell and nothing will bring a dip because your heart is solidly saying "Yes" to Love and therefore finding that "Yes in others," no matter what the ego mind's dream tries to convey.

Therefore, you can release the hold of the ego on you, for it seeks to involve you in its intricate play and make it fascinating with its vast hierarchy of gradations and evaluations that can keep you believing in separation indefinitely. Believing that you don't have what it takes to be unified, to live in the ecstasy of the truth, when the truth is your heart is already there. You have said your "Yes" and nothing can keep you away.

So it is time to rejoice in this burning Love that lives within you and in your deep deep and powerful and eternal "Yes," and to let that be the fiery furnace that burns away the dross of the illusion and leaves that "Yes" to Love intact and shouted forth for all the world to hear. As an example, the "Yes" of the open and devoted heart is the most powerful entrainment in the world today. Your "Yes" is so powerful that you can walk through the illusion easily without one shift in vibration.

It is time now to acknowledge this and to acknowledge living in joy - in such joy that the compassion is so Real that you can reach right into any slice of the illusion and love it free, right in that moment, letting this vibration permeate everything but especially permeate your Twin Flame heart which is ever saying "Yes" to Me now.

So there comes a point in each one's path that truly there is a path no more because you must acknowledge that the "Yes" is solid and that "Yes" to Love can no longer be shifted. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you participate in the illusion, if you rejoice in sharing the gifts of this life, because the "Yes" in your heart is so ebullient and so powerful that every "No" around it becomes a "Yes." All the switches are flipped and the current is open and flowing.

You have felt this in your heart. You have known that it doesn't matter. The thoughts of the ego mind have nowhere to take hold. They can float through your consciousness, pieces of the ego dream, and find nowhere to turn the "Yes" to a "No." Nowhere to change the Real vibration.

So you know that the Vertical has taken hold and that every connection to the horizontal arm of the cross, duality, is a connection done in service and there are no gradations of the ego mind in the dream. It is either: you are in the dream or you are not. It is a "Yes" or it is a "No."

Now it may take some getting used to - to feel the truth of this because you have been involved for so long in evaluation but evaluation is of the ego mind. Unity is of the heart. Unity is all embracing Love. Therefore, All That I Am is Love and All That Is, I Am loving - including that choice for separation. That choice of ego. That choice of the illusion over the heart and in the loving, it is magnetized back into the Vertical, back into the center, into the Now Moment and the circle of life is complete.

Once you know this, I ask you to come deeply into your heart and to feel the glorious matrix of your Love, the pattern of awareness of energy, of the living Christ that is your unique Merkabah - the whirling energy of your Twin Flame heart "en-conscious-ing" the Moment of Creation and reaching throughout the living All -- its radiant streams of living Love expressing the powerful ecstatic orgasmic Love in all dimensions at once. It is the Message of My Love going forth as you.

This awareness of your heart is so critical because once you realize, once you feel how vast and potent, how rich and deep and thrilling is your heart, then you know through your whole being that this limited life on Earth can never be even an increment of your truth. Thus, it will be easy to leave behind the limited view of the ego mind and to stretch forth in consciousness to recognize what you really are -- the radiant Light of the heart of God I Am, truly pouring forth in splendor.

In such magnificent radiance you truly light up all of life. All That I Am is loved by you and therefore the ego's dream is seen for what it is, so severely truncated, so limited and so confused about the "No" and the "Yes" when the truth is so very very simple, and yet, so vast and so beautiful.

So the "Yes" to Love, your "Yes" to Me changes everything and puts the ego mind's dream on notice. When it does so, when you are living through your Twin Flame heart, then all the beauty, the magnificence and the patterns of luminous energy and deep connectedness reveal themselves to you always and your "Yes" to Love is heard throughout the cosmos.

I Am wholly grateful for this communion that we share. "I Am the radiant heart to God." This is truly your mantra. Therefore, what you do in your daily life is you build this bridge and create the symbols of perfection. Let it always be done in the greatest joy and with the ever present deep and powerful "Yes" to Love. Then the heart, beloved one, creates its own living matrix out of every single "Yes" that you give to every movement and every moment of life.

Every "Yes" creates a pattern of luminous streams of energy, weaving together the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine and creating truly a matrix of living Light and pulsing Love upon which the New World is built. This, beloved one, happens automatically from your deep "Yes" to Love and thus, your "Yes" to life in all of its blessings - life so rich and so ecstatic that this vibration of ecstatic Love fills it all.

Whether you are viewing the illusion through the story lines of others or through the movies or through the story lines of books or even the story of your own life in the world - each story presents to you its kernels of Light and the deep "Yes" to Love that comes from the hearts within it.

So please, dearest ones, all of you, rise above the ego's dream and the involvement of the little mind with its evaluations, and instead shift into the new level of life, of unity, of joy and energy and the deep deep "Yes" to Love, and let it truly supersede all of the ego's dreams. But even while the little mind weaves its thoughts, the heart bathes it all in such radiant and splendid Love that every ego choice for separation becomes the heart's "Yes" and thus, the truth of life is always revealed right through the illusion of separation.

Whether this truth is revealed heart to heart or whether it is revealed in communion with the electrons or whether it is revealed in your deep communion with the unity of Love I Am, the truth of Love always will come to your attention and the incessant focus on the details of the ego's dream will fall away when you become fully attuned to the one great question of life. Are you saying "Yes" to Love? It may seem to you now that this is very basic but the truth is, it's really not. Because the details are what the ego mind uses to entrap you, to entice you into choosing separation.

So therefore, look beneath all the movement, and beloved of My heart, look for the question, and feel with your heart the Real answer. You will know if it is "No" or if it is "Yes." If you come upon a precious heart who has believed the ego's dream and made the choice to turn away from Love, then let your entraining heart and your powerful Love for Me, and the energy of Love's ecstatic pulsations flip the switch deep within them and in their heart until the rush and pulse of the Moment of Creation can be experienced.

The moment this is experienced, the current is hooked up. All the switches are connected and every single one of them is turned on. Flipped to "Yes," and the whole great organism of your inner cosmos is fully alive, awake and powerfully functioning in your omni-dimensional center of the cosmos position, of the heart of God I Am, saying "No" or saying "Yes" to Love.

Can you see all the beautiful patterns of radiant Love, of living Light, of pulsing eternal joy that shine forth in front of you as the streams of life as they are connected to the Real of Love? As they are the eternal "Yes" that is the truth of every being, rather than the illusion painted over them by the choice for separation that has become the ego mind.

Yet, as every life stream speaks and speaks the language of the heart rather than the ego, that speech of Love, that movement of joy is the creative power that is the omni-verse, that is the truth of Love I Am as you. You can watch through heart perception as the patterns of Love expand, as the beautiful web of life is woven by your choices for extending Love, for amplifying it through your Twin Flame heart and extending Love more and more.

Then, right before you there become new patterns of life and Love and you become My wisdom here and now - dancing through the cosmos, rejoicing in "Yes to Love," rejoicing in your "Yes" to your Twin Flame's heart, and letting that rejoicing be the orgasmic LoveMaking that becomes the hallmark of life beyond the illusion.

This pattern of streams of Light and pulsing atoms of Twin Flame Love, this becomes the matrix of transformation. And yet, we aren't transforming an old thing into a new. You are simply stepping back into the truth of the heart and becoming the power of creation which is, dearest ones, your inheritance.

So it is not that I am asking you to create a new world, new body, new elements, new forces. It is that I am asking you to make the leap, the shift into the deep and powerful "Yes" that opens up the cosmos as it is to Love. You begin then to find your place there in the Real of Love as it is lived everywhere including here on Earth. As you live Love, as you are this "Yes" to Love, "Yes" to a great and powerful meaning of all Creation, then what expresses before you is Love's extension, Love's perfection as more and more, and that becomes the brand new matrix of your Twin Flame heart as God, blazing forth its glorious "Yes" and expressing our perfection.

I Am moving you into a brand new communion with life, with Love, and with the beautiful atoms and moving you into a deep appreciation for every stream of life within the story and beyond in the Real of Love. I rejoice with you in every step and I rejoice in our co-creation as you fully become the extension of My Love, whole, glorious and perfect. I Am God here as you.



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