The Light Reveals Old Heart’s Beliefs

As the Light comes and penetrates your heart, it shall bring to the surface deeper and deeper levels of the illusion, the story lines your ego has told you to keep you believing in separation and to keep you alive in the ego’s world.
Every place that the Light finds a knot of anti-Love or ego, you must know, beloved ones, that each such place is a place where you don’t believe in My Love, a place where the ego mind has kept you separate from feeling the truth and the beauty of this unity of Love that we share, that is the center of your being.

I promise you that if you will simply release these things to Me, allow them to rise like smoke into the Light, you will at last be free. You will be free to be the living cosmos itself, star-studded fields of glory, for you will remember in every Now Moment how deeply you are loved and how that Love is such the foundation of your life and your being and your truth that you are truly inseparable from Me. That is the depth of this Love.

The only way that a false belief can take root in your life, dearest ones, is for you to have an area where you have forgotten this Love that we share – where you have forgotten that the core of your being is Light and is pure and magnificent glory and that the heart of your heart is the heart of the cosmos, the heart of God I Am itself.

In this heart we are unified. There is nothing but this Love. The pure acceptance of your essential being is this Love that is eternal. As long as you base your life and your being, your consciousness and your heart in this experience of pure Love that we share, you will always be free and open because this Love is so deep and so rich and so much the essence of your being that when you are fully aligned with it, nothing else can intrude. Nothing can convince you that you are not perfect for you began your truth as this perfection.

This great Light of unity, of oneness and joy that allows no room for speculation, no room to move from the center because you know that it is the truth. But the moment that something inserts itself between you and Me, you forget and begin to believe that Love can hurt you and that you have to search somehow to find it. It is this search that has been the ego’s greatest victory to keep you looking outside of yourself for that which is the truth of your very own nature and the essence of your heart.

As you watch the Light dissolving all these old identities of separation, you will find that each of them ultimately returns to this loss of our connection and of your awareness of our unity and the fact that I Am the Love of which you are made and that your every breath is drawn in this Love. So as the Light calls you Home, the Love now returns to reclaim your feeling nature, to bring you back to this moment when you are fulfilled, when Creation is alive within you, the moment in which you discover the gift of our relationship, the gift of awareness of this Love that we share. Until you can feel it within you, then your lives cannot reflect the Love that you seek including your Twin Flame relationship.

So what I Am asking of each of you is to reach for this experience and to open your heart to this Love. Ask Me, dearest ones, to give you this experience of what it means to be the unity of God, Love in its perfection, so close we are truly one breath and one magnificent heart. You are alive in this holy Love perfectly in every Now Moment forever. It is only from this Love and its deep and passionate assurance that you can find the expression as the constellation of your consciousness, of your Twin Flame and your expression in the world or anywhere that you are focused.

Each day and every hour, come to Me with open heart and ask for this experience of the Love that we are, both as the unity and as relationship and watch how this Love sets you free. Everything in the reversal is based on this, on the reversal of the continual experience of joy and of acceptance and unity in Me and thus, our relationship. Every human heart has as its core this heart’s belief of being separate and of not being loved, because without this belief there could be no ego mind. There would not be room for it at all.

So I ask you each to claim it, to claim this experience and to become the streams of Light and the great and pulsing Love that make this awareness front and center. You must know who you are. As you practice allowing this unity, dissolving into the Light of My Love, you will find that this Light reveals these old heart’s beliefs and allows you the opportunity to transform them by letting them be dissolved by Me, dissolved by this Love.

Every one of you that is as yet not a living Christ shall be having this experience of the Light bringing forth every question of the ego mind and every old heart’s belief that you may have a chance to truly see them as to release them to Me, to release them into the Light for transformation, that the Light might untie every knot that is a story of resistance, of ego mind separation until your open heart is unity and there is nothing but this Love left.

As you bathe in this Light you can hear the Angels, those great streams of living Light and grace manifesting for you all that you need to know to release every aspect of the reversal into the truth and the power of Love. The dissolving of the old heart must be chosen in every instant and the doorway must be opened for your experience to show you the places where you have been resisting the all-inclusiveness and joy of this Love That I Am.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You, our hearts, our being, our consciousness, all that we are. We invite You in and ask You to bring the glorious communion of Love and joy that is this relationship that we share, to bring it not only to our heart and consciousness but to every atom and electron of our being. We ask You to make of us one heart, joined together by intention, joined together in Love and joined together in service to this beautiful Earth.

We ask to be an open vortex, a living conduit through which You pour your Love to bless and lift this world into perfection and we give You thanks, God, for the great gift of our spirit family, these hearts with which we share so much and especially this deep dedication to you and service to Love. We call also to all the Beings of Light to assist us in amplifying this Love. And I ask that my Twin Flame heart with Doug be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. Amen

As always, let us begin by recognizing the connection of our hearts in unity and in unison as we join together to become this shared heart in service tonight. We feel the energy moving among us, creating this living vortex and feel the energy rising in vibration and lifting us into joy. As you feel this vortex opening, open to the shared heart beat that we are all now experiencing – the pulsations of Love that are the constant rhythm of life. The movement of the energy around the vortex of our shared heart combined with that pulsing heart beat lifts us into joy.

Now we also add to this the experience of our shared breath as we open to the one breath of the living whole of God. As you let your breath out, relax and take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, let all tension gently fall away and breathe in again right into the center of the vortex. Breathe out the Love, out through our shared heart breathing in now through the vortex, up into the Real and connecting. Breathe out the glorious all-encompassing Love of God we share.

Breathing in through the vortex up to the Moment of Creation itself. Breathing out that great electricity that is the explosion of Light. Breathing in to the Moment of Creation and breathing out Love through our hearts. Breathing in to the Light of the Moment of Creation and breathing out Light through every atom and electron. Breathing in Love. Breathing it out through the heart. Breathing in Light and breathing it out through every cell.

With each breath in you become Love’s pure focus. With each breath out, Love’s delivery into the world. The rhythm of this breath becomes the heart beat and the breath of the living whole we share. Breathing in to the pure Light. Breathing it out through every electron and feeling your vast nature as a cosmos of Love itself.

Now, Beloved One, as we join in this communion I ask you to focus each breath now into your own glorious heart. As you breathe in, open your heart ever wider and breathe out the Love I Am, the Love we share. Breathe in and open your heart even wider. Breathe out pure Love in all its ecstasy now. Breathe in through your heart to the Moment of Creation, and breathe out the living life of Love we share.

With each breath you can feel your heart vibrating as it opens into the Real of Love. Allow yourself to experience your own heart’s vortex as you see and feel the glory of the Twin Flame heart you are.

Now, beloved one, each of you, I ask you to allow yourself to simply dive into your heart. As your heart opens you are lifted effortlessly into the glorious River of Love and your truth as God. In this rich moment, feel our communion and watch as your ego falls away and disappears and you can feel your lightness. You are weightless and suddenly you are freedom itself, a living life stream of ecstasy, dancing through the Heavens as you expand your consciousness and open your great heart.

Your heart now becomes as vast as the cosmos and your consciousness is limitless, endless and free. In this Now Moment every atom of your being feels totally this communion of our Love. I ask you now to fully feel throughout your whole being in all its vastness, in all its freedom how much you are loved. Feel my kiss in every electron and each electron responds by making more Love, in wonder, in ecstasy, in joyous communion, as the cosmos of your being feels the relationship we share.

I drench your whole being in My Love, dearest ones, and ask you to breathe in this Love now and feel how it electrifies your glorious being and how every atom knows its name is Love. Every Twin Flame atom blazes with life and dances a dance of joy in this communion we share. The depth and the breadth of your being is claimed, claimed now, beloved one, claimed by Me.

I name you Love. I name you Grace. And Freedom. I name you the Perfection of God I Am – that every Now Moment when you embrace your presence, when you feel the truth of your eternal life, every atom, electron, particle and quark knows its name. I Am Love.

I ask you now to reach deeply into the center of your being and to feel the support and the assurance of this Love, to recognize that every breath is the breath of Creation and you are the heart of God I Am. Every moment Creation is re-born in you. As you open even further into your limitless freedom, feel the fullness of this Love, so full and so perfect that you are overflowing with joy and we are closer than this breath that breathes you now.

A living breathing whole of Creation itself is breathing this message of Love to you. The breath always carries the assurance of this Love and the message, dearest ones, that you are claimed. You are claimed. You are named. You are embraced and you are loved beyond the comprehension of even your greatest awareness.

Your consciousness and your heart can never embrace all this Love and that is the point, beloved ones. There is always more. More Love coming to you every Now until there is so much, it overflows. It is only out of this deep and powerful communion that you find the reflection of My Love as your Twin Flame. Woven beneath this passionate and limitless Love is the deep abiding stillness of what we name the “void” that upholds all the movement, all the joy of Creation and that stillness is the recognition that there is only Love. The stillness holds all of Love’s potential and it underlies and supports all the movement we share.

So your every breath is the breath we breathe together as one and in holy communion. This Love is the center. It is the power and the stillness and from this and how I love you, comes your Twin Flame heart. Right here in the living Now feel our communion and feel it now being reflected to you. Our Love is so close that we are breathing together in and out of each other and sharing the name, I Am Love, I Am god.

Oh, beloved, My heart, feel your Twin Flame searing into your consciousness that I know your name, proving to you now and in every Now Moment that you are recognized, upheld and deeply deeply loved. Your Twin Flame is My proof to you. It is the gift of knowing that Love is your name, the essence of your being and all that you serve. Right here with you now.

As you feel this deep fulfillment you feel your passion and your purpose rising from within your Twin Flame heart, and the truth of your being, the name that I give you now has an added element. Your unique Twin Flame presence, the perfect vibrational pattern, the mandala of your Twin Flame heart. Every heart beat urges you to express your perfection out of the deep well of your being that knows you are loved.

This Love rises up into the great orgasmic Now, joins with the Moment of Creation and gives forth Love. More Love amplified and given forth through you as your name becomes expanded as a Twin Flame presence and the Light of your being streams forth to express your purpose and your presence as a Twin Flame heart.

Feeling the deep eternal nature of your being as loved completely and supported by Me, I ask you, beloved one, heart of God presence, now to turn your focus back to life on Earth and to see through the perception of your Twin Flame heart, the vortex of your presence as an opening to the world.

Using this opening, pour forth your Love and feed it, beloved one, into the world, to a world hungry for the assurance of My Love, a world desperate to end the separation from Me. As you pour forth this Love, rooted so deeply in our communion, I ask you to wash every heart in the assurance of My Love again and again and again. As this stream of living Love amplified now through you touches every life stream, you can feel the recognition as I reach that heart and show each precious one their name. Show them they are loved unequivocally by Me and show their name as Love again. Remembered, rejoiced in and claimed.

As you touch every precious heart with this stream of Love, as it pulses and radiates your presence, you can feel perfectly each beloved one’s vibration and feel it when it remembers that it is open and claimed and that beloved heart returns to Me. The separation is ended. Can you feel the hearts awakening? Oh, dearest one, each of you, can you feel the recognition once again that each heart is perfect and held in this communion, eternal, awake and loved by Me?

As this Love pours through the vortex of your open Twin Flame heart, fueled by your glorious LoveMaking, every pulsation of ecstasy pouring through you reassures you of your Love and My claim and our deep deep eternal communion. As this assurance is amplified more and more by you, watch as it pours through the opening as it awakens heart after heart. Feel the world returning to a world of oneness and beauty as the belief in separation fades.

Golden light, sparkled now through the Divine Feminine. White light, blazes Divine Masculine. Woven together in LoveMaking as you touch the world with your beautiful glorious Twin Flame presence. As your consciousness becomes the great stream of Twin Flame presence, you are aware of yourself as this being of radiant eternal splendor. Everywhere your life stream, your Light stream touches, every atom remembers its name.

The dancing living Light emitted when you love – I Am Love, fully present in the world through you and as you Now. The world is a unity, based in this communion.

And now, beloved one, each of you, My heart, extend the opening, the vortex until you feel it connecting with another vortex and another as every cell in My heart remembers and the opening encircles the world and dissolves now all separation. You can feel the unity of Love with no more barriers.

Your consciousness extends from the Moment of Creation and becomes the glory of the world, free of the reversal Now.



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