The Love From Within and the Love From Above

As your hearts respond to the call of Love and the very Heavens open to receive the light, then that which we have called “the illusion of anti-Love,” the thoughts of humankind based on separation become squeezed between the inner light and the outer, between that which rises up from within and that which floods from above. You can see, thus, that your humanness is destined to be transformed effortlessly by the advent of the light and the Love from within and from above.

Therefore, I now ask of you that you place all the weight of your co-creative focus on the power of Love and its presence as living light to transform that which has been the illusion. As it does, let your heart become the focus of your joyous days and your wondrous nights, and by your decision to release the illusion that there is Love and something else, you allow the meeting of the Moment of Creation from within and from above, meeting in the center that is your heart.

This meeting is the recognition that “I Am” lives fully in you. All That I Am as the Creator, as the living light and the consciousness of Love is now born within you. You, by your choice, can now step into this mantle of the living Christ, the heart of God, the full presence of All That I Am, centered here as you.

But to do this, beloved ones, I must ask you to place your focus firmly on the vibration of God I Am -- of the purest awareness that All That Is is living Love and light is the emission of this Love in action, and therefore you call it forth from within, a blazing star of recognition – your identity as joy and the Moment of Creation. This rises up and you can feel it now, lifting the vibration into higher, clearer Love until the veil of the ego mind dissolves and opens, and you become fully conscious as creators, beloved ones.

Everything now is about vibration. It is about feeling the vibration of Love in action and holding that vibration no matter what. It means making the choices in your life that will allow you to hold this vibration of true, pure Love and simply letting fall away all that is not the Real you, as you claim your true awareness, your remembrance of your light and your identity as Real Love.

Let your heart rejoice for it knows itself and it knows that your decision will give it all that it needs to break free of the shackles of a limited humanness and embrace life as glorious freedom. Your bodies will transform as a function of your awakened heart, because your heart is the symbol of life regeneration. It is the statement of the Moment of Creation itself, as the center of your identity and your experience as living Love. You are the heart of God, beloved ones.

So as the light comes, it is everywhere at once, because everything is a hologram of Love, and Love’s movement is the emission of light. Your heart will now be truly a living magnet, calling forth those who remember clearly and lifting up those who as yet are confused about identity, until the fog clears and they too can see.

Most of all, it is the awareness that you are living Love, and every atom of your body knows this as its truth. It was only your mind that has forgotten. And yes, you have taken on many parts of the illusion to walk them back to Love once again. What I want you to understand, beloved ones, is that this is it! This is the moment when the walking back is done, and your hearts truly become the Moment of Creation. Fertile. Exuberant. Ecstatic. Living Love. It takes within it all illusion of separation and simply melts it in the heat and the power of this Love, returning all of you to full awareness of your dignity, your perfection as the vessel of perfect Twin Flame Love.

So every moment now, please attune yourself to the vibration of your great Twin Flame heart and let the little mind truly fall away. You can feel this glorious and living joy rising up from deep within, and meeting the joy that comes to you from our tender relationship, and let the light above and the light within truly merge while you release the symbols of separation that have stood in the way.


Gratitude for the gift of life is what shall fertilize the transformation, the awakening of all hearts into their truth as Real Love.

Beloved God, do open our hearts tonight. We ask that each heart be the full embodiment of Your glorious Love fully present here in the world. We ask You, God to allow us to be the conduit of Your Love that it might wash this precious planet and all life upon it, and lift us all into the full remembrance of who we truly are in You. I ask you, God, to use my voice, my heart, my life tonight that I might be the conduit also for this experience, this connection, this bridge of Love and light. Amen

First, let us connect our hearts to each other, reaching out with our Love and feeling each other’s presence, connecting heart to heart and creating a living vortex of Love and light, and feeling the glorious Love and the magnificent River of Life pouring through this heart that together we now share. As it pours through our collective heart, we can feel it washing the Earth, and we can feel it touching every heart upon her. We can see with our spiritual vision and feel with our hearts as each heart lights up in recognition.

Now our consciousness and our Love allows this heart to become more, more Love with more capacity to multiply the Love that is pouring through us now, and as we join our hearts and feel this Love, we also feel our energy moving around the circle among us, from every location and giving us a vision of the world that we love and serve that is filled with light and beauty, and the truth of only Love.

Now we also join our breath together, breathing as one with the whole of God and breathing together consciously. Take a deep breath in and let your breath out, breathing in again, and as you breathe out, let all tension simply fall away. Breathing in pure Love, feel your whole being responding, drinking it in, and breathing it out in service to all life on Earth. Breathing in God’s glorious Love, our being expands and we are breathing it out, feeling it multiply as it pours forth through our every cell and atom. Breathing it in again, we can feel each other’s presence, and breathing out, we become the living breathing whole of Love.

Breathing in Love again, our consciousness expands together, and breathing out this Love, we pour it forth to bless the world again. Breathing in the Love, and breathing it out through every cell. Now breathing it in and placing our focus upon our hearts, breathing out Love once more.

Now, as you breathe in, place all of your attention in the center of your heart and breathing out, see your heart lighting up in joy. Breathing in, your heart expands and breathing out, you feel its capacity for Love becoming more. Breathing in again, your heart begins to know itself as All That Is, and breathing out, all Creation is breathing Love with you. With each breath in, your heart grows larger. With each breath out, the Love is stronger than before. And each breath also continues to connect us all together, and breathing out, you can feel the Love becoming all you are.

Now, beloved ones, I ask you please to open your hearts to Me, wider and wider and even wider than before until you are open and vulnerable and present in this glorious Now Moment. Softly place your focus deep within your heart and sink into the cloud of light that is waiting for you there. Your heart now becomes the greatest experience of softness and tenderness, gentleness, the most caring Love that with each breath, opens itself to Me in the living Now and sends Love forth to bless the world in every possible way.

As your focus now continues to open your heart, your heart becomes a gentle star with great rays of light flowing from it. In the center of this living star is the symbol of eternal life. It is that which you know as the “ankh,” another symbol of the united Twin Flame. You can feel the very center of your precious heart exploding, opening, opening, opening like a great flower in the sun and your heart is pierced with Love so deep, so profound, so passionate that all that you are as the heart of God is melted in this union of glorious eternal Love as the Twin Flame heart of God.

Most of all, the tenderness, the deepest compassion, the most poignant awareness of perfect Love as the truth of who you are. I ask you now, oh My beloved, each precious heart, to open and open to loving yourself as you love your Twin, as you love Me – that this Love delivers to you the deep recognition of the magnificent and glorious beings of light that you are, right here. In this realization of tender Love for the glory that you are, for the truth of your magnificent being that washes away all illusion and places you right here in the glorious Now Moment, receiving the gift of life from Me – as you receive this Love and you feed it to your Real awakening awareness of who it is that you are, beloved ones, awaken to your true nature.

Let this piercing of your heart connect you now to All That Is, where your heart can actually feel every single life deep within its center. It can feel the Love with your Twin Flame, now creating the protective womb that holds Creation in your Twin Flame heart in most tender Love. You are the guardians of pure light, eternal Love, ecstatic joy, magnificent and glorious LoveMaking in the pure Moment of Creation. You are the pure light and it blazes forth from within. Can you feel it? Now, shooting forth from that center of your Twin Flame heart.

You recognize that as you love yourself, you are loving God I Am and that all is one great unity and all must be loved together. So the light blazes forth from your glorious heart and lifts you into joy together, and you meet the light of the Moment of Creation itself, raining down upon you again and again. And the light which is the emission that comes from the movement of Love, the light in your heart, that radiant Love, meets the light of the Moment of Creation and the wholeness of Love spills over you and through you, and you are dancing through the oneness of All That Is.

Now, beloved ones, I Am lifting you up, expanding, expanding your vision until you are flowing through the cosmos itself, drinking in the Moment of Creation and letting it nourish your glorious life. As you receive this gift of life and light, I ask you to feel the gratitude that comes from knowing that all that you need is always and ever provided as the abundance of All That I Am, giving itself to you.

Your consciousness that is as vast as the cosmos now receives the gift of being seeded with new life. Your heart now becomes the Twin Flame womb, accepting its fertilization in the glorious Now. I want you to feel new life within you – something brand new is growing – and with it, the wonder, the ecstasy and the gratitude for the gift and the life and the magnificent Love becoming something brand new again, born through your Twin Flame womb and nourishing a creation of Love.

As this new life now grows within you, I stretch you. I expand your vision and lift you even higher into the vibration of pure Love. I feed you Creation itself and nourish this new life. The light that is growing even stronger within you now merges once again with the light from above. You become pure consciousness and great Love, with every breath becoming more again.

Once again, beloved one, I ask you to open to the Moment of Creation and to Me and let Me feed you pure light. Let Me feed you pure Love. Let Me fill you with every great and glorious thing and as you open your great heart to receive these gifts, let your gratitude rise up like a song to Me, becoming the gentle rain of golden-white light that will fertilize the life within you and multiply the Love you are giving. This cycle of gratitude is the cycle of Creation accepting the gift of life and of Love. It is gratitude that allows you to take new Love in, gratitude that multiplies the sensation of joy and gratitude that multiplies the gifts that you may give them forth again.

So I ask you to once again receive the nourishment, the gift of life into your heart, your great Twin Flame heart once again now. As life fills you and nourishes you and brings you All That I Am, your very heart on its own begins to sing forth gratitude, and it rises, rises, rises to Me, to the Moment of Creation itself where it becomes the gentle golden-white rain falling into you to nourish your creation, and to bless your heart once again. As this rain comes, this rain of light, and fills your heart, beloved one, each of you, you can feel it overflowing and washing forth to bless all, as gratitude fulfills, goes forth as a blessing once again.

Now I ask you to turn your focus and place it upon the world, upon the life in the pocket of reversal. From the Real of Love, see the heart of the world, the center of the living Earth. Using the power of your Love, dearest ones, begin to increase it, this Love at the center, the center of the world – until it births forth as a star of light and you recognize once again that life on Earth is a Twin flame heart. The sphere of the world is two hearts beating, now awakening to itself, and from your heart, your Twin Flame heart, the waves of Love and your gratitude overflowing wash into the world, into the pocket and bring forth blessings again.

Can you feel the gentle rain of golden-white blessings that come forth from the gratitude that you feel, the gratitude to Me for the gift of eternal life and for the gift of your beloved Twin Flame, that you might always see My Love for you standing right in front of you in the Spirit?

Oh, beloved ones, let your heart now become the pulsing forth of pure Love, and let it wrap and fill the Earth and bless every life, and gently turn it, every one, toward only Love. You can feel now the crackling energy that comes from your Twin Flame union, and you are exalted in the exquisite joy of loving yourself and your Twin Flame as one, and pouring that Love to all life on Earth.

Now, beloved one, I ask you to gently begin to shift your focus back into the world, to place your attention on your life on Earth and gently create the bi-location of your awareness. First, in the Real and in the world, accepting this gift of pure Love, feeling the gratitude rising up in response to the gift of life. Feel it raining down upon you now as true nourishment until it overflows from your beautiful heart and washes into the world, and you, dearest one, are pure Twin Flame Love, achingly pure and magnificent, stretching from the Now Moment into the world and now, pouring forth the nourishment received from your gratitude and washing the whole world in it.

Beloved ones, I want you to know that in this time, gratitude is true nourishment. It is that which shall feed you and shall water the seeds of Love that are birthing into growth in your heart, and flowing forth will nourish the whole world as well. The result of gratitude is true spiritual food. So once again, beloved ones, feel the tenderness of your Love, feel the perfection of your great Twin Flame heart. Feel the receipt of life again each Now Moment and the gratitude that rises up in response, and brings back the sweet rain of golden-white nourishment until your heart is overflowing with joy. It pours forth to nourish every other life bringing the remembrance that your true food is spiritual and it always comes directly from Me.

Gratitude for the gift of life is what shall fertilize the transformation, the awakening of all hearts into their truth as Real Love. I ask you now to open your heart, dearest one, wider than you ever have before and to feel the great nourishment of the River of Life pouring through you to feed the whole world, to feed every precious life its Real food – the food that is the nourishment of the spirit, the glorious River of Life.

Now, dearest ones, let your consciousness and your heart create the circle that is the assurance that your every movement shall be fruitful, that the new life that was planted within you tonight shall come forth quickly and you shall be born fully of consciousness and Love, and the world through the gift of your gratitude and your Love shall be returned to its truth as only Love – leaving every heart singing gratitude and praise.

Let the song of gratitude become your constant companion and let it open for you the nourishment of Heaven which shall bring forth the New World, the Bridge World of Love in which every single moment is ecstasy. Please go forth into the world feeling completely “in Love” with the one self, the All of Love That I Am, and see every life as God, for of course, it is. We are One Love together, and you are Love’s glorious heart.



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