The Meeting of Heaven and Earth

Beloved ones, I lift you up once again into My Love and I bring to you the remembrance of your true and glorious nature, that as a Twin Flame heart, a living stream of God consciousness, you are ever and always receiving My pure and endless Love allowing it to fill your heart, your breath, your being - amplifying all you are and giving it forth exponentially in every moment of life eternal.

You are the heart of God. You are the center of the living whole I Am. What a heart is meant to do in any dimension where it appears is to give Love totally with no holding back, always. To give life, the joy of life, life as you receive it from Me, pure, vibrant and filled with the unspeakable living ecstasy of the Love of which All I Am is made.

Once you understand the truth of Love and recognize that Love is life, it is that which you drink from Me each moment, that which gives you purpose and gives you life - when you understand that Love is life and Love is purity and perfection, then you understand that Love also is that which transforms the world. That which transforms the illusion of separation instantly and completely is Love. Pure and simple.

What you are doing as you peel the onion of your consciousness and you unravel all the patterns that have been laid in by your sojourn in the world is you are unraveling the scheme of illusory beliefs that you hold until the Light I Am can make it through fully enough that you recognize your truth as the living heart of God I Am - that you are only Love and meant to give only Love, and that the world is nothing beside this.

Then, you are ready to transform all of it in an instant and to simply be the living Christ appearing wherever Love calls you. If that appearance is in the world of human beings, then that appearance shall be in the form of a perfect body, a body of Light, of the substance of Love and the rich and glorious vitality of living life I Am. But until that moment it is your judgments of the world that hold it in place and your perceptions and your agreements with consensual reality.

If you could love perfectly, then the onion is gone, that onion of consciousness that you are seeking to release - all those old heart's beliefs. So you are the place where Earth and Heaven meet for in you the life of the world still appears and yet, in you the Light of Heaven comes, All That I Am strong and ever more fully, until this Light is strong enough that you can see the world for what it is - solely and only something to love.

That is what I bring to you today. It is the crossroads where all the questions meet, questions of transformation, of life and body and finances and consciousness. My answer to you is that that truth is so ephemeral, so truly at the mercy of the ego that holds it, that when others come before you or scenes arise in your life that are confusing, or the abundance doesn't flow, or your heart is still filled with old heart's beliefs - every bit of this is simply something for you to love, to love as a heart of God you are, to love wholly with your whole being, heart, soul, spirit and even mind. As you love and you are Love and this great Love flows through you, then that which is given is received and multiplied, and the Love that pours in dissolves all illusion and in that moment where you are perfect Love, you are totally free.

When you ask these questions, my question to you is what is your goal. Knowing you, My dearest ones, all of you, My beloveds, I know that your goal is to be the living Christ and to be the open heart of Love I Am in the world. And to be free of the ego dream that you can be truly the bridge because you have no attachment to Earthly life, and therefore can be the heart of God loving all of it without prejudice, without desire and without pushing away.

If there is nothing that you push away and nothing that you grasp, then you are free to be alive to the Vertical. In the interim while you are approaching this, if you speak deeply into your heart, your heart totally remembers and it will lift you up into this Light and you will remember the deeper truth. You will see every heart as yours, a reflection of your beauty, of Light that is your Light, the Light of God I Am everywhere shining and there is nothing for you to do but to love.

Your true goal is to be perfect Love, to be My living open giving heart, and if this is your truth, then you must hold it high and cling to it - that your eye must be single to this Light, so your heart can be true to Love and open as a window. The world then can be washed clean of all the illusions of the ego dream, all of which as you know are that decision to believe that you were separate from Me.

As you feel My Love and you accept it, you know that you are not separate from Me and could never be, that we are One Being, grand as the living cosmos and you are this being's great heart. That heart sees purely. It sees the truth of Love and joy and speaks this truth incessantly through everything you are and every thought.

But beyond the little mind is the great and living pool, that which I've called the ocean of Love. That ocean is here to nourish you and to be the milieu you swim in. You are not meant to be landlocked in the world, but rather you are meant to soar the Heavens as this great and glorious giving Twin Flame Love, My heart, whole and perfect.

So you must recognize the judgments of the ego mind as just this. Judgments of a mind that has created itself out of judgment and separation and therefore, how can you trust its evaluations? Who says that anything should be a certain way? The only "should" in the whole universe is the "should" of giving Love. That is the impetus of All I Am, and that is what I am asking you to do, to be, to feel each and every glorious Now Moment.

When you are only Love, then the Light that shines each living Now has nothing to bump into, no twisted ties of old heart's beliefs, no confusion of the ego dream, no old patterns of separation but rather, just the open heart that is free through which can flow the movement of life - life pure and abundant, bringing you more of yourself. More of your greater self, more of your living heart, more of your ability to give more joy, more peace, more glorious Twin Flame Love. More ecstasy and more beauty.

With all these things comes ultimately the transforming of the symbols that the symbols may hold the focus of the Light as well as the spirit. Everything that comes to you, everything, is before you because you are My heart, and it is yours to love. Yours specifically and yours as the heart of humanity, the heart of God as a vortex into the world.


Beloved God, we open our hearts completely to You and ask that You would infuse us with Your amazing Love. We ask, God, to truly be Your open and giving heart and to be a conduit tonight for Your Love, the Love that we are, to pour forth unimpeded into the world as blessing. As we open our hearts, not only saying YES to Your Love, but making the deep commitment to be this giving heart, we ask You, God, to join our hearts together to multiply this Love that we too may amplify it and send it forth in blessing.

We call to all beings of Light to assist us in this, the living of our truth together, and joining my heart with my beloved Doug, acknowledging our Twin Flame heart and connection, I ask to be the crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. Amen.

As our hearts open wide to the glorious flow of Love, move out and make the connection with each other, we feel our hearts connect effortlessly and as they do, the power flows between them, building in intensity as it rushes heart to heart, clockwise, creating this vortex. As it does this heart becomes truly a fountain of Love, and we become the witness to the miracle of God in action.

As well as our hearts being joined, so too are we joined in our spirits as we feel our consciousness expanding and blending together and we also share that living breath that moves the whole of Creation. As we share it, we come into harmony with the movement of the River of Life.

As you breathe out, release all tension. Breathing in, open completely and breathing out, feel the harmony and the Love going outward and breathing in again, open to the miracle as the Moment of Creation breathes outward through you. Breathing in together, we reach into the living spirit and breathe out that pure movement of Light. Breathing in, now, into the pure ocean of Love and breathing out Love's substance into the world.

Breathing in through our open heart, we feel that perfect harmony, and we breathe out this harmony together to the Earth. Breathing in, we rise easily into communion with God and breathe out God's presence into the world. Breathing in all the way up to the very Moment of Creation, and breathing out that explosion of energy into the world. Breathing in, now, into that perfect and glorious center. Breathing out as God's heart in service.

As we breathe in again, we breathe each other's presence, and from the Real of Love, breathe out this joy to humanity. Breathing in again into this center of unity. Breathing out that unity into the world. Breathing in, into the circle of communion together; breathing out this community of Love. Breathing into the expanded community of spirit. Breathing that pure spirit into the world.

With every breath in, we rise effortlessly and breathe out that pure Light to all life on Earth. Breathing in, rising into the pure Light and then, breathing out Light through every atom and every cell. Breathing in to the Light of Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine. Breathing out Twin Flame Love into the world. And as we breathe, this experience of the heart of God giving begins to be our full experience.

Now, beloved ones, I open you to receive this pure energy, the pure Light of God taking it in, drinking it as your nourishment, allowing it to penetrate deep into the core of your being. As you feel this great ray of Light penetrate your center, you feel the magnetic pull as the Light moves you upward. You follow this rising path of Light easily into My presence as you open like a flower to the sunlight, still rising into the pure Light of the Moment of Creation.

Open even further that flower of your being, farther and farther open until your petals are extended out into the living cosmos, exposing your open and waiting heart. Your heart stands before the pinnacle of God I Am, two energies beating together. I ask you, do you accept this Light as your nourishment and as the center of your being forever?

As the "Yes" resonates through your being, the Light blazes into your open heart and you blaze forth, a miracle of exploding Light and ecstasy, radiant in your glory, eternally. You drink life and breathe it, and it fills every channel of your being and of your Twin Flame heart.

This Light is the truth of the living spirit I Am. Accept it, and know that it is given that you might be the blazing center of Creation, My living heart, shining forth upon All That I Am, that all life might know itself as perfect, whole and ever-free and loved powerfully by My heart.

As you rise in consciousness now, pulled by the call, the magnetic presence of the great exploding moment of awakening, that Moment of Creation, ever beginning, ever fulfilled and ending all at once. I lift you, pull you, call you upward, higher in the resonance of pure and glorious and exploding Love until you become the center of the very living cosmos, and you become the Moment of Creation itself.

As your consciousness now becomes this great Light, rushing forth, from you, the crown of Creation... You are the Light resolved in the living whole, the nourishment, the prana, the energy and you are truly endless. As you rush forth outward into the living whole of Love I Am, there are no limits to your instantaneous movement, and your consciousness becomes a million points of Light, a trillion shooting stars of energy as you blaze through the whole as you blaze through the whole of Creation, touching and nourishing all that you see - dissolving like drops of living rain, made of Light, of energy, feeding every glorious life stream, the very food of being, of consciousness knowing itself and of the hologram of All I Am.

As you wrap All That Is in this blazing Light, you recognize the center of your being, the beating heart in the middle of this living dance of Love. You are both at once - the Light that fills All That Is, everywhere, alive at once, washing through the whole, through everything. And, the perfect beating heart right at the center of the All.

In this moment, beloved, heart of All That Is, transcending any concepts of time or space, you recognize that you are both the living whole and the Love at the center. In this pulsing glowing eternal Now, every Now All I Am as you is everything and this perfect individual heart, two pulsing heart beats as one. Know yourself as both the whole, the unity, the hologram AND the relationship at the center of Love with the heart reflected before you and beloved one, with Me.

So I ask you to remain here, poised in the center, breathing the one perfect eternal breath. With this breath, experience what it means to be dissolved into the living unity of God and to be here, right in the center, loving Me as I pour My Love into you. You accept and amplify all the Love I Am I give...and pour it forth to all life everywhere.

Now, it turns, returns to you amplified from those who receive and you take it back as nourishment from All That Is and amplified, you send it to Me. Thus I know how My heart feels, and I receive your tribute. I receive your beautiful waves of gratitude, and joy flows between us as we cherish our tender Love, as we sing joy for our relationship and the Love then amplifies, returns to you with All I Am. Receive it now. Take it in and take this Light, the nourishment and the Love, the substance, and pour it forth to all life again.

As it now returns to you from all the lives that received it, take it in with gratitude and amplify it. Give it now, beloved ones, to Me with all your Love and devotion. As you see this flow again and again, you begin to see the pattern. It is the living sign of infinity. Only the Twin Flame heart can hold it and direct it, can become that which lives at the center of this great eternal flow of Love.

Every breath reveals the All, the perfect living whole of God, the heart you are, alive at the center, and the miracle of giving and receiving in an infinity of joy and ecstasy every Now. All That Is lives within your being and your consciousness flows through everything and you are vast and diffused in God, the living song of unity. You are the life stream that loves Me and receives this pure Light as your nourishment. Every moment you are All. You are both/and. You are the great circle and you are that which receives My nourishment.

Your heart beating... in worship and joy and gratitude for your glorious counterpart, the power that moves this Love outward. Heart beat by heart beat, the Twin Flame Love is beating, and in this heart more Love is generated. Every Now your heart receives pure nectar of living Love and drinking it, you know yourself as infinite and living in this state of grace.

I call your heart to Me, that you might open to the power of this energy as the great exploding energy of My full awakening into the glorious living Love I Am. As it pours forth into you, now you are all at once, now the living hologram and now, the heart, drinking it all at once. From the center of your living heart, go within deeper and as you move deep into the center of your being, deep into the center of your heart, find the flame ever burning there.

Can you feel this flame deep in your heart and see the two flames dancing together, one flame blazing white, rising like a great sword gleaming - and one flame soft and gold, softly flowing in waves of Love. It wraps itself around the white and gentles moves until the two flames are blazing together and taking in this nourishment from Me. The Light comes in a great ray and feeds the flame higher. Into this blazing Light comes the deep abiding joy and the rising passion and energy and every movement flame to flame, sparks of life and Light go forth. The flames open your heart and I pour the Love in and the Light.

You become the living chalice, the glowing cauldron. I turn you now into the cosmos and deep in the whirling universe I place your focus gently on the Earth, on the pearl at the center of your being. Holding your awareness of both/and, remaining on the pure and living center where all around you life breathes and blossoms and life streams move in a perfect magnificent pattern, and your heart knows its truth as only that which gives forth Love.

The center of your being is the great and pulsing flames beyond illusion of time. You are the joining of Heaven and a great beam of living Light, lightning bolt now blazes forth and charges the Earth with awakening and crackling life, pure Light of God, flame of life you are blazes forth on every life stream that finds themselves focused there.

Now the waves of Love received from Me and amplified, I ask you to pour forth also to the world, and watch while every heart receives them and the Light and Love unravel the great ball of heart's beliefs that make up the world. Can you feel this Love delivered to you right now? reaching the center of your being and blazing forth from you into the world effortlessly, that every life may drink in this energy with nothing interfering again?

As you breathe, your awareness of the cosmos is clear and the Light moves through the center of your being. The pearl of the world is lit now from within, beautiful in its illumination. The tenderness that you feel as you hold that perfect pearl and know it for the treasure that it is, and in that knowing, you become the living bridge between the All of God I Am as perfect Love and blazing Light and the world awakening.

Can you feel the center of your being as the living Arc of the Covenant, My Covenant with humanity that is this Now, awakening all hearts from the dream of separation, returning every life through its Light and Love and living joy right here at the center, this center of the living whole of Love...

And now the pearl is alive in the center of your being. That your heart glowing... and all that was held in illusion is set free. The heart of God I Am, whole in every aspect and living each Now Moment in ecstasy.

So now My beloved, each precious and living pearl, each treasure of experience the world has brought, hold that treasure deep within your heart and reaching forth, join, dear ones, each of you, with the other, every cell in My living heart, the hologram. Every cell that holds a pearl born of Earth experience, is joined together now in a living necklace of the glorious glowing treasure of Heaven gained from the world returned to perfect and endless Love.

So all your hearts are glowing in the center with the iridescent pearl of awakening. Every living breath is shared in all my hearts together create a new cosmos awakening, made of these pearls of Light. As you see them joined, they become a constellation of living suns and I wrap them now with the essence of your energy and create of them another living life stream made of the pearls of your wisdom, gained in your sojourn on Earth.

As you breathe and live and love in the center as the All of God, experiencing both our Love and your blending, this necklace of pearls shines in you as your heart sings a new song and you are free to be a greater heart of God, shining pearls of wisdom into the All of Love. Breath after breath and heartbeat after heartbeat, in Love.



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