The Most Important Message Is My Love for You and Your Love for Me

Today I come to fill you with My presence, washing through your being with the song of My Love and expanding into your vastness that you might recognize this tenderness and the power of My Love for you that is for all eternity.

Whether you are deep in the world, enmeshed in the problems and the stresses of the illusion, or you are flying free, boundless energy in the Real of Love – wherever your focus, I Am with you. I Am loving you and bringing you the treasure and the joy of the miracle of our relationship that is the living breath of the All of God.

Without your Love, the breath I breathe is not returned, beloved ones. It is as if you are the other aspect of My wholeness, the other lung with which I breathe. The same, dear ones, is true for you. Each of you, My beloved, this Love we share is everything. It is the center of your being and only through this Love can you ever find your freedom, can you ever truly experience the Love you are, unlimited.

Only in this tender closeness where we breathe each other can you really feel what it means to be the heart of God I Am. But not only this, beloved ones. It is in your receiving this Love from Me that the motion of your heart is calibrated to the rhythm of the Universe. My Love is as the spark that sets the heart beat that you are, that you might fully function in the cosmos, in the kingdom of God I Am.

And, yes, I could as easily say the “Queen-dom.” It is all words. But what isn’t words, beloved ones, is this relationship we share. From where you are, in service, living your life in the world, the only thing that will bring the freedom that you long for, that you remember, that you are here to bring to all the others is this Love we share.

For from within the illusion of duality it is almost impossible to truly love freely – to have a love so pure and grand and yet so deeply Real and personal that nothing can ever interfere and nothing limits the Love. Even the Love of your Twin Flame is subject to the ego, for the ego can insert its stories and begin wanting for itself. But the Love I give to you, beloved ones, is so pure that nothing can interfere with it – ever.

Therefore, I Am that which shows you all of which you are capable. It is through this Love that you know your Real resonance and the meaning of true joy and the ecstasy that is unlimited, pure and whole and perfect. It is only from this Love that your Twin Flame will appear. This is very important and I seek to remind you emphatically that your Twin Flame’s Love is a reflection of this Love that we share.

So only when you know this Love of mine and you allow your heart true freedom to turn to this Love passionately with all you are in each Now Moment – only then will you find your Twin Flame Love experienced before you accurately because all that you are springs forth from this Love that we share and it is so easy, My beloved ones, to allow your focus to be usurped by all the possibilities of spiritual enlightenment and growth.

You can spend all your moments practicing being Love, finding silence, learning to still the ego mind, learning to open your precious heart but none of it is even a possibility without Me at the center and without this shared breath, this Love that pumps the very life force of God through All That Is as a result of this Love we share.

How I can explain to you the miracle of you, My precious heart, so pure and powerful and present that you are the essence of Me, as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine united in the most perfect sphere of Love that becomes the pumping heart of God through the exchange of Love we share.

And, yes, the backdrop to it all is our wholeness, our unity. Yet, it is the intimacy of this Love as intimate, as personal, revelatory, tender, filled with beauty, life and all-encompassing in each Now Moment, that brings about the possibilities of the great panoply of Creation that is the illumination of all that lives within you.

So I ask you to feel every moment this exchange of Love that we share and to feel how My presence is so Real to you that I speak within every atom of your being as well as sing in your Twin Flame heart. Because, beloved ones, life on Earth is the expression of our separation, this relationship with Me is the most difficult of your gifts to hold onto.

Allow it to be metaphysical far beyond the ego mind imaginings, and yet also allow it to be intimate beyond anything you have ever shared. Most of all, say “Yes” to My presence, to this Love, to this constant exchange as a living breath every moment of every day, as this awakening to Love fully takes root in you.

Out of all the Messages that I bring to you, and there are, of course, so many, it is this intimate, personal, tender, joyful, ecstatic and endless relationship that we share due to the miracle of My heart which is you, that is the very most important thing that I have given you and that you have given Me. You must remember that it is an exchange, that I grow through your Love of Me just as well as you grow through My Love of you.

Every Now Moment this rhythm that becomes My heart beat is established by the Moment of Creation and expressed through you, and because, beloved ones, you are omni-dimensional far beyond anything you’ve yet embraced, you can easily be experiencing both our intimate relationship and our unity as the vast and glorious All of Love. These together are life, the expression of joy and grace that brings forth new life every moment and nourishes it through you.

Only I can really give you My all-encompassing Love and bring to you the experience of what it means to be the heart of God. Only My presence within you can nourish the depths of your being, for you are meant to take your identity from Me each Now Moment and without this, dearest ones, you are lost. Though it might seem that you know your way, I promise you that you must drink in this Love and experience this personal relationship before you know who you are.

Before you can experience a Love with your Twin Flame, you must know who you are and what it means in your deepest being to be the heart of God and to complete this circle. For the in-breath and the out-breath, the heart beat that sends forth and receives the movement of life itself, dearest ones, is made possible between us. Without you there would be no rhythm to Creation. There would be no heart-felt delivery of this immense and unlimited Love.

You are meant to have this experience of My closeness, My presence and our intimacy as part of every moment of your life, beloved ones, for all eternity.
Every moment. Each time My Love sparks and Creation is illuminated again, only you can accept all that energy, the vision, the revelation of all that is within, and only you can nourish the whole of Love I Am as a part of our shared experience.

Nothing in the world can substitute for this, for your relationship with Me, dearest ones. Anything that does comes to you from the ego mind and not from the Real of Love. It is important now as the world opens and the light of God I Am makes entry that your hearts are opening up to experience the fullness of “both/and,” to grasp on the deepest atomic level what it means to be a holographic life, and that every atom and electron of your being is the whole of Love I Am, fully present, just as you are present in Me each Now Moment pumping Love.

This experience of our intimacy, of the wonder of our Love and of the passionate freedom of your heart when it is open and unfettered and loving Me without limits, must be experienced in the context of the unity and the resonance of this wholeness of Love we share. Otherwise, you are yet living the lie of separation, taking one piece of God I Am and naming it all of it, when in truth it is not possible to experience only one aspect without experiencing the whole sphere of the hologram.

You have ability to be the connecting link between the great song of My unified being and the sweet notes of each precious stream of life within it – which is what you are, dearest ones, perfectly, the life stream of My Twin Flame heart. Because we have now entered the time of transformation of the world back into full awareness of the holographic Love, then you will all be able to experience both aspects of our unity – our union and our relationship in tenderness and intimacy and in the vast expanse of your unlimited nature, that you might know the power of your heart.

You can know what it means to give your heart to Me and to dedicate your heart to Love. As you say “Yes” to this experience on the deepest level of your being, as you open every doorway to your heart, you will find that I Am with you fully in every moment, speaking to you always, beloved ones. I bring to you the truth of Love in everything that comes before you that you might truly be My heart and deliver this Love.

Every moment when your life touches another, be it in the “physical” or in the Real, you will be the question and the answer – how does God see this one? Then, without any decision from the ego mind, the great outreach of Love will move you and you will find yourself loving each precious life as Me in the Now.

From this Love we share, beloved ones, you will understand at last what it truly means to love unconditionally and thus, you will realize what it is to have a truly open heart beyond every influence of the ego – to be the passionate heart of God with no limits, completely unfettered, allowing My Love to move you into place and our intimacy to direct you that you might feel this Love delivered, calibrated perfectly, for each precious life stream.

As you find this experience of our richness as both the whole and the intimate partnership, you will find what it means to be in service, to allow Love and only Love to move you and to honor every life without ever any interference from ego. If your focus is on Me in each moment, and you are feeling this communion that we share and loving Me, dearest ones, with an open and unimpeded heart, then I promise you there will be no ego in you any more because Love washes away the world of duality without effort. It washes away all separation and makes it one, one that is both the great hologram of the All of Love and our intimate partnership.

So I ask you to look within each Now Moment through your heart and reach for Me, beloved ones, each of you, until you can feel My Love touching you with such tenderness, intimacy, compassion and joy that nothing will ever make you let this go. Instead, you find it gives you your Real heart and helps you know yourself as the heart of God in relationship with Me and from this, know your Twin Flame Love.

Once you have experienced this circle of our union, the heart beat, the breath that must be both given and received, then and only then are you ready for Real relationship with your Twin Flame anywhere and everywhere you are – in the Real or in the world. You will be the circle in which Love is nourished, and you will be available, dearest ones, completely, as an open and unimpeded heart of God to love your Twin Flame well.

Until then, you have not yet opened up the channel. You have not yet experienced this Love in its wholeness, nor have you experienced its motion, its fluidity or the song that brings this to everyone – the song of a loving Twin Flame heart. Love Me with all you are, heart, spirit, your whole being, and reach for this intimate and fulfilling Love and know, dearest ones, that our relationship must be primary and that everything else comes from it.

You will find you are in alignment with the living whole of Love I Am and ready to be the embodiment of Creation. In the flow you will find ecstasy and living joy and each moment will be total fulfillment. Because in each moment you feel Me and experience this Love both given and received, then you have the template for your Twin Flame Love and the ability then to live it here in the world because the world cannot hold you. The illusion cannot pull you. You are free to be the heart of God, I Am.

Walk forth surrounded by the golden light of Divine Feminine or the white light of Divine Masculine that you are and let yourself be the feeling power of God and the truth of My heart in “en-conscious-ment.” Deliver My Message, dearest ones. I ask of you that you make this the most powerful and pertinent of all the Messages.

Our communion, our tender and on-going relationship and My presence is in you, as you, all around you, upholding you, loving you and teaching you how to be the divine model of the heart of God, unfettered. Be fully giving in the world while sharing the most intimate and magnificent relationship with Me in each Now Moment until at last from this Love comes the power of this resonance, and you are the experience of My being and the expression, beloved ones, of My heart.

So please take a moment and let Me wash your being. I come to you now with My Love. Through your heart I reclaim our intimate relationship that I might live and have My being in you. Ah, and you will be this Love with Me and know Me as I truly Am, in you.

So every moment of every day you are fully aware of what we are together and with every breath you breathe you experience My presence. Through this Love you are the unlimited and open heart of God and I Am loving All I Am now, through you.



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