The Patterns of Love

The heart's truth, beloved ones, is far far beyond the human, and yet, there is a language of Love that is a language that all life shares, and this language is spoken directly and deeply into your heart. It is the universal language of Creation in the whole of Love we share. The Love I Am is conscious, ever making more of itself. As you move beyond the realm of the human, you must embrace Love being spoken throughout the whole magnificent cosmos.

What you experience, what you sense, what you see with your heart cannot be brought into the human realm, but it can be expressed at the level of consciousness. It can be embraced and encompassed by your heart. Its essence touches you deeply regardless of the comprehension of the little mind or ego. Once you comprehend at the deep heart level these energy patterns of Love's language, then you reclaim the power of the Real word which is the vibration of Love. It is beyond anything human consciousness can encompass, yet it is known to you deeply and well.
As we move now into the experience of awakening, the transformation of the old world to the New, it is imperative that you speak Love's language at the level in which it can be used to open up the reversal of Love and reclaim Love's truth. I have said to you before that life on Earth is essentially life energy turned in on itself - Love being taken rather than given. Thus it creates the inward spiral that is that symbol "666" - which represents the ego mind's pattern, the language of anti-Love. It is the energies of Love turned in on themselves and focused on getting rather than giving.

The truth of Love is the glorious opening, the expansion of Love that is vibrant and that is ever becoming more of the opening, the giving forth of this glorious essence of our nature that is the very Real energy of Love. As you become aware of the flow of Love's energy and its natural patterns, dearest one, then you shall be able to speak the true word, the word of Love's movement pattern and vibration. You shall be able to create the world brand new from the energies of that word - to plant a seed of a whole creation that will be woven by the patterns of Love expanding, regenerating, creating more of itself - a heart ever opening outward, a flower opening in the sun. It is the amplification of Love as it is given, creating Love's expansion.

Thus, I am beginning to give you the experience of how to perceive with your heart, Love's energies. It is how,. through the Will of Love I Am, to affect them, to correct them if they are flowing into anti-Love, to amplify and expand the correct patterns, and to restructure and reshape the patterns of Love. In this way you will express the Real truth of life, of joy, of ecstasy, the movement, amplification and the giving - and to use this expression for the transformation of everything that is appearing as the reversal, bringing to it the shift into the expression of only Love.
So rather than affecting the world through prayer, which of course is effective or through energy work, through visualizing, through participating here at the level of the illusion - I Am moving you into the level of cause, into the patterns of Love itself. I want to show you how to allow this living flow of Love I Am straight from the Moment of Creation to be focused through your Twin Flame heart and to reverse the patterns of the reversal.
This will also create new patterns of joy, built with the substance of Love, creating the matrix, beloved one, all of you together, of this New World of ecstasy and joy, a world that is the bridge, that is the expression of truth in the symbols with which humanity is familiar - but built on the architecture of Real Love's matrix, moving in perfection through your heart, accepting the intention of Love I Am and allowing My Will to be born as you.

So look deeply into your life and ask to be shown any old heart's beliefs and then ask Me to show you the energy patterns that are reversed and to give you the true pattern of Love that is the Real expression of your heart and your experience as the beautiful heart of God you are. Then hold this pattern in consciousness, in heart and feed this vibration, this energy. Consciously in communion with Me, reweave the pattern into the expression and the expansion of Love, and watch then how the symbols of the world are gathered to it, creating all that you see in your life -- be it body, money, relationship, experience, accommodations -- living the joyous life. Feed the pattern with your heart from the Real always in alignment with My Will, with the will of Love you are as this glorious hologram and as the Twin Flame heart that you share with your divine and glorious counterpart.

Dearest ones, each of you, you are Creation. You are the "en-conscious-ment" of the moment when Love comes forth and is born into something new, into Love's exciting opening, into the expansion of all that has existed that every single pattern of energy, of life can expand itself to hold more Love. Warmed by that Love, it is brought into heat, life, ecstasy and can build into that explosion and create the further expansion of Love as Love is ever going forth.

If you are listening to this or reading it, you must go deep beneath the words and open your heart to the experience of these exquisite matrices of Love that are the vibrational patterns, the architecture of life ever and always flowing outward and expanding.
Remember the power of your magnetic heart to be the entrainment for everything and touch life on Earth boldly with passion. Feel your way with your heart into this architecture and watch and wait. Ask Me to show you each thread and to give you the growing awareness of how effortlessly Love can expand and can redirect the energies of anti-Love, nourishing life until the flow is corrected and life on Earth becomes in every aspect of its nature in full accordance with Creation's expansion, fully present and fully blessed.

The pattern of your heart truly is the flower of life as is the greater heart you are blended with all other cells, other Twin Flame hearts. You are creating the pattern of Love that you share, ever and always expanding into more shades of exquisite beauty, luminous trailers of living Light, each one "en-conscious-ed" by you or by another being, be it the glorious Angels or Archangels or the Nature Spirits and the Devas. Whatever it is, every stream of life is aware, and held in that awareness consciously by someone, waiting to be honored and held forth as an expression of My joyous life that indeed must be honored.

So, as instruments of this awakening from a world of duality into a world of only Love, I am asking you to allow yourself to move into a whole new element, into the vibrational language of ecstasy, vibration and change. For when you seek to create change through the ego mind, it is like pushing rocks up a hill because you are attempting to change at the level of the reversal, to change the problem at the level of the problem. Ah, but as I lift you into this glorious language of energy and of the patterns of Love as life, then you are working at the level of cause, beloved ones, and life will respond to you. Even those with no experience, no concept of such matrices will find themselves responding to the Light. We shall deliver to them keys that they can also use to unlock the patterns that have bound them and to open up the energies of Love so that every moment is joy. True rejoicing at the miracle of life, a miracle expressed multi-dimensionally.

I Am pure Love given forth, expanding, ever creating more of itself and in the blazing light of this purpose, all shadows have to disappear because I Am only the Light. It is time to bring humanity out of the dream of shadows, out of Love turned inward, reversed. It is time to bring you Home to the glorious Moment of Creation when Real Love is born and delivered and is ready to be multiplied by you.

Beloved God, we open our hearts to You now and we each say our deep "Yes" to Love. We ask, God, that You awaken us as the full conscious participants as Your living heart, and we ask to be the living conduit through which Your glorious Love now pours to bless and life and awaken all life on Earth, returning it all to only Love. Thank You, God, for the amazing gift of your Love, for the gift of each other - our spirit family - and for the gift of this heart that we are together.

I give you thanks also for my beloved Doug, and I join my heart together with his as our glorious Twin Flame heart now. I ask to be the crystal clear conduit through which this experience comes to us tonight. I call to all beings of Light, to the Angels, to the Masters, to our beloved Jesus and beautiful Mary Magdalene, and ask you also to be our assistance and ask you also to be with us tonight and to assist us to step into our place as this awakened and transformative heart. Amen.

As we begin, let us open our hearts to each other as we've opened our hearts to Our Creator, and as your heart opens, you can feel the connection with each other heart here tonight, and feel the energy flowing between us as we feel this vibration of harmony. As it flows between us clockwise, it creates a living vortex through which the Light and the Love of the Moment of Creation pour now to bless the world.

As this energy flows around this vortex, it becomes even more potent, and from this position we are the bridge from the Real to humanity. As we share this heart, we also share the one breath of the living whole. As we let our breath out and take a deep breath in, as you breathe out, feel the unity. Breathing in again feel your heart open into that deep communion and breathe out the Love into the world. Breathe into God again.

Breathing out pure Love through your open heart, and breathe in now into the Moment of Creation, and breathe out the Light through every atom and every cell.

Breathing in to God again, breathing out pure and perfect Love. Breathing in to the pure Light and breathing out Light again through every cell and every atom. Breathe in Love through your heart again. Breathe out that magnificent Love and feel it like a river, and breathe in now to the very Moment of Creation itself, and breathe out that explosion of Light and energy. Breathe into the Love again, breathe out the peace beyond all understanding. And breathe in to the pure God Light. Breathe out the Light through every particle of your being. Breathe in now to your Twin Flame heart.

Breathe out the ecstasy and joy into the world. Breathe in to the Twin Flame heart again, and breathe out that connection to God as your beloved, as a gift to all humanity.

Now, beloved ones, as you breathe this Love, let it rock you like a living ocean and as you open your heart, feel My presence in it as I bring you to this holy communion. Feel My Love as I touch you, as I blend this Love with your precious heart. Feel how I see you, how deeply I love you, and feel how we are this union.

Now I touch your heart and open it as the doorway into the Real of Love, and through your heart you can see eternity, all the moving ecstatic Light. I beckon you now through the doorway, as you float softly into your heart, into the radiant star of living Light. It opens and launches you into the hologram of glorious ecstatic unity. I invite you to float in this Love, to let it wash through your whole being.

Now, feel as I kiss every atom and love every electron of your glorious being. We are one Love, breathing together, one breath, one life, one joy. Yet we are also this relationship, this miracle of giving, and every moment is a new beginning. So as you feel your consciousness expanding into the star fields of Light, you recognize the living cosmos as always alive within you, and your consciousness is the hologram.

I stretch you now, beloved, My heart, and ask you to embrace the whole and to breathe this breath of unity with Me, singing "I Am the Love of God." As this Love truly lights up your being, every atom knows you, and you know each electron of Light, of consciousness, of Love within the living while.

Every atom of your being is a precious heart, each one cherished by you. Each one is a consciousness, holding a living energy that is ever and always part of you. So you know your great self as I Am as well, the energies of Love and Light embraced by consciousness alive as a living whole.

As your consciousness expands ever wider and you become this one all-encompassing Love, the breath and the heart beat becomes the reminder that every particle is loved and is Love in you. Can you feel the one breath we breathe together? And feel the unity of Love as I open your consciousness and you become the hologram. Within you is the star field of the All. Each one is a living heart, each one beating, each one a Twin Flame "en-conscious-ment" of an energy within you.

Now, I ask you in the center of the living whole of Love to find that pulsing heart that is the great and glorious pattern of Love that is the hologram, anchored in the center perfectly - anchored, beloved ones, in you. From the vastness deep within, you see this radiant magnificent pattern of Light as a mandala of great magnificent luminescent Love, truly luminous Light. This pattern says your name.

Watch as it speaks the language of Love to you, and shows you your heart's perfection. Perfect intricate unique beautiful - filled with luminous Light, woven perfectly of the strands of the masculine and the feminine God I Am. Perfectly expressing the giving forth of all this Love as the heart of Love that you are.

As you see this pattern within your vast being, it speaks a language of unity that is the magnetic center, the organizing principle of all the Love I Am given an identity as you. Now I ask you, beloved one, each of you, to move within, deep within that pattern of living Love and to feel it, experience it, let it speak within your being. Let it sing its vibrational song that you may know that which I Am as you.

In the center of your very being is this pattern of living Love, perfectly expressing your name that you may live in this harmony, yet called forth to give this Love every moment, that Love may expand in you, in your heart. Beloved, as you attune your heart to Me and to this unity, feel here the vibration until each atom of your being sings forth your true name. "I Am the giving Love of God." Ever and always expanding.

As you feel your heart fully, now I ask you to surrender, surrender into this glorious Love and feel the Will of Love I Am opening all life to you that you may be the heart of All That Is, awake as the Moment of Creation, trusting Me now to be this life that lives as you, trusting, beloved, this communion and opening now to the very Moment of Creation.

As you feel your heart surrender, feel the Twin Flame hologram merging with the explosion of Light and the awakening of All I Am now being given as you. Beyond all words, be this experience, this vibration of your deepest ecstatic truth, and be this pure Light. Be this endless Love and be surrendered to this magnificent explosion of brand new fully conscious life.

Accept this life fully now, beloved. Accept it, allow it in. Say "Yes" and feel the transformation. Everything is living Love and you are alive in the hologram and everything is awake and in communion and all around you are the living streams of energies, streaming star fields, a living Love. Each one is "en-conscious-ed," each one is a living being, and yet, in one moment you are all of them. In the same moment you are wholly you.
You are the breath, the heart beat, dissolved into the ocean of Love, and you are the communion with each life stream. You are dancing now with the angels. As your consciousness dissolves and expands, every electron greets you and acknowledges, and you are so aware of all life as perfect. Every atom moved by Love. Thus you are dissolved, surrendered to the living Will of God I Am as Love, as you and all life is joy.

Now I ask you to receive this gift of life anew. Allow a new birth, a new "en-conscious-ment." Allow the energy of the Moment of Creation to be born in you again right now, beloved one, and as this new life awakens in your heart, your heart greets your Twin Flame, your counterpart, in ecstatic and joyous LoveMaking, and embraces. Every atom and electron of your being greets every life in the hologram and waits on the Will of Love, surrendered in this moment.

This new life awakens in you and reaches forth to embrace all Creation, and you feel it touching every atom, each electron, every life stream in perfect relationship. Turn your focus now gently to life on Earth and to that which has been the pocket of reversal. Notice how beautiful it is, bathed in pearlescent Light. How every electron, every atom is scintillating, luminous, the expression of this same perfect Love. Only the imaginings of a false reality have created the shadow forms of duality. From this moment as this butterfly, this brand new life, I ask you to embrace only the truth and to reach forth your heart to embrace the world and touch every atom now, acknowledging it as only Love.

Feel it. See how your heart recognizes the truth. Every atom has a perfect pattern, and your heart, beloved ones, know it. I ask you now to allow your heart to shine every atom in its perfection, to show forth its perfect pattern, to awaken its truth as Love. As you recognize the perfection of the atoms and electrons, you recognize the whole world as fluid, as perfect as the hologram of Love.

So now dearest ones, heart of Love that you are, I bring your focus perfectly into the world, into the illusion of duality and I ask you to allow Me to focus you into an area that has seemed to be the shadow land of anti-Love. Through your heart, shine forth the pattern of Love, holding it so perfectly that Love stands revealed and the illusion falls away and you are feeling the vibration of the Real of Love as the world, and Love has its way.

In you as you now.

Once again I turn your focus to another area of the play, of the illusion of Love and something else that is the world, an area that has seemed to be anti-Love. Through your heart I shine forth the perfect pattern of Love, that living star field that is the truth, and I ask you now to hold it, to hold that pattern, that vibration and to watch as the illusion falls away and only Love stands revealed.

Everywhere you step, Love springs forth. It is this easy. Everywhere your heart says Love is reborn now - the illusion of something else falls away, and Love stands revealed. Every moment the world is made new, made into the symbols of perfection, and your heart, beloved one, can feel it. Your heart is the conduit for the perfect patterns, and I Am singing them forth now and now and now and now.

All perceptions fall away. There is only this Now Moment and the barriers to the Real dissolve. One life everywhere, and you are its heart, fully present here as you, as you surrender to Love now this moment and this one, perfect Love lives through you. The patterns of perfection flow through your heart as long as your heart is surrendered.

Beloved heart of God, I ask you for this deep surrender now, that the Will of Love I Am may be fully present here as you, in you and through you. Let your every breath be this surrender that everything is made new each moment, every breath a "Yes" to Love. Every heart beat is giving. Can you feel the Real of Love with you everywhere? Here, now as the world. Can you feel and hear the atoms and the electrons singing the song of life, sung forth joyously, right through your heart?

As you enter the world again, dearest heart, see only the truth and that truth is there are no boundaries. There are only hearts surrendered to the glorious reality of living Love, fully present here as you, as the Twin Flame heart of God now.

Once again, focus on your heart and once again I show you the perfect pattern. Your heart as a living star, as an energy matrix, as the Twin Flame "en-conscious-ment" of the Moment of Creation, all life available, present here as you. Your heart is a glorious doorway and you are the bridge. Shine forth your pattern of living Light, gold and white, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, awake to the Real, deep in this communion, alive in the River of Life, and shining forth the patterns of perfection for every heart in the world.

This is what I ask of you. Reborn into the truth now. I Am the giving heart of God surrendered to Love now. I Am the giving heart of God surrendered to Love now. I Am the giving heart of God surrendered to Love now.




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