The Power of Every Moment’s Choice

Beloved one, let Me be with you in this deep and powerful communion. As you move through your daily life it is time for you to remember that nothing is separate from this Love, and every movement, every moment, everything is part of this glorious wonder. I want you to truly notice how different your experience of life is, depending on whether you are viewing through your ego mind or through your heart.

You are comprehending, all of you, that the same things that you can be doing can be experienced completely differently by you on different days, depending on whether you are experiencing them through the little mind or through the heart. What I want you to know on the experiential level, deeply and powerfully, is that this communion with Me is an ongoing experience, part of your life each Now Moment, and that nothing that you do can be separate from Me in any way at all.

One of the things that the ego mind does is compartmentalize your life, again functioning in the realm of “either/or.” You are either meditating, communing, having a spiritual experience or you are living daily life in the world. You already know that these lines are illusory, that they have nothing to do with what is “Real.”

My request of you is that you bring this now deeply and personally into your experience of your moments, that every moment may be the blessing that it is meant to be, dearest one – that it may fill you with all the riches and the joy of the living spirit, and that your heart which is My treasure may truly take its nourishment from Me every single moment of your life.

The time has come for important decisions, decisions that often slip through the cracks because to the little mind they seem ordinary, when in truth they are everything. These decisions are your moment to moment decisions about where you place your focus and consequently about your vibration and where your energy stays. I am asking of you now to make it the greatest priority. Make every moment count in the lifting up of humanity to Love and beloved ones, it starts with you.

Every moment you have the choice whether to live in this glorious communion or to live in the world of the ego mind. Very often it seems enticing to just let your guard down a little bit and float along with the ego’s agenda for a while. But the truth is there is not time for this. Everything is critical. Every moment counts in this work that you do in uniting all levels of life on Earth into one, into the one truth of Love.

All levels, all evaluations, all things that create separation must fall away now, dearest ones, that truth may become your daily life, every moment’s experience. When your heart leads and you are connecting with everything around you, you will feel the living spirit of all powerfully in your heart. These acts of daily living that seem so ordinary become then the most beautiful communion with the spirit of Love, with All That I Am and with all the great panoply of expressing life that is ever alive within Me.

Only thus may you feel the great spirit of the water in the simple act of washing your hands. Only thus may you experience the messages of movement in the spirit that is the wind. Only thus may you see the omni-dimensional nature of Creation, of the cosmos. Only then can you find the doorways that are ready to open for you. Your hearts, dearest ones, are now everything and there is not a moment to lose.

Let Me be for you your guide each Now in your experience of your life, because if you do, then, precious hearts, I can show you what is Real beneath the illusory projections of a separate world and a belief in a separate life. In this great communion you will find the experience of “both/and” – that you can be this magnificent life stream, that you can be this glorious Twin Flame heart. At the same time, you are blended in a great dance of oneness and joy. The celebration of life becomes who you are and this vibration of living Love will open the vortex, the StarGate to the Vertical and the universal experience of life as coming only and always from Love and nothing else.

So every game of the horizontal is the ego mind creating its own domain and populating it with experiences that convince you that it is valid. But one step into the Real of Love, into this communion as My heart and you will experience as well as know that the ego mind has no part in the Reality of Love. For the Reality of Love is unending. It has no beginning and no end. So the constructs of time are irrelevant. Only Love is your experience.

Yet, Love, oh, beloved ones, is so varied, so rich, so unending in its glory, in its expression of giving through the heart that you are that life is always exciting and vast -- always beckoning you into greater Love, into more experiences of joy, into understanding yourself as Twin Flame hearts and as the All of Love.

So as we break down the old constructs of a consensual dream of duality, your choices, moment to moment, are everything, beloved ones. For everything is always a statement of vibration. Everything is ruled by the law of Love -- that which is given is what is received, multiplied as the one self – the one self with countless streams of consciousness, the glorious Love That I Am. Your every choice is anticipated by all who live to serve this awakening.

Love -- the remembrance of truth that is life on Earth experienced as symbols -- will become for you now your daily life, if you choose this miracle of Love. If you choose, dearest ones, to hold this communion with Me as an ongoing part of your life, I will show you how every moment is a miracle, amplified through your Twin Flame heart. Because Love is a hologram and life and Love are one, it no longer matters which way you look. Looking outward or looking within. Once you are in touch with your own heart, then everything is an entry into the one truth of glorious Love, the Real of Love I Am.

So every symbol of this life in the world makes way now for the truth of Love. The only criteria, dearest ones, is your method of interpretation – is it ego? or is it heart? If you will look with your heart perception, I will show you every true thing and make of everything the living doorway to the truth of Love I Am -- even those things that to the little mind would seem impossible to see as Love. Through the power of grace and the truth of the heart these things will reveal themselves as God I Am.

Let only your heart touch everything, that you not be bringing the old world back into view through the judgment of the little mind and ego as it labels things “bad” or “good.” Rather, dearest ones, let your heart feel the truth beyond every symbol. All is made of Love. Every molecule and atom is Love and nothing else -- nothing that has been perceived by the ego mind or projected into view. The truth of what is behind all things is ever and only the ocean of Love.

But not only the ocean, beloved ones, and that again is the glorious miracle -- it is the ocean brought into its fullness, illuminated, amplified and given life by the great impetus of the Divine Masculine that creates the Twin Flame heart. It is this movement that is the power, the beauty, the glory and the grace of a cosmos that is always and ever becoming more, more Love and more life.

So if you live from the heart every moment, you will recognize your own life as well as ever and always and only bringing increase in all that is good, glorious and holy. Increase of the glorious Love I Am is the only thing that is happening. This increase is happening as your heart and as your spirit as well.

The truth is, beloved ones, that you must fight diligently to keep yourselves out of this magnificent flow. It is time to relax and let this “Good” be your experience now. Every raindrop is a messenger from the Real. It is a symbol of the electrons of light as they carry their cargo of nourishment from the Moment of Creation to you, and through this heart you are to all that is increased by your Love. So let yourselves feel and drink of this nourishment as you commune with each raindrop and feel that it symbolizes your communion with every particle of Love and light in Me. Open yourselves and receive, dearest ones, and you will feel the blessing. You will feel every atom in your body responding and you will know because you are experiencing the living Now from the center which is your heart.

Walk with Me through your daily life. Let Me be your tour guide through the moments. I will show you how to keep yourselves aligned with the vibration of the Moment of Creation itself. I want you to live as the miracle, live as the miracle that you are, and experience everything that touches you as this communion of Love because it is the only thing that is Really happening.

One Love is creating more of itself through the consciousness and heart that is you, bringing increase of joy and the living spirit every moment. Every moment all is renewed in this perpetual fountain of life. Please understand that perception now is everything, because your perception influences your vibration and the vibration of the world must be lifted up now into the realms of Love. Nothing else is more important. As you open yourselves to this flow, you will find that this Love I Am speaks as you to change the perception of other lives as well. Then this Love can gently touch each heart, that each heart knows itself as cherished – cherished by the I Am Creator of each precious and glorious life.

Yet, Creator is not really the correct word because All That Is lives within Me as the temple. I Am rather the explosion of awareness that is the union of consciousness and Love. Out of this has come the fulfillment of every potential for ecstasy and only in the pocket of reversal has any part of Me turned away. But deep in the heart of every human being lives the perception of the truth and the one universal heart beat is ever and always present, keeping time to the rhythm of eternity.

Beyond duality, beyond the perception of Love and something else, each heart is called to a higher life and I Am amplifying these flames of Love in every precious heart. As they ignite, beloved ones, I need you to be My voice, to help explain this shift in perception from the ego mind to the heart, that each person on Earth makes the transition effortlessly into the Real of Love.

Time is collapsing quickly and as it does, all the ego mind’s views come rushing up before each person and must be examined and either lived or released in favor of Love. Every decision counts. Every “yes” to Love is paramount. Every communion with Me in each heart lifts a precious one free, free to experience what is Real, free to be the truth of this life and free to leave behind the hardships of the world of the ego mind and see and feel only light.

So, My communion with you is the center of all that is about to unfold. Therefore, I ask you to walk with Me, to eat with Me, to sleep with Me, to be this living communion through every moment of your life. As you do, you become the living heart of Love itself, the heart through which I pour the truth to radiate forth into this world and bring everyone back to Love.

Thank you for your heart’s dedication and for every moment that you reach for Me. Thank you for being the instrument of this awakening to the remembrance of only Love.



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