The Powerful Movement of Divine Feelings

Dearest ones, feel it all, deeply. Feel the endless freedom, the bright and shining vision. Taste the certainty of limitlessness and rejoice in your true eternal nature. Feel the power of All I Am rise within you and explode forth as your magnificent Twin Flame heart. Feel the deep assurance that I Am with you always, everywhere you focus, no matter what. Feel the freedom that we share. Feel how nothing can detain you, how the whole of Creation is your playground, your palace, and as the urge to be creative sparks within your heart, feel also how I provide everything, everything you need to create - to create the glory of this Love, to create the unique and shining Light that is you, to create truly unfettered with limitless abundance. In every breath you are fed directly from the Light. In every living Now you are held within My Love.

Feelings are the movements of Creation. I urge you to cherish them and use them to lift you into consciousness and into the resonance of what it means to be this endless burning Love, the power of the cosmos claimed and focused, the great orgasmic ecstasy explored. Every wash of beauty in the living whole of Love is yours to touch and feel and "en-conscious." Feeling is the power of the universe. It is that which moves Creation all by itself. While consciousness is the focus, feeling is the mover and without the wave form of feeling, the expression of this Love could not occur and you could not unfold as the flower of My heart.

Every feeling creates unfailingly. This is something that I need you to understand. Far too easily do you allow the wash of the consensual dream to move within you as feelings and to resonate with the old world of two powers - of duality. But you have the choice to choose your feelings and let them be like the air under eagle's be that which elevates your energy and your consciousness and lifts you into the reality of Love and nothing else. They bring you home to Me and give your consciousness its focus. Feeling comes first.

In the world of rationality in which you live in which the little mind is the creator of your universe, you have come to believe that thoughts are most important and that feelings will follow them. But in truth it is the other way. It is the feelings that are the movers and the shakers, and the thoughts that come along like a horse being led. You are the living movement of My energy in motion. That is what is poured through you continually. You choose its resonance. You choose its vibration. You choose the song, the words of God. That is your feeling. It is that living sound, the OM, adjusted to your being and funneled through your heart as a creator, and given birth into the cosmos following your focus.

Your focus directs the power generated by your feelings. Your focus is what aims that movement of Love and of the essential elements of life. It is like your consciousness, your thoughts say: send the creative power here ! The rush of creative juice that comes from feeling is like the shaft of the arrow following the point of your decision. Yet, you also are the consciousness and energy of God, My living heart that always feels this Love. Therefore you can easily adjust the song that flows through you, the vibrational words generated by your feelings and send it forth to create more of itself effortlessly.

So as you come into this time of the Christ, the Light of pure grace exploding, let it be for you the door opening to this great experience of feeling - feeling the truth that I Am and feeling it effortlessly, letting it be born in you until it fills all of you and becomes the movement of your life that draws to it everything that you need to create it. As always, beloved Jeshua, Jesus, holds the Light up so you may see it. Opening your heart, it gives you permission to jump into the river of life as feelings and to be part of this endless sea of movement that is the expression always of My Love. Love in movement is emotion. It is the feeling of the living heart of God, centered in you, multi-dimensionally as you are the central point of Love.

As you call forth these feelings and ask to be uplifted to the highest, this resonance, this energy will go forth to create effortlessly the living Love until it surrounds you and creates the reflection of your true being, all dimensions including this world. But it is time for you to live in the hologram, to be conscious of the experience of living everywhere at once through your heart, and being the conduit for Love effortlessly.
Come, beloved ones, and bathe in feelings - not the feeling nature of the ego, of duality, but the great uplifting feelings of God that are ever in residence within you and ready to express through your heart, tenderly and passionately, and to claim your ability to entrain all things in harmony with the flow of My Will which is ever to multiply and give All That I Am.


Beloved God, we come to You tonight and open our hearts. We invite You to wash us in Your Love, to bring us into the glorious communion of Your Light, and we ask, God, to be the open heart of Love for the world. So please join our hearts together and create of our hearts that living opening, that vortex of Love. We dedicate our hearts now to bringing that Love to humanity and to every life on Earth. We call to all beings of Light to assist us. I open my heart, my Twin Flame heart with Doug, and ask to be a clear clear conduit for this experience tonight. Thank You, God, for all of our incredible blessings and thank you for the gift of our spirit family, those present and those with whom we are joined in intention. Amen

As we open our hearts wider and wider, we begin to feel each other's heart connecting, merging, communing and creating this circle of Love. As our hearts join, we feel the Love moving between us, heart to heart to heart, creating this great circle of Love, Light, joy and intention. As the Love flows clockwise among us, we feel the energy rising and the opening created and we feel that great rush of living Love pouring through this heart we share. We see it washing the whole world in Love and grace.

As we share this heart together and we share that living heartbeat of the One, so too do we share the living breath, the one breath of the whole of God. As we release all limitations including our limited human identity, we feel it fall away, all tension leaving our bodies. We recognize our bodies as energy, as Light, as atoms of Love and consciousness. We feel the breath of life, the breath of God moving within us. As we breathe out, we release all that binds us and breathing in, we rise effortlessly into the Light and breathe out that Light into the world perfectly.

Breathing in we are the open heart reaching, and breathing out, Love pours through us into the world. We breathe into the ocean of Love and breathe Love out to all life on Earth. Breathing in to the sweet communion with God, breathing out perfect Love to all humanity. Breathing in again to that God communion. Breathing it out for every human being. And breathing in all the way up to the pure Light, the pinnacle, and Light breathes out through us. Breathing in shooting up to the Moment of Creation, breathing the explosion of Love to the world. And now, we breathe and the living whole of Love breathes us. Every breath in rises into the realm of Love. Every breath out lets Love move us and move through us until we are the breath, the heart beat of the One breathing us in and out.

Every breath is that holy communion, one breath shared by all. As our consciousness expands we touch all Creation, and All That is touches and greets us. As you allow this breath, this Light, this Love, every breath is a song of devotion. As we feel that devotion, we open to the union of Love with our Creator now.

And now, beloved ones, let Me touch your heart, your consciousness and expand you. As I open your heart wider, remember this sweet intimate Love that we share and let the mystery I Am surround you. Feel My presence within you and feel the Light shining through your consciousness and the Love moving through your heart. As you feel that great wave of Love, let it move through your being and open you.

As you place your focus on your heart, know that I need you there. Your heart is the mystery. It is the chamber in which Love is ever born and the place where My voice sings to you of the feeling of Love eternal and the magnet of your heart now draws you, draws your focus down and in. Your heart opens like a limitless doorway and your consciousness moves within until you feel the blaze of Creation calling, opening, whirling and the doorway of your heart opens and you fly free into My arms, the arms, the movement of unity and the perfect Love we share.

I ask you for your sweet surrender into My Love, precious one, now. As you float in the ocean of endless Love and let it wash through your whole being, floating, suspended in this living warmth, feel My tender communion. As this feeling of My Love washes through you, let it sing your true nature into your heart. Your feelings are your true experience as you open more and more, and begin to feel the ecstasy of our union and the truth of your glorious eternal heart as it opens like a great flower, endlessly and majestically, alive, experiencing the rushing pulsing tremoring ecstasy of endless joyous Love I Am, moving through your whole being.

As your heart opens into the ocean of endless Love and reaches outward and upward, each petal of your living heart I caress and your consciousness centers in Me and brings the Light eternal, the great ray of living Light I Am that washes from the Moment of Creation and bathes your heart in freedom. It brings you all that you need for I Am your source. As this perfect Love, this energy, this living Light, this grace fills your heart and expands it, it begins to be reflected in the chamber of Creation that is My heart as you.

Two streams of consciousness remembering that I Am the Light and the Love in you. As your Twin Flame heart continues to drink in the energy of life, great waves of joy are washing through you and your consciousness embraces freedom, endless, unlimited, glorious, reaching into the whole living cosmos.
Everywhere you touch you feel it, the abundance of life I Am, rushing, dancing, blessing you and filling you with all that you need to be free, to be filled with perfect life and joy, to be the heart of God I Am. Drink from the fountain of life, and grow as My endless Love as the abundance of living life flows into you and you bathe in the freedom it brings.

Let your consciousness expand beyond all limitation and the waves of pure Light wash through you from the Moment of Creation, blazing into you and giving you the nourishment of God that rises, joyously through your being and says, "I Am the abundance of God and I Am eternally free." I ask you to feel this freedom, to let your heart have winds as vast as the cosmos, to stretch your consciousness, embracing the delicious nourishment and joy, the ecstasy of being My unlimited life, packaged perfectly as a heart that continually creates more of the Love I Am and extends Love to All That Is.

You feel the River of pure Light, rushing into your being and washing you, and expanding possibilities eternally as you reach reach out with your consciousness and find no limits to your freedom and the feeling of endless ecstasy that true freedom brings. I come and bring you the gift of life. So tenderly I support you and always I give you more, beloveds, than you need to be the heart of God accepting the gift of endless freedom and the abundant life I Am.

As you embrace this fountain of pure life energy, drink it in and let it fill you as you feel your heart expanding and life becoming the nature of your being. All that you see is particles of Light dancing. You breathe in this limitless Love. Now the stream of abundance and freedom pour into your heart effortlessly until your heart is so full it overflows. It rushes forth to give more to everything. Watch as this Love flows through you and feel it as it blesses All That Is.

Feel it touch and merge with all the beings of Creation that revolve around the sun that you are, as you find yourself the nourisher of Creation, as the heart of God I Am. As you watch the waves of Love exploding from the Twin Flame heart of God you are, and now, you bring the gift of freedom to all life everywhere. Every time your Love touches anyone, any life, be it atom or living star, your heart feels the receipt of this Love as a great gift, given back to you.

Feel it as it comes in and nourishes and reverberates through the center of your being and fills your heart with perfect joy that you share with the Twin Flame before you, within you, drinking in the joy of giving. Then, opening to receive more from Me as I fill your great heart, that flower of life, and you feel the waves of abundant life, until once again, your heart is so full that it overflows to give to All That Is and you feel the receipt of your Love to every life that receives it.

You are aware of each one, perfectly, all of them, all at once, countless living Lights and heart beats, drinking in the nourishment you give them. Each one fills your heart with blessing and you turn to Me and give all the gifts you have received from your giving in devotion to the circle of life. Once again, as the center, your consciousness feels All That I Am endlessly and you merge with the movement of Creation and the great explosion of life. You become that Moment of Creation that fills you, exploding your own heart until you are as that, as Creation, and as intimate as I am in giving Love to All That Is.

As you love, you create more Love, more life, more joy, more consciousness. As you listen in this communion of life we share, the Will of Love whispers within you and spills forth as new forms of Creation - new life being born from your heart. The freedom I Am is expanded through you, the Love I Am flows through as nourishment. That which you love which is all of life is that which is blessed and moved into more Love, more Love, and more joy as All That Is is expanded through you.

As you feel All I Am within you, every life, all consciousness blended into the feeling nature of God I Am, the feeling of glorious freedom and every moment the one living Now speaks of the unity of life, nourished by My heart, my center, the heart of Love that is you. That which you love as I love is that which is blessed and extended into new creation. I Am the heart of limitless freedom, the heart, beloved that is you. That which you love, you create more of as you blend with the living hologram of God I Am and you recognize your unique place in Me as the Twin Flame heart of Love, All That I Am within you and you within All I Am. Every heart beat sends you both in and outward, the hologram and the center.

And now, beloved, as you open to the stream of nourishment, particles of living Light and pulsing Love, I ask you to accept this flow of abundance. Turning your focus as the Love moves forth from your heart, focus that stream of Love upon the Earth - that inner dimension within the hologram of God. As you focus the great stream of Love, let that focus be a world of joy and the acceptance of this freedom and abundance in every heart alive on Earth.

As your consciousness follows the stream of Love into the world now, once again it touches every life and you can feel every heart on Earth receiving this blessing, receiving the freedom I bring, the freedom from the nourishment of Love, freedom to accept that All I Am is given perfectly to everyone, endlessly, limitless abundance, glorious eternally opulent. I ask you to feel and to will every heart accepting.

As the hearts of humanity open, it resonates within your heart as well and you feel the incredible blessing of each heart accepting Me as the source of life, the inheritance of the endless freedom and grace I Am. As you watch and your heart records it, each heart on Earth is accepting, allowing Love to overflow in giving and thus to multiply the blessing. Now in a great wave of Light rising, they join the circle of Real life. Every heart becomes a pulsing Light, giving Love and receiving their nourishment through you directly from Me.

The circle is joined heart to heart and a pattern of Love, Light and freedom emerges on Earth and it becomes a heart in the center of your own - a pearl in the center of the heart of God, blessed by you. You begin to feel this circle of life, of nourishment, devotion and the amplification of all that I give to you and through you to all life on Earth. The pattern of circle, of hearts is lit up and now joined the living cosmos and the great heart of Lucifer is blessed and freed in the receiving from humanity of the gift of freedom.

Every breath is now a breath of harmony. All that has been closed is open once again and that which was a dream of a reality of Love is returned to the abundance of life I Am and the limitless freedom of God. The hologram of life we share, abundant, whole and free...and rich beyond all imagining. This is My gift to you: limitless freedom now.



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