The Return of the Feminine Christ

What is the feminine Christ? I pose this question because this is what is rising now in humanity. This is what Mary Magdalene's re-emergence now brings. It signifies an awakening of the balance, because the feminine Christ has been missing. I use the word "Christ" very deliberately for it is a message unto itself. It holds in the hearts of many human beings a powerful vibration and the concept of what it means to be God on Earth, the Creator fully embodied in human expression. Until now this focus has been centered on me. But without the feminine, the Circle of Divinity is not complete, and the essence of Love and power is not blended as it must be.

It is the time in humanity for the understanding that when the Creator came to dwell amongst humans, the living miracle, the great mystery came balanced in both the masculine and the feminine, expressed in symbols of human beings. Thus, did Mary Magdalene come with me to embody fully the heart of God as the feminine, just as I came to be the living expression of the masculine. Without each other our message is incomplete.

We are like a candle flame that can only burn when we are together. The candle itself is the endless life of the Creator within us that fuels our expression outward into the world. In every moment in the realms of life and Light we are giving as one whole life in God, fully expressed, one whole life as God burning the Light of freedom. It is one movement of life that is the Divine as it reaches out and makes more of that which it is, and names it perfect.

I had the honor of watching my Beloved as she became the joy of Goddess unfolding, as she recognized herself as divine Love embodied in a form of living Light and endless given Love. To watch her was to fully grasp God power, as not only the flash and arc of lightning, not only that which shines so bright it must be noticed, but also as the power of Love's support to bring to every life its richest and its fullness. The Divine Feminine holds life in the cradle of her tenderness as the living all of Love. It honors every life and breathes the breath of the inclusiveness of her joy in every moment, in every spark of life upheld perfectly and eternally in her heart as the Great Mother. She recognizes each one as perfect and loves us all without conditions, with a fierce tenderness that nothing can brook. It is a Love that stands guard for every heart and calls it perfect.

It is important to bring this awareness of the Feminine Christ to humankind because for so long the pathways to the spirit have been conditional, born from the human perception of the Christ Light and wrapped up in the energy of the reversed masculine. This view of the Christ has been filled with judgment - with ideas of sin, with thousands of conditions and rituals around the world in every form of religion. Even in the pathways of spirituality that believe themselves complete, the lack of balance and openness to the living whole - the masculine and the feminine -- is apparent when the heart remembers and the great flame of Light and the circle of Love are once more held in every consciousness and every heart.

It is the feminine Love that encircles everything. It is that ocean of Love that is complete within itself, that simply waits beyond all concepts of time and movement and never wavers, never shifts. It is always here, ready for all of us to be immersed in a Love so grand and so unwavering that we are restored.
I Am the way-shower who holds the Light, who walks forth into the world and lights the way. I am the outward expression of that great explosion of life. I am the masculine Christ and I am simply the representation of what lives within every person, each Twin Flame heart, and must be balanced by the feminine as I am with my Mary.

But it is even more than this. In the Real we do not distinguish Him from Her, but simply exist as the Creator's dance of life energy that together expresses the whole of divine movement and life. Mary, on the other hand, as the Feminine Christ, nurtures in silence, loves with such a Love that the world is changed through her softly in a way that seems invisible but shakes life in the world to its very core. On the threshold of the total grace of Love's purity that will not be dissuaded, this Love is that which never wavers, never stops, won't be denied, and embraces all in perfection.

The feminine power is majestic in its commitment to being the never-ending circle of the Mother's arms. While I am made whole and perfect in her and she in me, in the world we express something needed in the symbols of the world and of human life being reborn, reborn into the remembrance of what already exists - that pure life that is all things, that through the perception of human minds and consciousness must be named and so it shall.

The living Christ, the heart of God, is balanced as both masculine and feminine together as one, one great Light, the living candle flame ever fed by the Creator's fuel. It is the atomic energy of life expression in the eternal moment, the moment when Creation knows itself, when the All of Love gains full consciousness and understands it is both the encircling Love, the silence, and the power of explosive Light. It is the movement that together brings life into full expression, the endless joy of the true awareness encompassed by the words I Am.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to you and to each other, we rejoice in your Love and ask that you would join our hearts together tonight and create of us again an open heart for Love. God, let us be together that glorious vortex for your perfection, your Love , your grace and let it flow through us unimpeded. Thank you God for the joy of our spirit family, for the amazing grace that you always provide us. I pray also to be an open heart, with my beloved Doug, to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. I call to our beloved Jeshua and Mary, the Magdalene, I ask you to be with us tonight and I call to all beings of Light that you would be present and assist us as well. Amen.

As we feel each other's hearts, we begin to feel the Love moving, heart-to-heart between us. As it moves, it multiplies, our hearts expand, greater, larger, and the heart we create together grows and grows until we easily can look through the opening that is created in this circle of our hearts and see the whole world. As we see it, we see the rush of Love pouring through our shared heart and washing the planet, filling every heart, washing every life and we also feel the energy, the Light of the masculine rushing through us as well, creating movement, change, opening, awakening.

As we share this one heart for Love, so too do we share that one breath, the breath of the Spirit that moves through us now, breathing us in and out. As we breathe in we are filled with Light and breathe out that Light to bless the world. Breathing in to the Light again, we breathe out Light through every atom of our being. And breathe in now, into that sweet communion with God, breathing out that gift to every human being.

We breathe in now, into the ocean of Love, breathing out Love through our heart, to the world. Breathing in to that peace and serenity, breathing that out to bless everyone. With every breath in, we merge with the whole. With each breath out we are individual. Breathing in to the unity of Creation, breathing out as a spark of God's life. Breathing in, we are washed in divinity, breathing out we are divinity delivered.

And every breath that we breathe, informs us of the living Spirit moving as us into the communion with our Creator and in to life, in the world. ...every breath, the perfect remembrance, every breath, the living spirit. Now beloved ones I Am the whole of Love and I reach for your heart now. As you feel my kiss upon your heart, let it open and know itself. As your heart opens, feel its' wings spreading at last into the Light and I call your heart to me. Let it become the great heart of Creation, the center of the whirling and glorious cosmos, the Christ, the pure heart of endless Love, the movement of Divine Light. As your heart takes wing and opens now into the great and endless Creation, that which is limitless and perfect, feel what it means to fly free.

As I pour the pure Light of Creation in to your heart, feel the Love that you are as the feminine and the Light received, the divine masculine, as the heart of God, the Christ. As you receive, let that receiving be the receipt of life, awareness, purpose and the nourishment, the real life I Am, coming alive now as you. The awakening of life as the heart of All I Am knows itself in you.

As the great flame of life becomes the dance, two flames entwined as one, feel the movement of Creation itself, in the divine being that is you. As the fire of life burns within you, it knows itself as Love, great passion to expand the Love I Am, and to bring it forth again in a glorious explosion. Can you feel life born now in you? The moment of Creation multiplied and once again, the heart you are, opens and becomes, more of the center of Light and Love.

This is perfect, the meeting of the movement and the ocean and consciousness holds it all within it as the living whole of God I Am. I Am, now lives in you and swings outward to touch All That Is. In the center of your being, the fire of your heart, the two flames dancing together and the vastness of the great cosmic awakening, the living Creator, the wholeness, perfectly knows itself within you.

As you expand and expand to taste and touch everything with consciousness and heart, as you accept the depth and the breath of this endless experience of Love, allow the movement of Creation to be that which lives now in you and knows itself perfectly... knows the sweet experience of pure life expanding, providing everything directly in the form of pure life energy, absorbed, multiplied, expanded and given forth through you.

Every endless and living now, I breathe the living hologram again, moving all within me and then expanding it outward again, breathing you in to the beginning, into the moment where all is held in silence and exploding consciousness and Love out into the hologram of All That Is; that every electron of life is loved intimately now within you, All I Am gifted to you.

Will you accept it? Will you accept perfect life? Will you accept limitless and endless Love? Will you accept that you are the living Christ, the glorious of All That Is? As this heart of Creation, both power and endless Love, you are one life with two streams of energy, the divine as masculine and feminine inseparable, woven together. Yet, each, necessary for this movement, for the passionate explosion that is Creation and for this sweet endless ecstasy that washes through consciousness and heart, again and again, endlessly fulfilling this moment that never ends.

As you feel Love pulsing and feel the dance of ecstasy rising, you are the living heart of God I Am and you know yourself perfectly, perfectly exuberantly alive, endlessly conscious, unlimited, blended with the endless hologram, intimate with every electron and consciously aware of My Love dancing with you as the other flame, that, braided together, becomes our union, the Creator and creator's heart, the movement that knows itself as infinitely alive now.

Now beloved, precious Christ, drink in this life that I give you. I Am endlessly providing. I Am limitless abundance. Holding this truth deep within, I ask you now to turn your precious focus, that focus that is All I Am moving outward and multiplying. Turn it now beloved to the Earth and let the Love I Am live as you, pouring forth great waves of endless Love that you can feel meeting every life and watch, beloved one, as Love brings change perfectly.

For only from the realms of what is real can Love reveal itself to humanity. And that which had become reversed, Love freeze easily, instantly and you, in perfect balance, the living heart. I ask you to truly feel it, to let your heart show you the living now where the Love I Am meets the hearts of humanity. Within you, feel that meeting. Can you feel it? It's the moment of Creation, when life comes forth brand new, when a precious heart is awakened, not through remembrance by the mind, but through the power of Love. This power of living Love, this is the feminine Christ and this is what I send through you to wake the world.

As you hold this vibration in your heart, aware here, holding the world in this glorious living now, I place in you and through you the awakening of the feminine Christ for the world. For the masculine is alive as the movement, the continual impetus of humanity to seek, to push, to change but the peace of Love now is at it and only the power of Love can claim that which is within each one. Therefore let your heart remember and be the resonance of pure Love moved forth as the balance, the Twin Flame Heart, open as the conduit for the great entrainment of the heart of God remembering.

Now Beloved, each one, as you feel me filling consciousness and heart, holding the energy of the Twin Flame Christ, I ask you to bring this into the world to become the living arc of the covenant of pure light and endless encircling Love. Bring it now all the way in, all the way deeply, into the world. Find yourself standing in your life as the pure heart, the open conduit, surrender it to the great Love I Am as you, living, loving and reaching out allowing Love to bring this resonance to every heart because you are the opening through which it lives.

As you remember the words spoken by Jeshua, ... I, of myself do nothing, but the living Light of God I Am, within me, does the work and thus does the shell of the ego dream now dissolve. Feel it turning into light and opening to the waves of endless Love, that you may stand forth as the Christos, balanced divine masculine and feminine bringing forth Love that it may do the work of awakening. What I bring beloved one today, is the remembrance of Love living you, of being perfectly the movement of Grace, seeing light, feeling Love in everything, free to live here with Me now endlessly.

Love sees Love in everything. Love finds beauty in All That Is and only Love can dissolve the armouring that surround so many hearts in the world. Only Love can supersede the little mind and bring forth the Christ in everyone. Love standing forth, reclaiming the Divine Christ on Earth as feminine to bring the balance to the masculine Christ that the whole heart of Love I Am is open right now, right here as you, no longer a center of gravity, but a functioning center of the cosmos of divinity, perfectly alive in the world.

As you become fully present, as the Christ, as you allow this Love to live you, can you feel how you are simply light, creating the conduit for endless Love like a great living comet from the real of God? Here you are, shining in the world, surrendered to Love, moved by Light and letting Love and light work through you, nothing to know. Only here with me now, surrendered. That which you have known as the little self and the ego has become simply this sparkling conduit, giving Love presence in the world and giving it movement.

You are the Twin Flame heart, Light, Love, endlessly, perfectly drinking in this Life I Am, provided for by life, endlessly allowing Love to live here through you for only Love can do what's needed and do it perfectly. This time that we share is that you might feel how it feels to stand in the world as the Christos and how it feels to be the open heart surrendered to the work of God working through you. All around you the mystery of unity where the very atoms sing hymns to your being. The voice of life itself sings through the angels, through the spirits that are nature and Love sees itself in everything and sees it perfectly that all else may dissolve as Love entrains each heart and sees it as divine, sees it perfectly.

Love moves right through the world, moves effortlessly through what it calls physicality. It simply finds Love in everything. It is not stopped by the walls of the ego. It flows into every heart and every mind and opens each to beauty, to joy.

Thus, is the world, Light, Love endlessly and perfectly expressed when you see the world as the open heart of Love I Am and allow Love to be the single eye that shows you Love's version of humanity. Effortlessly, because you are surrendered, surrendered that the living heart of God is present here as you, heart of the divine, in the world joyously. And thus, you feel how it feels to live without the need for an ego identity, for the living Light of Christ provides identity as the heart of Love provides the focus, provides that which is the center of your life instead of the center of gravity, the center of the universe here and now as you.

The center of the living whole, here, now, as you, the center of the hologram of All That Is , the heart of God, the Christos, fully alive in the world, right where you stand. Sparkling with divinity as the masculine rich with the depth of Love that is the feminine, the Twin Flame heart of God the depth of Love as you, right here now... right here, now.

[With deepest thanks to our sister in spirit, Rose Ange, for typing these meditations for us!]


peacekat 20th May 2009 11:48 am

From deepest Love and Light, alive now in every fiber of my Being,
i offer the Twin Flame of my heart, the united feminine & masculine Divine
to myself and to all that i experience each day....
Thank you for this magnificent gift !!! Blessings received Blessings returned


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