The Truth About Nature - God Calls Us to the Natural World

Today I want to speak with you about Nature and all the beauty that you see before you as the natural world. Nature is a perfect and sacred geometry. It is My living song of Love and Light to you. In the Real of Love it is spread before you and all around you constantly in a living Light show of song, Light and movement that sings to you of My Love, My Love for you and your Home in Me and the beauty of our intimate connection. It speaks to your being continuously of all the ways that Love supports you.

So when you chose to believe in separation, you brought this song of My Love with you and congealed it around yourselves as the symbols of your Home, the natural beauty that is the Earth. While there are those who have studied the sacred geometry of the natural world, no one as yet has felt this bridge completely and understood the patterns of Light and Love that are held as a sacred trust for you in the natural world.

Beloved, as you raise this world up, that which you see around you as Nature shall become again the sacred, living and glorious Light of God I Am, speaking to you eternally as your Home in Me. It shall be the fluid Love that washes through your being and says to you that you are My living heart. It shall always be alive and brilliant in its expression of your intimate and eternal Home in Me.

So while I have expressed to you that Nature is a doorway to the Real, it has not been time until now to show you this greater truth for as you lift the world, My beloved heart, My LightWorkers, you begin to see with the eye of the living heart and this eye will show you the truth of Nature. It will interpret for you this living moving geometry of Light and the intimate wave songs of My Love that are within it.

Thus, I call to each of you to come into the natural world and to bathe yourself in its living song of Love. Feed yourselves with the intricacies of the great mandala of living Light that is held for you in the consciousness of the natural world, waiting for you to be ready to receive its gift. When you can, it will shoot you forth, out of the gravity of the situation in the world. It will be your transport out of the "reversal" and back into your limitless freedom in the living All of Love.

Those of you who serve My Love and who live within the cities, let your hearts feel Nature's call and go out into the wilderness in every way you can and let My song of your Real Home speak to you through the natural world. Begin to allow that living message of Light and color that is Nature's treasure held for you, and the song of Love that whispers through Her. Let it speak to you of freedom and of the instant transformation of the "reversal" of the world into the freedom of the eternal Light.

I promise you that this transformation is instantaneous and comes at the moment there is enough conscious understanding of the truth of your Home in Me, instead of the weight of the physical world. At that moment you shall be free, free to make the choice to remain in the world or not and to hold in your heart the knowledge of that choice in its simplicity every moment you are here to serve.

For I know, My dearest ones, that one of the greatest agonies of your spirit has been the feeling of being trapped in this world of "reversal," this world of the reversal of the truth of Love that is your Home. Yet, in order to bring freedom to the hearts of humanity, you had to lift the whole world up to a certain point that the weight of the separation from My Love could be counteracted and thus, be the impetus for freedom for the whole world from the reversal.

Thus, dearest hearts, you had to remain here. Who of you would have, if you could have changed it? So it was important, the decision you made to live as human beings, even if it made you feel so trapped. But as the Light penetrates the illusion and your hearts rise now to meet it, the intermediary for you, your transport if you like, is going to be Nature, pure and simple. She is the embodiment of the living message of Love and the glorious codes of spectacular Light that are My assurance to you of our intimate communion in the Real of God I Am.

As you came into the world as humanity, trailing those glories of Light, it was imperative that those Light streams remained with you and that song of the truth of our Love be ever present. That is why it has become solidified in the world of Nature. But you can see, now that you know Nature's truth -- that the natural world is meant to be pure beauty and the glorious unity and peace I Am. Anything else is the overlay of humanity, including frozen tundra and the little "death" of Fall, and animals that prey upon each other.

All of this is the sub-creation of the human ego. But Nature itself is living codes of Light. It is a language of truth that is truly eternal, born of the Moment of Creation with you, as your assurance of your Home, your place in Me and My eternal unending Love for you. That song, those symbols, was meant to be your reassurance when Creation blossomed forth and our relationship began. It was meant to assure you that the one degree of separation that you felt in that moment was a gift allowing us this incredible gift of relationship with each other, and your living service as My heart.

But there were those of you who interpreted it as being pushed away from Me and thus began your separation from My Love. In that moment Earth was born - the pocket of reversal. But all those sacred words and symbols and living patterns of Love remained and came with you.

They came first, as the Garden of Eden, which was the first expression of our separation but still with your awareness of your Home in Me. Then came the world of strife and suffering as you spiraled further and further into duality.

Now, beloved ones, you reverse the experience, coming from the sub-creation as you see it today back into the Garden, that which you call the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is the expression of these patterns of sacred geometry and wave songs of My eternal Love for you as a world of glorious peace and beauty and every good thing.

Then, from there you shall leap back into My arms and into our sacred and everlasting communion. That which now expresses itself as the natural world will be your song of eternal freedom in the majestic mantra of God I Am, singing My Love for you and assuring you of your eternal Home in Me, as these patterns of Light and songs of Love.

So please use these codes of Light and Love in the world of Nature that are congealed by your consciousness in your heart, and commune with those consciousnesses that are the embodiment of that reassurance for you. They will assist you, first, in returning to the pristine image of a world of Love and of a people whose Home is ever in Me. Then they will launch you instantly and gloriously back out of the reversal and all physicality and into your freedom as living Light and glorious Light and the central whirling heart of God I Am.

My precious heart, I await you, but our song of Love continues now in this moment and this moment and this one. That song plays perfectly in your heart and the expressions of the sacred geometry of Light are in your consciousness. All you need is to stop and return to the Vertical, and all that Nature holds for you will be revealed and you can use it as a launching pad to leap right up - back into your glorious freedom, that you might remain in the world each moment by choice in service.

Choice means you choose not to dissolve into the living Light you are, but rather to hold that Light focused in the world through your heart, that you might be the open heart of God bringing My Love here into the world as proof to every human being that I Am their Home and their joy and freedom is ever and always in Me.




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