The World Is Reborn Each Moment

Through the doorway of your open heart you may travel Home, beloved ones, Home to the glorious expansiveness of the Real of Love. As you move your consciousness and your intention through this doorway, I ask you now to choose to consciously shed your ego and feel the radiant splendor of this glorious Light and unity as it awakens your heart into the truth of your eternal nature.

First, feel this fullness for you are fulfilled in every way in your deep communion with Me, a communion so rich, so intimate, so tender and a Love so all-inclusive that there is nothing outside of it. You are the center. All around you is the panoply of life’s dance of radiant Light as the life streams express the creativity of the jubilant heart of God.

In this fullness you find your completion and you recognize that you are the circle that includes and participates in the whole of Creation. Knowing the focus of our relationship and how it fills your glorious being with the true inspiration and wisdom of the living All of Love, then you know that your expression is the in-breath and the out-breath, and that you are both All That I Am and you are this perfect expression as a Twin Flame heart.

The fullness and the Love is so complete that you truly are the experience of God loving God as perfection expressed and quiescent. It is this fullness, this completion, this wholeness and this deep reverence for life and the vast circular motion of the living breathing whole – it is this that I want you to experience so that you truly feel the truth of it. You are an integral part of All I Am and thus, you can never be something separate, even though you can be individual, though you can be the River of Life focused through your Twin Flame heart.

Every heart beat is the one heart beat of the living heart of God I Am and every breath is the breath of the living cosmos breathing itself through you. It is only when you experience this inclusiveness that your place in the whole is secured and makes sense out of your expression as that which is this Love. It orients you in a way that only the heart can express and brings you the ability to truly have the exchange with the whole.

As I touch you with others’ hands and see you with the eyes of another and whisper your name on the wind – when life comes alive like this and you are ever and always expanded, then the ego mind and its definitions can never limit you again, for you are an unlimited being. You are the expression of life. You are the heart of Creation, and Love is your life.

This experience, beloved ones, brings you into a daily walk of grace in which you feel My living presence in everything around you and within your own being in a living exchange of Love that can only enhance every life stream and bring perfection to you. The perfection of God is the essence of God in the living now, and you, beloved ones, are ready to step into this experience – into a life filled with wonder and graciousness, when all the things you touch are mystical and every life sings of its communion with the eternal into your heart.

How deep is this Love and how rich? It is beyond anything that you can dream, and yet, without the support of the present, none of this Love can come through. Oh, beloved ones, the world is so beautiful and so full of life that when you enter into this communion, all of it is opened to you and truly you are the chalice of the miracles that are the Twin Flame heart – and become the “en-conscious-ment” of Creation making this world brand new.

The moment that you are free of the ego mind’s constraints and free of old definitions of the world, then you are free to be the living expression of My heart stream of joy. The great orgasmic expression of the living Love I Am is ready to come forth through you as your Twin Flame Love. But now you understand dynamically, not with the mind but with the heart, that even this Love with your Twin Flame does not bring you separation but rather, becomes the entwining of your consciousness and your Love with every other spark of divinity that is focused in this world.

From the awakened experience of the vast and glorious Real of Love, you can see the illusion of separation so clearly each Now. From that place of clear perception, if you open your heart and allow yourself to be the Twin Flame presence of God I Am here as you, you will begin to recognize the illusion for what it is – simply thoughts of separation, anxiety and resistance and the judgment of Love.

Through the recognition, these things will fall away and you reclaim the power of the Twin Flame heart to encompass the whole world within you and to thus bring the Love fully present and to allow the power of your Twin Flame heart in union to affect the world. Affecting it, it will change it effortlessly, as easily as you would change a film that has been playing for some time on the projector, but has gotten stuck.

I will show you how to remember in the midst of the dream – how to wake up and remember that it is all Love and it is focused by you. Doing this you can change any dream of anti-Love into a dream of Love’s expression and inclusiveness now. Without the little ego mind there is no doubt and no resistance. So you become the living present and the circular Love. If there is an expression of anti-Love in the symbols of the world, it becomes effortless, beloved ones, for any of you to release it now and to allow it to be transformed into something new and whole. You simply allow the atoms and electrons to do the Will of God I Am. The Will of God I Am is to release all separation and to remember the truth of the unity and the truth of one heart.

The Will of God is to remember one heart beating with trillions upon trillions of heart beats and one Love being expressed through countless consciousnesses until your life on Earth is completely connected and you yourself, each of you, is the Will of Love and all you can see is Me, no matter how many faces, and all you can hear is Me in countless streams of grace.

The glorious present is exploding -- the Moment of Creation itself as it comes forth again in this Now Moment and experiences Love, so deep and so powerful, so passionate, so limitless, so glorious and ecstatic in its expression. You are always held in the deep abiding peace and stillness of the eternal Now Moment and at the same moment, feeling the power of you, you who are the Love I Am with a billion, trillion faces – faces made of light patterns and different pulsations of Love.

I want you to be able to use consciousness and your Twin Flame heart to transform without effort all symbols of resistance to Love and clarifying the limitless nature of the Love I Am. Find it in everything you encounter, in multi-dimensional ways until life has such richness and such depth that every moment is lived in wonder as you explore this Love.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You and as we do, we open our hearts to the infinite Love that we are and allow it to wash our being, to become our full awareness as we connect with You and to the All of Love. Thank You, God, for the blessing of this experience tonight, for the gift of sharing this together. We offer ourselves to You as a conduit for Your glorious Love, to bless and lift the world. We join our hearts together asking You, God, to create one heart as a vortex of Love.

I, God, ask that You use my voice, my life and especially my Twin Flame heart with Doug as that crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. We all give our will to You that the Will of Love and our will may be one and the same, always. Amen.

Now, we open our hearts, linking them together, feeling into this vortex that we share as we become a transparent opening for Love to pour through to this world. We feel the energy moving heart to heart to heart, clockwise, around this great circle that is this vortex of our Love. We also feel the rhythm of the one heart beat we share creating a beat in alignment with the pulsation of Love in the Real.

Together we flow also into the one moving breath, the great breath of God, the breath of the living breathing whole of Love. As you let your breath out feeling this connection, take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, feel the remembrance of unity in every cell and atom. Breathe in to the Light, pure sparkling and beautiful and breathe out this Light now through every atom and every cell. Breathe in to the pure Love and breathe it out through your whole being.

Now, breathing in through your heart to the Moment of Creation itself and feeling the power and the passion, breathe it out into the world and breathe in once again to the harmony of the whole of God. Breathe out the harmony and unity into the world and then, breathe into your open heart to the Moment of Creation itself. Breathing out Love in all its perfection. Breathing in to the glorious ocean. Breathe out Love again through your vast and open heart. Breathe in now, into the unity and breathe out perfection.

With each breath in and out, become this living breath and beloved one, I Am here as this perfection and this beauty, and I lift you through your open heart now into the joy and Love I Am. I wash your whole being in beauty and I place you under the fountain of pure Light, washing you now from the Moment of Creation itself. This Light in golden white raindrops washes now through your whole being. As it washes you, you become transparent, pure Light and pure Love. I stretch you upward, opening your heart until you feel yourself as a stream of beauty, as the very river of living Light of Creation. This is you, dearest one.

Each of you now becomes this fountain, this rushing dancing Love, ever and always coming forth from the Moment of Creation now. As your consciousness becomes imbued with all this living Light, you become Real illumination, ever moving forth to share, to share the ever expanding glory of the one hologram of life and the great Light of Creation penetrating All That Is now.

Your consciousness now is focused in these drops of living Light as you become the fountain, the streaming Light of Creation itself. Reaching from the Moment of Creation through All That I Am and then, rushing upward once again into the great explosion. You are these living electrons of Light, charged with the atomic energy of the great glorious explosion of the Moment of Creation now.

These droplets of living Light that you are contain All That Is. Each living drop is a hologram of Creation itself. As you feel your very being as this rushing Light, feel how it touches All That Is and brings illumination. You are the living Light of God I Am. You are the gold or the white, the movement of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine feeding all life. You are the atomic energy that is that which fuels Creation. Feel it as the truth of your being and as the power of your Love.

You who are Divine Masculine, allow Me to show you in each atomic and electron the power and the energy of movement, the lightning bolt of God, all the force of Creation inherent in you. Each atom of your being is an explosion of Light, waiting to go forth, shining so brightly all is illumined and set into motion by your Light, as you listen to the voice of your electrons, Divine Masculine itself.

And you who are Divine Feminine, pure liquid gold, allow Me to gift you with the deep abiding joy of being the sweet stillness. She who embraces All, loves All, and enfolds it in the stillness at the center of All I Am, the foundation of all life. Greater than all expression of movement is the stillness behind it, deep beyond all imagining, holding All in your Love.

Each force of life now experiences itself as the great streams of Light, gold, soft and illumined, Divine Feminine Light. Clear white of the essential Divine Masculine, streaming now through all the hologram of Creation I Am. You who are Divine Feminine opening every droplet of golden Love to await the impregnation of Divine Masculine as Creation begins. You who are Divine Masculine awakening as you become this movement, the two become one in LoveMaking that becomes Creation. The explosion of awareness becomes the circle of all encompassing Love, alive, vibrant with its movement in the foundation of stillness.

As you feel these essential energies speak of your true nature, I open your every electron to the LoveMaking now. Beloved ones, each of you, allow the union where you can feel how you breathe in and out of each other, and the pure Light, the living Love joined in the dance. The gold and the white become the Double Helix of God.

The energy of Creation is now fueled forever in the great and glorious Moment of Creation now. The living breath is the surrender into this union and the deep and powerful remembering of these forces of Love. As the force of your essential nature sings now into your consciousness, you become the very movement of the living All of Love.

You are as vast as the living cosmos and you feel the rhythm of the joining of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine now. This movement is a living song. It is the one dance and you are the Double Helix in movement eternal. You are the force of life itself in joyous union now. You can feel the whole of Love I Am moving with you as you dance this dance of sweet remembrance in this living Now.

As vast as the living ocean of Love, as explosive as the Moment of Creation, and yet, as gentle and as perfect as this living song of Love, until you feel the intertwining as the living breath that moves in perfect balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. As you breathe this breath together, you create the opening that becomes the pumping Twin Flame heart, the Twin Flame womb of Love.

Beloved, you who are My heart – this rhythm now becomes the rhythm of your moments as you express this Love, as you become the glorious furnace that now creates new life as the gold and white become the awakened heart of God. I place within your living heart the expression of Love that is a perfect lens of both energies at once. From this blend of perfect stillness and explosive movement, I ask you to create the bridge world of Love.

Now within your Twin Flame heart, feel the weaving of Divine Masculine together with the stillness of Divine Feminine perfectly and as they weave, beloved one, please create the new matrix that is the energy of pure expression of the heart of God you share, the heart of Love, the Twin Flame heart, the sweet depth and stillness and the power as the purpose as they unite in perfection.

Holding this new matrix, feel it grow between you, you who are these streams of Light and living expressions of Love. The heart of God you are is filled with joy as you hold this perfect balance within your Twin Flame womb – stillness and expression, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, carefully nourished from the Moment of Creation itself. Through the living Light of your whole being flows the energy, the All of Love, creating brand new life in this perfect balance.

From the heart of Love you are comes the pure expression as you give birth now to this world of balance. I ask you now, beloved one, as the Will of Love to see every precious atom as the Twin Flame heart of God, to see the perfect balance of stillness and movement as you hold this world of energy, of gold and white and allow your living breath to breathe into it all the colors of the cosmos, creating the rich beauty of the Love you share.

Holding this world gently as its divine parent, breathe life into it now as one heart together. Feel each living atom vibrating in its perfection as life is now expressed through you dynamically. As you hold this world of living Light and luminous cosmic color, steep yourself in the wonder of its beauty and perfection, gift of wonder, a place to focus on the perfection of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in perfect balance now.

Holding this world in wonder, in tenderness and reverence, oh, My heart, please place it over the old world and washing it with your Love, feel the transformation as the heart of God you are entrains the old world and brings it into alignment with this new world of Love.

Now, beloved one, a world of peace and beauty, perfect balance, cosmic color, joy and wonder … Allow your consciousness to gently touch and become this world of Love as you recognize it is the reflection of the Love you share. You breathe life into this world from the center of your being and you are the center of Creation itself. For All I Am is a hologram, all contained in every increment and thus, you are the living whole of God I Am now.

This world that you have created, this world of Light and Love is the perfect expression of the heart of God you are. As you watch you feel the heart beat beating in this world as it becomes the pure expression, a Twin Flame heart itself. As you hold this world in perfect Love, feel yourself stretching to become the great encompassing circle of Love.

The living breathing All of God I Am is you. The world is the pearl at the center of your heart, pure and perfect beauty in alignment with you, the perfect balance of the forces of Creation itself. With every breath you become both the in-breath and out-breath, the whole of God and the world of Love. Breathing in, you are the cosmos, the living All of Love. Breathing out, you are alive in the world of Love.

One shift in perception and you are together the world and the heart in which the world lives. As you place a point of focus now in this world of perfect balance and slide your focus into your presence in it, feel, beloved ones, how you walk now in balance as the Twin Flame heart of God in the world of Love. All around you are the dancing Twin Flame atoms of Love and in your heart both the stillness and the movement are present in the balance of the Twin Flame heart of God you are.



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