This Is the Moment When We Take Our Stand

Beloved ones, let Me be with you. Let Me fill every void, complete every space, wash through you and bring you new life every day. As you feel My Love as the truth -- not as something you understand intellectually but something that lives within you, as you live in Me -- then you will have this strength of our Love to keep your heart open when you stand in those moments in your life where the world seems so powerfully real to you.

In every experience of pain -- and any separation from Me is painful – bring forth that remembered feeling and choose instead to believe in Love rather than in the world. Use the power of our connection and the vision, the true vision of your heart, to see through every illusion, no matter how intense the experience.

Every time that you choose what is Real, every time you choose to see through the illusion with your heart, you are doing great service to the world and for the freedom of humanity. The more intense the pain, My dearest ones, the more powerful the choice is, and the more powerful your dedication to humanity’s freedom.

You chose this in every way. As you came as a great stream of Light, your heart opened like great Angel wings, bearing gifts of the realms of the Spirit. You came to stand here in the midst of Earth life, just to make this choice. For every time you choose Love, you choose Me. You choose the Real instead of the world. You free up all of that energy that has been held in the reversal of duality by your choice for Me instead of the world, beloved ones. The energy that has been held in separation, creating the experience of pain, is at last returned to Me, the Source of all life, to be awakened into pure Light once again and delivered back to every human heart as the food of life.

Thus, you come bearing these hearts of Love and you have placed yourselves in the midst of human experience so that every moment of every day you have the opportunity to choose God instead of the world. You have the opportunity to choose life instead of the reversal, to choose Love instead of anti-Love, and to choose the heart rather than the ego.

If you could only see the great relief when this choice is made, then you would understand the power of your daily moments. If anything arises from within you that yet holds a belief in the world of duality, that clings yet to the vision of the ego -- right there is your power. Right there is your purpose. Right there. Everything comes down to that moment and that choice, and every choice is the most important choice ever made.

Everything is part of the hologram and thus, every energy at last released back into freedom releases the whole of the Real of Love I Am. It releases those pockets where My Love has been reversed, where the energy of life is turned upon itself, focused into the identity of the human ego, bringing everything and making it about the little self.

As you already know, the ego mind’s favorite focus is “me,” the little me and its needs and wants and its perceived experience. The nature of the movement of cosmic energy is that it multiplies as it spins around its course. This is what has happened to the world. The life of ego has become wound tighter and tighter, ever focusing in upon itself until it is like a spring completely wound and ready to explode.

Yet every choice for Love, every choice to stand upon that threshold, to experience the reality of the world… oh, yes, up close and personal and right now, right here in the midst of it…every choice to choose the realities of the heart and thus to free that backwards swirling vortex of the small identity and all its needs, releases back into the whole of God all the life, all the Light that has been trapped there.

Choice by choice you affirm the truth of Love and withdraw your great creative energy from the chaos. All that has been held so tightly wound within you, the winding that you have named the subconscious, can, with a great sigh of relief, at last be free to find its place in the true flow of the life I Am and that you are, in reality.

So this day, this hour, this moment, it is your choice. Do you choose the world or do you choose the Real of Love? Do you choose to continue in the experience of the pain, whatever it is…whether it is the pain of feeling or the experience of the body or the pain of a long-held broken heart or the pain of the deep lack of connection…the pain of isolation, of feeling lost…or the pain of the chaotic dream of the ego that tosses you about continually, creating for you ever more experiences of the lack of trust in all this Love I have for you…

The moment that you stand firmly in the experience, right in the moment that is so painful, and choose not the ego dream but rather choose Love and choose the truth and choose to remember this tender Love that I have for you…it is these moments, beloved ones, that really count. This is where it really comes down to it, for you can read and study all you want, and you can feel Me…this is so important…but in the moment of your choice, you build the bridge of Love that frees the world from the backward swirling vortex of duality and the choice for separation.

As you sense the truth of energy, of the amplification of its movement always, then you understand what has happened with the world and why it continues to be more and more chaotic until the cries of despair fill the night and prayers rise to Me incessantly, calling somehow for release, and always, always I Am there.

Yet it is your choice as you stand upon the line, as you stand as humanity’s representatives, as you stand in the midst of the experience and choose God, choose to trust this Love that is never-ending. You choose to trust that I Am totally sufficient, more than sufficient for every need, intimately present within to guide you and open for you the experience of the relief of the energy of reversal -- choice by choice will free your heart. Each choice will open the experience of consciousness, will give you wings to fly unimpeded in the Light and amplify your choice for only Love. All around you by the nature of the hologram, every life finds itself released as choice by choice you firmly claim the Real of God as your reality here and now, right in the midst of the experience delivered to you by the ego.

I must tell you, dearest ones, that it may become more intense briefly before you are released, for the closer that you come to being free, all the energies of the ego mind will seek to hook you back into your belief in duality. But then the moment comes that is the final choice, when all the choices added up equal freedom and suddenly the gift that comes to you is beyond imagining.

So truly I Am here to say to you once again that I Am your only answer. The choice for Love and the choice for this immersion in the great and glorious moment of Creation will bring you quickly to the experience of the heart, the heart of God I Am, which, beloved ones, is you. As you stand firmly in your choice, the Angels support your awakening into Reality and into freedom, into the experience that brings the truth that as you live and become this choice for Love, then nothing in the world can touch you. You exist on a wholly different vibrational scale. You are alive in this pure expanding resonance of the great explosion of endless life and true Reality.

This moment is where you take your stand. This moment is what is powerful, and the most powerful thing that you can do is make this choice for Love’s Reality and not the world’s.

Take your stand and trust Me to be all you need, to bring you life, to bring you Love, to bring you energy, to wrap you in this rich and endless life that shall end for all eternity all separation and wash away the dream of isolation, of loneliness, of longing. It shall open for you the greatest Love beyond your wildest, most heart-felt imaginings and bring to you the riches of God I Am. It shall rain upon you the treasure of Heaven that in the moment when you truly stake your claim and the pocket of your own tightly wound reversed energy is at last freed to become the rain of Light, the food of Love, the riches of the cosmos. In this moment you shall hear the living Spirit speak, “It is done.”

You shall give this gift to others in service that each moment is the choice for freedom, and each choice for the Real of Love, each choice to trust this endless life, each choice to know that I Am sufficient for all things shall bring your freedom, and unwind every pocket, every vortex of the ego that lies within you.

There is no need to focus on the issues, no need to place your powerful attention on old beliefs, no need to wonder at what it is that continues to bring you the old world experiences. Rather, stop and take a stand. Stop and breathe in the power of the moment. Stop and open up your heart to the full access of this great Light and recognize that right in this choice lies everything that you are here for.

As you open and become the Light, your Twin Flame heart transforms the isolation of being or believing you are human. You bathe in the Light in freedom and rejoice at the energies of Love, so long held down, so long reversed, that with great power are unwinding now. That great “swoooosh” of freed energy can power the transformation of a life or the transformation of a world. Your choice!


Peter fox 8th October 2014 5:08 am

Choice made- You God- Thank you!


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