Through the Doorway of the Now Moment

As you are present here in the living Now, alive to the glorious dance of Creation, you are present to the experience of the fullness of every life. So not only are you present throughout the glorious hologram with no barriers between you and All that Is, but you are fully alive, conscious and able to perceive, through the language of vibration, the truth of each living heart. For All That I Am being holographic, every part contains the whole, and therefore every part has a heart, a center that beats with the heart beat of the All of Love and feeds each life this communion of God I Am.

So as you open yourself to the living Now Moment and come out of the dream of the ego mind, oh, beloved ones, you will find that you are totally awakened to the effervescent joyousness, the glory of the living whole. You are awakened to the experience of Real heart perception that lets you sing in harmony with every precious life and feel the truth of each life’s nature, each precious stream of consciousness alive in the All of Love.

As you begin this exciting experience of awakening, oh, beloved ones, you will be amazed at the magic of the living whole. For the first time ever in your life on Earth you will find that you are available to experience another person and the being of God that that person is. The heart sees not in duality. The heart sees only the truth of living Love. So to perceive each person through heart perception, alive in the living Now, is to at last experience the whole life that he/she is and to experience the truth of their nature.

So in the Now Moment when your heart touches another life, you will receive from Me the experience of the precious song of God he/she is. The very perfect and royal gift of their purpose in the living whole will sing to your heart, in your blood, in your atoms, in your consciousness, of the living whole. You will know with every particle of your own great being that each person is the Christ, the living perfection of God, that each one IS an awakened being because the truth has never been asleep.

Therefore, you will at last have the vision that I want for you as you are living here, and you will understand with every fiber of your being that every precious person is perfect, though they may not yet know it. You will no longer perceive the ego dream. You will not be two egos bumping in the night, and you will therefore not be given messages from their ego or yours. Therefore, beloved ones, there will be no judgment. Only the heart experience of God I Am appearing here as each precious person and each pure and holy life. For of course this experience is not only about people, but about nature, about energy, about every stream of life.

As you begin this exciting experience of being awake in the hologram of Love, you might find that experiencing Nature will be an entrance for each of you, because Nature is fully conscious, alive to the continual miracle of life as a living whole, an interwoven core that speaks each moment the expression of Love that is the Moment of Creation itself. In other words, all of life, all together and interwoven, is the chorus, is My voice as I shout “Oh, yes, I Am Love.” It is the orgasmic experience as it wakens every beating cell, every atom, each speck, each electron, each particle, each wave of consciousness into the expression of jubilation and ecstasy that is the ongoing moment itself.

So, my beloved ones, you have just begun to place your toe in the water of the living whole and even now in those moments when you are aligned with life, you are amazed at the living miracle. So just allow yourself to imagine what it shall be as you awaken to your heart and become fully available to the living Now Moment and to the hologram of Love. Let your heart feel the tender miracle of every precious life, and when you look upon another’s face, you truly see the face of God I Am as you see with your heart. The physical makes way for the living spirit, that then communes in glorious union and speaks of Love in an interwoven dance that nothing can ever separate. The dream of separation that has been your life on Earth will be gone in an instant as you awaken to the whole of Love.

I cannot begin to even tell you of the joy that you will find as you live beyond the ego mind, living at last through the heart, because all the belief in loneliness and terrible feelings of isolation that have plagued you all of your lives on Earth will be instantly gone. You will realize, beloved ones, that your feelings of not belonging have not come because you are here on Earth but because you are in the world of the ego mind.

So the moment you come out of the ego mind’s dream and return to the truth of your heart, then this world is returned to Creation and to the hologram of Love. Then, everything becomes truly a symbol of the glorious expression of life. You will see emeralds shining forth instead of leaves, and dancing fairies juggling electrons of light. Everything that seemed so solid, that seemed to keep things separate from one another, you will find is not solid at all but is the blended expression of Love. Beloved ones, you shall also find that once you are present in the Now, then all of Creation is open to you and you are no longer limited to life on Earth as the arena of your experience any more. You will understand that a simple shift in your focal point and in our will, will take you anywhere in the living whole to experience communion with any stream of life.

The world becomes part of the community of the living spirit in the holy Now, and nothing remains solid or separate but is revealed as streams of light, including your bodies, including the Earth itself, including every glorious and precious life. So then it becomes obvious that your Twin Flame is here, fully with you here as well, because your Twin Flame is living light and so is everything that you see. So your old belief in separation and solid no longer keeps your Twin Flame out of your experience of the Now. So it is, beloved ones, that every precious human life, when taken out of the realm of ego mind, is by its nature a Twin Flame light, a living spirit and an expression of the whole of My heart. Every life then is completely available in Love to every other.

So that which you have attempted to imagine with your mind becomes experience, and you discover that the New World is very different from what your ego mind imagined, because you are returning to light, to the comprehension that you are consciousness and Love and that you have no limitations, beloved ones. Physical bodies are simply a symbol for your belief in being limited, in being solid, in being separate.

Beloved ones, as you reclaim your experience of the living Now, you shall also reclaim your true life as the living giving heart of God, as spirit and as the expression of consciousness and Love. Therefore, you will have the choice that all the Masters do, to be blended into the living whole or to step forth as a unique stream of Twin Flame life. You will discover that the experience of ecstasy, of being blended in orgasmic Twin Flame Love and a part of the living pulsing whole is what is natural to you. That is where you will remain most of the time, until something calls you in service to life on Earth at which time you will step forth as an expression of unique and glorious life and bring your vibration into an expression that can be shared – not a physical body but a body of light that can communicate and can serve the awakening of Love in this world.

You will discover that being consciousness and Love is a multi-layered, multi-faceted experience of life that lets you be fully present in the All and expressing here on the Earth with no interruption of your glorious communion, of your awareness of the living breathing whole and certainly no interruption of our communion and your communion with your Twin Flame as well.

Oh, beloved ones, you have no idea how vast and how glorious you are. Even when you have an enlightenment experience you are only tasting the hologram of Love. But as you make the choice, again and again, to step into the living Now, you will open yourselves more and more into the experience of the great hologram of Love that we are. You will also have the experience of being absolutely stunned by the beauty of life and by the magnificence of every other being, and especially other beings you have named “human,” as you begin to experience each of them in communion and through your heart gain perspective on who they are.

So you awaken into a glorious adventure in opening to the great gift of the living whole, and coming at last into the truth of the Now Moment and its revelation of the perfection of every life. Beloved ones, I urge you to rush into this experience so that you can at last truly appreciate each other as magnificent and unlimited expressions of the heart of Love, perfect in every way. Then, if the ego arises and you find yourself pretending that someone else is anything but whole, you will instantly remember, because the vibration is so different from your experience of the hologram of Love. Therefore, you will no longer dwell in the realm of duality where anyone can be anything less than totally perfect, because beloved ones, how could anyone be less than All I Am?

You see the absurdity of the ego and of its realm of separation and judgment and you see that every person is the Buddha, is the Christ, is already perfect as the heart of God I Am, and that it is only and ever a mis-perception to believe otherwise. Therefore you will welcome the truth of your heart and the instant realignment of your experience of Earthly life and the release of all the stories you egos had to tell, including your own story of not belonging, of being separate, because you are part of the living whole of Love.

I welcome you Home, Home to the remembrance, beloved ones, of exactly who and what you are, that from this moment your life will be an experience of indescribable fullness and unlimited Love, and that will be what you always give to others, for you are the heart of God I Am and it is time for heart perception.



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