Timelessness on the Vertical Axis

With every glorious breath that you take you are opening into the Vertical life and the moment that you become centered on the Vertical axis, everything shows itself to you as pure light – as the living shining expression of the movement of Love, consciously radiating pure divine intelligence, unlimited awareness in relationship with you now.

Let yourself feel your heart now connecting to all the magnificent life streams who are present on this axis, present in the Real of Love beyond the dream of time and duality. Feel the great communion that is the essence of life. As your heart rises up in ecstasy and awareness, you begin to deeply sense your heart’s true reality and the deep and powerful reverence with which your heart ever lives as you take each step in freedom from the Real of Love.

In this place of timelessness in the Now Moment, your heart regains its assurance of its home in Me. As you feel this expanding awareness of this sweet and powerful communion between us, you also become aware of the truth of your Twin Flame, and most of all, dearest ones, you recognize that living the Vertical frees you from the dream of duality and from time and space and gives to you the riches that are My living kingdom and washes it through your being as the Love I Am.

Beloved ones, it is so important to recognize that your freedom lies in coming to this center point where time does not exist. The only way to do this is to live beyond the ego mind because the ego mind is the creator of time and duality, of Love and something else – though Love is all there is. But what I want you to know is that it is very easy to have this Real experience of living the Now Moment, the Moment of Creation itself, and becoming the veritable conscious heart of God, that nothing can be denied.

You are the glorious conduit for the codes of light and Love that are meant to turn the key within your heart and bring you the released countenance, free to be unlimited and free, beloved ones. For the moment you are living on the Vertical axis, the whole of all Creation can now flow right through you. To be present here, beloved ones, as the explosion of living Love, oh, surely you can remember the glory that this is.

Your precious hearts are overflowing with devotion, with all that you give, and then, you are ready to become the Twin Flame heart that holds the Love I have to give. The deepest Love, oh beloveds, the most expanded of all consciousness prepares you now to be the bridge to the heart of God I Am.

I Am That I Am. I Am lifting you in My Love and I Am showing you your deep propensity to turn to Me again and again. Truly that you name Ascension which many think of when they think of Jesus, beloved ones, it is only learning to live the Vertical. I Am That I Am, and the communion of hearts is so deep and so rich.

The Now Moment is your doorway into feeling the truth of your being, into accepting the New World in one great shift. Drink in this beauty, beloved ones, the beauty that is all around you. Feel your breath speak of My endless Love and then, beloved ones, let Me give it to you. Let Me open your heart until it is wider than the Heavens and let Me pour for you this great River of living Life and Love.

Remember – because all is a hologram, you are in total and complete communion with every stream of life. Every moment that you spend reaching up for Me and touching the pure moments of Creation itself is a moment that brings you alignment with this, the never-ending explosion of living Love. Even small moments can transform everything. Come and remember this one and let every breath be a Vertical one that we may be Real Love as one and together in this sweet and glorious communion.


Jos 15th June 2008 8:43 pm

One can only learn, know experience timelessness from suffering time, one can only but through Jesus Christ enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The ego is a product of text and education through exposure to peers and influence of people whom are not worthy nor have any right or ability to do except as God commands. These words are from the mind of a person whom did not channel THE true and ONLY God, as is evident by it's contents as it professes and asks us to deny what we are through thought and meditation, to go to a place of illusion (hologram), rather than to a place of TRUTH. There is also no glory greater than GOD himself.


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