Transcendent Safety: Living in the New World Energy

Beloved, beautiful heart of God, open yourself to Me. Let My heart be that which flows through you unceasingly. Let it be that which fills your heart, your life, your being and washes through you to bless the world. Let it help you to recognize. through heart perception. that everything you see is Me, in all my many expressions standing right before you as the world and living all around you as the cosmos.

Most of all, I am fully alive in your heart. You come at last back Home to Me and into right relationship. You receive My Love and let it fill you up and bring you your true nourishment -- washing through your being and cleansing your heart of the old delusions of a world of pain and suffering and fear.

As you do this and you regain your part in the true flow of life, you begin to leave the sub-creation of the ego mind behind. You step into the new life founded in the Real of Love. This life is anchored up into the living cosmos and takes its identity from Me. Then you recognize a New World in which you are living in the glory of Creation that temporarily is expressed through the language of the symbols of human life and of the world that supports it.

Very quickly you will begin to recognize two distinct realities. One is the old world that is the creation of the ego. This world is based on separation from all things and is built on the premise of fear and time that supports it. The second: you will begin to find yourself experiencing that which you are here to build -- a world of peace and plenty in which your safety is in Me.

You will begin to recognize, beloved ones, just how deeply the ego rules by fear and how it uses fear of the future to keep you separate and desperate and ever unbalanced, waiting "for the next shoe to drop." The ego has orchestrated a reality in which there is no safety because every possibility of separation from Love can come into your reality in any moment. Thus, the world to which you are accustomed is a world in which you never know what will occur, but always it is separation from Love.

But as your heart becomes transparent and this Love becomes your life, you are the infusion of spirit and the transparent heart that gives it. Then you begin to live in joy and in the great exciting expectation of the next great Good that is coming to you directly from Me the next moment.

Rather than living in trepidation, you begin to live in expectancy, the expectancy of joy. You live with the constant feeling of gratitude and the exaltation of spirit that lets you know you are at last in your rightful place as the open heart of God, ever being My extension. The living voice of the spirit speaks and lives through you.

What I want to give you now as you claim this new territory and recognize that you have stepped into a whole new world on your path is the expectancy of ever greater good that comes from bathing in My presence. Feeding your heart with this communion, you may be that living conduit through which My Love infuses the world. You come to know this experience because you let Me bathe your heart and you turn to Me for your identity, rather than to the ego. You find growing trust in good and joy and wonder. You begin to feel at that deepest level where all Creation begins that your safety comes from your transcendent Love with Me. You are safe in this Love in which I bathe you, day and night, night and day, and with which I fill your consciousness and overflow your heart.

This sense of Love enfolding you and bathing you in My loving presence releases you from the dream of fear and the agony of waiting for the ego's manipulation, waiting for the next shoe to drop, waiting to see which of those fears will manifest now. Your security, your safety is the New World safety that comes from your Love with Me.

While many of you would profess that you know this and have no problem, I know, beloved ones, your deepest hearts and the fear that still inhabits them. I know that as I call you to lift up your experience that you become the open heart of Love that everything will change. The world you live in will be unrecognizable from the world that you inhabited even six months ago.

The effervescent joy of the living spirit and the glorious and limitless abundance that I Am provides for you. The sweet tender atmosphere of endless Love and giving comes from knowing that every day you are the conduit of Love, the heart of God. You recognize My presence as everything and let God I Am in you, as you. You speak and relate to the glorious and luminous display of Me in all My facets. I Am what you see. I Am what you feel. I Am what you love and I Am your transcendent safety as you are anchored up into the Real of Love. I become your life.

I Am the truth of your heart and I Am bathing it in this transcendent and endless glory. I Am the effervescent life force that is the food that I feed you. I Am the breath of the living spirit that you breathe and I Am the beating heart that shares this glory. I Am the Twin flame reflection of perfect Love and destiny that is the amplification, the multiplication, the glorious expression of this endless and perfect Love now.

So there comes a time when you must choose the path of trust and Real safety. You must place your life and your heart in My keeping. You must let go completely of the old world paradigm, of the secret whispered voices in the night that are the ego and the dreams of falling on your face, so to speak. These come from the way that the ego has continually pulled the rug out from under you. All the stories of your lives, dearest ones, and many of them have been the deepest agony must come to an end. They only can when you come back to My presence as a babe in the arms of its mother.

You must trust Me to give you, that child, the purest life and the deepest Love in everything as you trust a mother. Trust, be it the food of the living spirit, the identity that comes from breathing in the unconditional positive regard that the child sees in the mother's eyes. Real Love is endless and unconditional and becomes the most important focus in one's life until it is that which is the identity as well as the assurance that all is perfect in Love's generous domain.

As I hold this out for you, dear ones, it will become ever more clear to you that you are on the point of the decision of transformation. There is now a clear delineation between the New World energy your hearts have built and the old world that has been constructed by the little mind and ego. Every moment that you now spend in the New World identity drinking in your life and building that transcendent trust and safety - that moment will do everything for creating the world's future as the world of only Love that you know you are here to bring. More than all the spiritual books and exercises and discussions and images and emails, swapping ideas. Deep underneath all of this there still resides that lack of safety that comes from skating on the thin ice of the ego's domain.

It may take some time, My beloved ones, to truly let this Love in and to let it become truly the most important thing in your life. It is more important than any relationship presented in the world of human beings. It is more important than ideas of a world that needs saving. In that idea itself, duality is born again.

So I Am calling you to a new safety in Me, a new experience of who you are as My living heart, the heart of God I Am and the great and endless circle of life. You are the center that will lift you up as I bathe you with the pure Love and bathe your heart. My presence is closer than your heart beat or the air you breathe.

Your choice to open to this true safety comes from taking your identity from Me. It comes from feeling its transcendence, feeling the safety of living in this endless presence and allowing this Love to become that which lives and moves and has its being in you.

The difference in your experience and the world that you are creating will be so obvious that you truly can't ignore it. You will instantly know when you have forgotten and fallen back into the old world of duality because suddenly that sense of being held in endless safety and Love will disappear as the old world view comes back to claim you.

Suddenly you will see all the possibilities of fear and fear-inducing situations and the endless scenarios the ego mind creates to keep you turned away from me. It keeps you focused on a world that is separate from Love with a thousand possibilities every moment for finding yourselves dealing with lack or limitation or the sudden disappearance of Love. Your world can change instantly as the ego mind manipulates your dream to keep your separate from everything that reminds you of Home.

Or, you can experience the ecstasy of holding the Light so clearly that you lose all identity except that extension of joy. Every heart beat and every breath comes from your living center and speaks through you as the voice of Love moving and the heart of Love reaching in service, in giving.

Knowing that this is right relationship, everything else comes forth from it. Your life becomes an endless unfoldment of good. Out of this, beloved ones, the Love I Am can move you to live as you, to speak as you, to bring you to your destiny. It can bring you to be the path of Light upon which you step. It can bring you to lead you to humanity so that voice of Love can speak through you to every precious one and Love can be extended, multiplied, amplified more and more Love become the truth of the world.

It is out of your shift in your anchor, where you place your focus, that will come the world you live in. That which lives through you for humanity brings forth the new energy or the old. I Am asking you to feel the difference and to be ruthlessly honest. Please acknowledge the places where you have been hiding those old voices of fear. Acknowledge where the ego has maintained control and given you that old identity as a human being, subject to the happenings of the world.

When you truly admit them, then, you can transform them. You can bring them to Me and say to Me, "God, look what lives in my heart. God, I ask you to please bathe this heart in your Love that I might live in gratitude and in communion every day, communion with you."

Choose the New World attitudes. Choose Me as your anchor. Choose Me, choose Love, beloved ones, as the center of your world. Let Me be the source of your identity, your nourishment. Let Me provide for you the true safety of Reality, the Real of Love as the platform upon which you live and extend your life.

Any time your ego mind begins to take you from the center and to show you those scenarios of the old world identity, move yourself back into the feeling realm of God. Then extend this Love in everything, even paying your bills. Living from the spirit doesn't mean that you ignore your life in the world or that you don't mind your finances or deal with your relationships. It means rather that you allow this truth and this transcendent safety to be that platform from which you daily live your life. This infuses every experience with the truth of where you place your focus and what you feel.

What you feel is so important because it sets the vibration and brings the magnetic signature of your heart into play. You already understand entrainment. Now you must entrain yourself so that soon you are the transparent heart of God I Am fully and every moment is your extension of this Love in giving. You will reach out boldly from the safety of the New World energy and give.

You will give Love as the heart of God extending and recognizing itself in every other. You will give that sense of joy that truly is contagious and most of all, beloved ones, you will give that safety that all that you touch is magnetized back to the center to come truly into alignment with the Moment of Creation. In this way, all that Love and Light and all that passionate energy, all that life that is the movement of the masculine and the feminine begins to move itself in you. It also moves through you as the Twin Flame heart that is your truth, your true Reality. This sets the feeling tone for your Real life in Me forever.

Come now. Let Me bathe you in My presence. Let Me bathe you in this Love that is so tender. As you breathe Me in, let Me show you this great Light that will light up your consciousness, blast open your heart and reveal the truth that you are. You are this exploding heart of joy, the pumping heart of God, the living center of All That Is multiplying this Love I give you and pouring it forth from your heart. Every life will be blessed by Me through you. This energy of Love becomes the Reality in which more and more of humanity enter and live.

Breath by breath accepting My Love. Hearts open in wonder. Accepting this communion as that from which you take your life. In Me you learn to love all things as I do. You learn to be this endless transparent heart eternally, beating in perfect rhythm to the Moment of Creation itself and bathing every human being in this safety and perfect Love.



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