True Abundance

As you enter this year, you have the opportunity to truly step through a new opening in the veil of time. This opening is calling to you now, lifting and attuning your heart. It brings with it the memories of Home and of our tender and intimate Love, the communion of life that we share eternally.

This is a year that brings a great influx of Light and a refinement of the vibration of the world. However, to return through the opening into the experience of ecstasy and to bring this experience into your life is going to take decisions and true unwavering dedication. Beloved ones, just as with the riches of the Earth, if a person were to inherit a gold mine, literally, the gold would be useless if it stayed locked in the Earth. It is only when the effort and the concentration is applied, only when the hand reaches out to take the gold that it is truly yours. This is exactly the situation with the limitless riches of life in the Real and all the abundance of this life that I eternally provide for you.

It is time, dear ones, to reach out and take it. It is time to open your hands, place them together that they might hold all of the gold of the living spirit which I pour to you continually, but which is closer now than it has ever been before. Yet, for those of you who are finding that your experience does not coincide with this statement, what I must tell you now is this. I need examples of the awareness of the power of the living Twin Flame heart to take the pure electrons of life and the gold of the living ocean of Love and to bring them forth through the heart as a blessing for all my children, including for yourself.

Only when you can reach for this treasure and claim it for yourself can you truly be the example of understanding "I Am Your Source." I Am the source of life and all abundance and it is truly limitless. It is yours but you must claim it. You must do the work to excavate the gold from the mine of the spirit you have inherited from me.

I need examples of bringing the riches of the spirit into the world so that my children may understand that at last the end of suffering is here. You might find that these riches seem to be denied. You need to focus this truth of limitless freedom and endless glorious abundance through your own heart and into the world to truly be supported in your service, in your Love - so that in every step you might walk on the streets of gold and dance on an Earth filled only with beauty - and so that you might be the heart of Love I Am that brings forth the riches of the Light and makes from it Heaven on Earth.

Therefore, listen when I say to you that I Am the substance of Creation and I Am your divine and eternal loving parent. All I want is for you to be that which focuses the riches, that which focuses the Love through the vortex of your open heart into the world. This moment let your heart truly open and let your consciousness fly free in the spirit, in my presence until it expands in its limitless true nature and you truly experience that I Am abundant life and I Am yours.

I Am yours as your divine parent. I Am yours as that from which you inherit everything I Am. I Am yours as the substance of life itself, the sparkling, dancing, luminous, limitless, glorious, ever-present life that is the substance of Love and consciousness, waiting for you. It is waiting for you to be that which focuses the Light, which brings forth the Love and multiplies it in your heart and directs it to the world to gift every human being. In the gifting, you gift yourself.

To do this you must comprehend at the deepest levels of your being that you are not a limited human. Your inheritance is not through your parents in the world and has nothing to do with physical reality, with physical genetics and DNA. Your truth is as the living heart of God, the limitless substance of Love, the powerful electrons of Light that, brought forth in your Twin Flame heart, are truly the explosion of life waiting for you, waiting for you to accord it, to concur and to bring to it your focus and your Love.

That which you love, you bless. Let Me say this to you again. That which you love, you bless. This will show you one of the greatest difficulties that you have with money. For beloveds, you don't love it. You are perhaps in awe of it. You wrestle with it. You are disgusted by it. You feel that it isn't spiritual. Part of you wants to reject it and to walk away, taking vows of poverty. And yet, that other part longs to be free, to find the freedom that true abundance brings in this world and everywhere.

Yet this love/hate relationship or a relationship of no Love at all is not the kind of relationship that allows you to manifest, that allows you to use your heart as it is meant to function and your consciousness as that which focuses the stream of Love through your heart. That is the cycle of Creation. Love pours through your open heart unimpeded and your consciousness connects with that stream of endless Love and brings to it the focus of the Creator - that which I Am in you.

Thus and only thus can you feel the energy in right alignment with the living truth and freedom that is your inheritance and your inherent nature, and is waiting simply for you to claim it.

So the first step for many of you is to delve deeply into your consciousness and into your relationship with the sub-creation of the ego and discover your true relationship with abundance and especially, beloved ones, with money. Lift it up in My presence in your times of deepest meditation until you genuinely can feel what it is made of, that it is simply the coalescence of the energy of life. It is that from which I feed you every moment that it may ever bring forth your perfection, your nourishment and the freedom to manifest perfect joy and to fulfill your commitment of service to Love everywhere and anywhere that you focus instantly.

Only when you truly can feel My abundance and the limitless freedom that is your inheritance, freedom that comes from knowing with every atom, that I feed you life, care for you, provide for you and give you everything that you need to reach out and accept the gold of the living spirit of Shekinah, the feminine, and the power of concentration or focus that is the masculine, the great movement. Combined, they are the mating of movement and stillness, of masculine and feminine. They are the explosive ecstasy of the Twin Flame heart as a catalyst for the treasure I Am.

Once you have experienced true freedom that comes from being nourished by me directly, then you can bring this experience into your life as your experience with money and with every symbol of opulence and freedom in the world. You, then, as the creative heart and consciousness of All I Am, the Twin Flame conduit of grace, can bring forth everything that you choose as symbols of My abundant care and Love for you.

So come into this communion and drink of it. Drink in the Light, beloved ones, and bathe in the power of your own true nature as the great Twin Flame heart of God I Am and let your heart be that which brings the Love through the vortex of your heart into the world and is the catalyst of freedom.

I do remind you that not only must you love that which you use to create but that this experience of being the creative energy of God I Am is to be born of the living spirit, to be born out of the world of duality and into the endless expanse of grace that is the pulsing never-ending provision of the living heart of all Creation that is within Me and is "en-conscious-ed" in you.

This year brings the opening for this experience. In the eyes of the spirit it is as a triangle with an opening in the realm of duality that is like the narrow gate of which Jesus spoke. Once through the gate, it opens into vastness like a great funnel winging you back to the Real of Love. Once in the Real, your heart is the entrainment for your heart in the world in your life on Earth and that which is the conduit for the energies of Creation.

Let Me bring you into life unlimited and bathe your consciousness in limitless freedom, and let Me be that which calls your heart and makes of your heart that living conduit of the Love I Am. Let Me come close. Let Me fill you. As I fill you, feel the expansion. Feel the Light break you out of the prison of duality and free you from the limitation of the ego. Feel the wings of your winged spiritual heart lifting you - at last - into limitlessness, limitless Love and joy - most of all, limitless abundance. Everywhere you look there is plenty, more than enough for you. There is more than enough for your heart to multiply and focus that humanity might be free.

How does it feel to be truly free? To be free in limitless ways? How does it feel to rise into the spirit and to be the truth that I Am everything you need. Everything you love to experience, beloved ones, that is Me. There is more, always more, eternally. Love is always more and what you love, you multiply. Light is always more. It is growing and growing. Life is always more. It is more glorious joy and blessings. The heart of God is always more, giving. That heart, beloved ones, is yours. It is yours to reach up and claim. It is yours to use as the living conduit for My abundance.

The biggest need is for you to love -- to love Me, and to love abundant freedom. Once the freedom is felt and reclaimed, then you love the great surge of Light that flows through you and focus the beam of the substance of life through your heart and become the dawning of Creation on Earth. Know with your heart and with your being that you are limitless freedom and that freedom can only come when you recognize that you need only to reach up and accept that I Am the Source of your supply and I supply everything that you need for life.

You need only to live in gratitude, to cherish it, to drink of the energy I provide for you, and flinging open both mind, heart and hand to rush into the world in blessing as truly the presence of My Love and My giving. In this flow of grace, there is receiving and there is giving but what you must truly comprehend and experience is that you are the conduit through which this comes, and every bit of this blessing, this abundant life is yours to reach out and claim as it flows through you.

I repeat, it is yours to reach out and claim as it flows through you, My beloved ones, My glorious eternal and open heart. I Am Your Abundance. So truly, to understand Real abundance, you must do as the Masters have said and reach up until you can feel true freedom, true freedom from even the concept of need. It is freedom to be continually washed in the abundance of God I Am and to know that your heart is not only the conduit but you are the movement and I Am the Will, and you are that through which I focus the endless abundance I Am.

You are meant to live in riches, the riches of the living spirit. You are meant to be the recipient of my opulence, because it is, dearest ones, what I Am, and thus, is as natural to you as the living breath of Creation that you breathe continually. If you feel Me and you feel this freedom, then you know that I Am the riches of eternity. I Am the plenty of the living spirit. I Am the cornucopia of all created life. I Am that through which true freedom comes.

The moment you accept this and you love it, you are blessed. Then, anything you focus on and love, you bring forth. That power and that freedom, of All That I Am comes to gift you, as you reach out your hands of the spirit and accept. Then, you reach forth your hands of life and give. Loving Me each moment with true devotion, you are at last the circle of life.

To do this requires releasing every bit of your focus from the false world, from the world of lack and struggle, from the world that contains so much that is erroneous in relation to the concepts of money, abundance and freedom. You must pull your focus away from any thought or feeling of lack. Bring yourself back to the fount of life and to the experience of wholeness, perfection and the endless riches of God and stay there.

Just as it says in Scripture, you cannot serve both the world and the spirit. The world says that lack is part of life and that riches are for only a few. But I say, I Am the heart of Love that is endless and you are that Love's recipient. That Love and the Light of consciousness are the ingredients for the abundance of God and that is your true inheritance. You cannot focus on both things and manifest your freedom and abundant life in Me.

So let this year be the year of true riches. Make the commitment to remember your true inheritance and claim your identity as a child of God and not a child of the limited world



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