True Faith: The Heart’s Reality In These Times

Beloved ones, I Am here, closer than the very breath you breathe. I Am deeper than your greatest Love, higher than your highest vision. I Am more Real than anything that you see before you are the world.

Have faith in Me. Have faith in Me as the center of your universe. Have faith in Me as the true power of your life. Have faith in Me as the true miracle that can clear your vision of everything that is false, and assist you, beloved hearts, to soar free.

You are living in a time where the world trembles and fear washes through the consensual dream. You are rocked by all the feelings swirling toward you from everyone around you, from all the media, from report after report of desperation, dire circumstance and lack. How do you have faith in Me when you are walking through this world situation?

Having faith in Me is allowing Me to be the center of your life and to place more value on what the heart sees and feels than what you see with your two eyes as the world. For you already know that the world is a chimera, an illusion, a dream of consciousness making choice after choice to believe in separation. So it is time for you to answer the call of faith, to leave behind placing value on the illusion and making the choice for Love.

Yet, dearest ones, I know this is not easy. Each of you has lived deeply in this dream and has taken into your own energy body many heart's beliefs from your experiences that make what is happening now seem only too real and bound to affect you.

You have heard again and again that having faith is to believe in things unseen. But I say to you, having faith is to believe in things heart-felt, for what is Real is not illusory. It is available, more available than your very next breath, but you must choose it. Will you? For I can tell you this also - what you see and you experience in this world is a play of your own consciousness. It is the experience out before you of your own heart and what you have taken into your heart to believe.

Thus, beloved ones, times such as these are a great gift for you have called to Me and made your commitment to serve the Light. You have given your heart upon the altar of true Love. So you have called to yourself those things which now must be transformed within yourself. Transformed so that you might step free and open your heart to be the conduit for the world that we are bringing that is only the symbols of Love. The world of Love is a world beyond the illusion of lack and suffering, a world close to the Reality of God I Am, a world that is the expression of your true heart and not the expression of the ego and its duality.

Therefore, recognize the two prongs of this transformation that is upon you as the fires of transformation sweep the world. If you but recognize that all of this is the transformation of human consciousness, then you can step into the midst of what is swirling around you and hold the faith in the true reality of only Love, the truth of God, the holy life of great abundance that resides always within your heart and comes to you each moment from Me.

Living from the heart and feeling the truth that you find there, the vibration of great Love and freedom, will send out before you the pure vibration of All I Am as it flows through your open hearts and creates a world of joy and beauty. As you do this, the second prong of transformation is to be aware of what your eyes see, of what comes into your space as your reality. Every bit of it is a clear message, a reflection of your heart's false beliefs. Every old belief comes before you now for transformation, to be acknowledged and released to Me, as you recognize that nothing belongs to the ego. Everything belongs to Me and you are My heart.

All the things that lodge within you as your anguish, fear and dreams of lack come from the ego convincing you that it has been ill-served by life, that you have been hurt, distressed, etc. Around these things you can feel contraction, old emotions still attached after all these years.

But when you give your life to Me and truly mean it, then you recognize the ego for what it is. All the things it carries as its list of grievances are simply a false identity to which it seeks to cling. This is creating for you a world of duality in which something other than Love is possible. When you recognize that your heart is Mine and I Am only Love and you allow Love to lift the ego's grievances from the vantage point of Love, you will see in every situation the heart of God in service to the world. It is the heart of God that you are, present in the ego's dream to bring release to all that binds humanity.

And now, knowing your true purpose and that nothing was "yours," but rather chosen to transform for Me, then at last you can fulfill your mission. You can do this now in this eternal moment for time does not exist in the realms of Love. You can make a new choice to see that nothing was personal, that every moment was meant for the heart of Love to see it truly that it might be lifted up from the ego's dream to true Reality.

Thus, beloved ones, whatever you see here before you is yet this same opportunity. And now you have all of your years of experience, all your choices to believe in the ego's world. Such a gift! For now when you remember the heart's true reality, when you walk any moment with the heart's faith, you lift every resonance of the world of duality that you've experience for everyone else. For by the laws of vibration and unity, nothing else is possible. Isn't this wonderful?

And just think of all those whose hearts are attuned to the Light, who feel this vibration of Love, using every experience. Those of the spectrum of the consensus Earth dream shall be transformed as each of you transform your own.

So precious hearts, My very own, feel the true Reality of Love and walk right through the illusion feeling joy which draws to you more of what you really are. And be this powerful choice for Love, transforming all fears that appear as your life, all beliefs of pain and lack, that Love may have its way with you and Love's true reflection may appear for you as life in a reclaimed Eden.



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