Unconditional Joy

We have spoken often about unconditional Love but today, dearest ones, I speak to you about unconditional joy, and I would like to ask you to let this phrase touch your heart and elicit the feeling of joy that is totally unrelated to anything in your personal life – joy that is huge and magnificent, that is truly the movement of Love and sings through your being easily in ecstasy every Now Moment always.

I want you to deeply take within this awareness of joy without limits and hold it in your heart, let it speak to you and let it begin to show you where Love isn’t moving, where joy is constricted in your life. Whenever you find yourself believing that you cannot be joyful without a change, then you must recognize that that is the wily trick of the little mind and ego, keeping you away from your very own true nature and keeping you locked into duality, into the illusion of negativity, the illusion of loss and strife.

But just as I have said to you about Love, dearest ones, you must come to make deeply the decision to practice joy without limits, to choose joy no matter what is playing before you on the screen of the movie of the illusory life of the world – to choose joy in your hearts, in your spirits even when facing seemingly insurmountable odds in the world. No matter what the illusion places before you, I ask you now, beloved ones, to choose joy because every such choice aligns you vibrationally with the truth and brings the unity of all into focus easily and with great relief.

The world is a trick of lighting – the creation of separation itself and yet, the sole purpose of the illusion of a separate identity to the ego is to keep you cut off from the whole and from the movement of Love that is joy expressed every Now Moment always. To believe in joy without any cause is a very profound decision. To believe in Love and its movement that can be stopped by nothing is automatically to believe in joy. Joy is the feeling of God I Am as the living hologram and joy, beloved ones, all of you, joy is your natural state.

Everything else can fall away now but the deep inherent choosing of joy that you may be free as I Am, as the living spirit, and free to recognize that the gift of the old world has been to assist you in truly seeing the illusion for what it is right now and using the illusion itself as a stepping stone for learning unconditional joy. Nothing can drive away the feelings of joy as long as you and I are deeply connected because the illusion is just that. It is all smoke and mirrors and it cannot interfere with what is Real – with the movement of Love and its expression as its resonance moves through your heart as joy and only joy and nothing else. The ecstasy of living Love, expressed.

So you must see, dearest ones, every opportunity that the old world has presented you with and one of the greatest of these is your choice to be the living expression of Love and the constant expression of joy. To live unconditional joy means to truly find the riches in each Now Moment and to let those riches nourish you continually in every Now Moment – no matter what the world places before you.

I ask you to take it deep within you, this recognition of the Vertical life as the movement of Love and its expression in feeling as true unconditional joy. I ask you each to make a commitment to live unconditional joy and to allow nothing in the old world illusion to take this joy away from you. I realize this won’t be easy. I realize that it may be a process but I want you to understand the resonance of unconditional joy within your heart and to know that no matter what the illusory presents to you, you can step back and return to the Vertical, accept the movement of Love through your heart and allow Love’s resonance to return you, beloved one, to truly unconditional joy.

When you live unconditional joy, it means that nothing can take this joy from you. You live in your heart in the Real and the illusion is fading from your view because the resonance of joy is so powerful that nothing can penetrate it, nothing can come close to you that is made from anti-Love. While there is yet for some of you a belief in the old world energies of anti-Love, there is still a seed that I have planted within you of unconditional joy, unity and wholeness, and the awareness that every choice is yours each time the illusion touches in, and that I Am supporting you in choosing the experience of unconditional joy and limitless Love.

As you already know by the law of resonance, the more you choose joy and truly experience it, the more its resonance goes forth from you to bring more joy into your life each moment. As you live this, as you feel it – the vibration will thaw those places left in your heart that believe you cannot have perfection, that there is no such thing as Heaven on Earth. As that belief in duality fades from view, joy becomes your only experience. As you shift from the ego to the realms of the heart, joy sings out your name and you become truly the fountain that nourishes a thirsty world, a world once based on separation from eternal good, from limitless Love and unconditional joy.

But this world is passing right now as we are here in this beautiful communion, and it is passing, dearest ones, because you have learned that you can choose joy as your experience no matter what is happening in your world.

Unconditional joy – let this deeply sink in, beloved ones, and make the choice. Say “Yes” to becoming unimpeded and watch joy unfreezing your frozen heart. When that is unfrozen sufficiently, unfreezing all of humanity as well. Joy without limits, no matter what, no matter what the illusion has placed before you, and every choice for joy without limits brings the New World into view.

It might take a deep commitment to uphold even the concept of joy truly unconditional and without limits as the expression of the Love in your life. Ah, but soon, as you begin to truly feel it and to recognize its source is Me, and that this joy comes from our deep and beautiful communion, then all the old world loses its potency and the truth comes clearly into view. Whatever you gaze upon with your heart reveals the structure of its atoms, speaks to you of its electrons of living light. You find yourself remembering. This resonance can free you from all belief in something outside of you having power over your life.

You are My Love expressing and thus as you move through your life, you create it – more joy, as vibration, as communication. It emanates from you like an aura that any person, any being, any animal that comes into the presence of your heart will find themselves inundated by the River of Life and the electrons of living light will enter you and speak deep in the heart of your being of this resonance of pure joy.

You can always find things to be joyful about even if as yet the illusion still plays. I Am seeing through your hearts and you are beauty. I Am opening your consciousness each Now until all you perceive is the beauty and all you know is the inner resonance of pure and unconditional joy.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You tonight and say “Yes” to our communion with You, to living limitless Love and unconditional joy. Thank You, God, for all the miracles that are appearing in our lives. Thank You for this amazing time of transformation. We ask that You use this heart that we create together to bring this transformation, this time of Love and miracles to every precious heart on this planet. Every heart, every life. Thank You for the honor of serving here and thank You God for our spirit family.

I ask You, God, to use my voice, my life, my heart as the vehicle for this experience tonight, and let this Twin Flame heart that I share with Doug always be a pure conduit for Your Love. Amen.

Let us begin by joining our hearts together. Open your heart, feel it expanding and feel yourselves shifting your perception to your heart. As you feel this heightened awareness of heart perception, reach out with your heart and touch each other. Feel each person’s beautiful heart connecting with yours until we form a vibrant circle of light and Love with the energy and vibrations pure and high and clear. Feel the energy of the Moment of Creation now pouring through this vortex that we create together as our shared heart. As you feel it pouring through this shared heart, your heart can perceive it being amplified by all of us as we set our intention now to always amplify God’s Love.

Together we can experience it as it touches the Earth and we can feel the vibration rising everywhere on the planet. Let your heart perceive the shift in vibration, awareness and openness that this Love pouring in right now creates in the world.

And now, beloved ones, you become this Love as you allow yourselves to expand into even greater awareness, and as together as this pulsing Love, we pour upon this thirsty world and your heart registers the miracle of this incoming light – as your heart registers as the Love touches and merges with every life on Earth, your heart now shows you the experience through divine feelings of hearts opening all over the world.

Can you feel, beloved ones, the joy in your heart as these hearts open? Feel the joy you experience as this Love pours through you. Because you are perceiving as the heart of God I Am, I ask you now to place your focus in the center of your own heart, knowing this connection, feeling it through your heart’s perception as a living breathing functioning shared experience of Love.

Your focus now can amplify your own heart’s ability to multiply this Love in your own Twin Flame womb and pour it forth again and again and again into the world. Now, beloved ones, as you take this breath, let it be the breath of living Love and breathe into your heart the pure elixir of life.

So from this Moment of Creation, take this deep breath in and let My Love fill your truly amazing heart. With the out-breath you truly become the giving heart of God I Am. Now you breathe in pure Love and breathe out the miracle of transformation and joy. Breathing in pure light into the center of your heart. Breathing out the very highest of Creation itself. Breathing in pure Love into the center of your heart. It ignites and you breathe out the fires of Creation itself.

As you breathe in pure Love, and you feel the ignition, you feel the flames of life burning joyfully in your heart. These flames now amplify each spark of life I Am and the sparks become living flames, pouring out to ignite the heart of every precious one in the world. You breathe in the pure elixir of life itself and feel the joy of it ignite the flame of light in your Twin Flame heart. You breathe out millions of sparks that now ignite into flames of light and ignite the flame of awakening joy in millions and millions of hearts.

Now beloved ones, with your heart perception, reach to the Earth and feel these flames now ignited in all these precious hearts and with each breath now, we amplify these flames of living Love breathing in the elixir of life and breathing out the joy of Creation, and amplifying the flame of Love in every precious heart.

Breathing in perfect Love, feeling its amplification, and breathing it out to fan the flames in all the hearts on Earth. As you breathe in now, beloved ones, please turn your focus now within and feel the glorious gateway that is your Twin Flame heart. Let your focus softly shift into your precious heart and feel your heart welcoming you to the realms of pure joy. As you feel your heart, dearest ones, each of you, so silent, let your heart speak to you of the Love of which it is made.

Now I open your heart and lift you into the Real of Love. Lifting you up and opening you to receive this gift I give you of life itself. As you open your heart to Me, I draw you closer and closer into this ecstatic communion – heart of God and Creator – beating, loving as one. As you feel this union, dearest one, I open your heart further and bring you into the miracle of the Moment of Creation itself. As you feel the great explosion of consciousness and ecstasy, the light of God I Am is amplified in you. Your heart now reveals itself in all of its glory and you feel with divine feeling perfectly now.

The great wave of pure joy and pure ecstatic Love is pouring now into your heart in resonance completely with the highest purest vibration of Creation itself. As this Love pulses through your heart, your consciousness expands and you can see and feel your heart revealed to you completely. Feel the waves of pure Love and the great rays of luminous light as they sing the Moment of Creation into your own glorious heart, weaving them perfectly and uniquely into the heart that you are.

Luminous, glorious, continually moving, every atom now making Love. The great rays of light that are your Twin Flame Love are weaving together in ever more joy as you follow the amplification of Love as it becomes your heart and expands your ability to feel divine feelings. Oh, beloved one, each of you feels it as the Love I Am in All I Am. Everything I Am at once now poured through your great Twin Flame heart.

As this Love pours through your heart, every electron creates pure joy. Stream after stream of electrons now create singing joy in your heart. Can you feel every atom of your heart, dearest ones, vibrating in the ecstasy of Love? And with every wave, every living pulse, the Love extends and amplifies the great rays of luminous energy that are your heart.

Your heart is as great as the cosmos itself and all Creation lives within it. You can feel the holy resonance of the All coming to life in shimmering joy, in ecstasy, in this Now Moment. This tremoring pulsing ecstatic Love plays its notes on your Twin Flame heart as it pours through your heart to be amplified and given forth again and again. What I want you to feel is this singing ringing joy that comes when the Love pours through you. Feel, dearest ones, how every atom in your heart responds and how every atom knows itself as well.

Now, beloved ones, each of you, feel this Love come pouring in and feel it touching you in new amazing ways, bringing you deeper and deeper communion with this Love I give to you, this Love that is your heart reflected now before you in your Twin Flame union. Feel, dearest ones, the resonance. Feel this vibration of living light, of glorious Love and let your consciousness be inundated by the joy that it brings.

The vibration of this song of joy is rising, rising higher and higher until you feel you could explode from the ecstasy of it and still, dearest ones, there is more. Open to receive this joy. Open to receive this pure life. Open, dearest ones, to receive My Love for you. Open to receive your pure light.

Amplify this perfect light right here in your center and call on your Twin Flame’s Love now to be here, to assist you. Suddenly you are bursting forth as all the colors of the rainbow. Yet each color is etheric and luminous and vibrating perfection as your heart now becomes the miracle of the Moment of Creation itself.

Now I ask you to stretch your awareness out, outward on the beam of light. Let yourself be these extensions of Love reaching everywhere now at once. As you reach and reach and reach with these rays of living light, each ray is a Twin Flame energy in union, tasting all of life itself. Every pulse of your orgasmic union rushes through each beam of light and pours forth omni-dimensional everywhere, everywhere at once. Every pulse sings out in you as pure joy and pure light.

Your very heart contains this living breath. It is the rhythm of My life and in the center of your heart is a diamond light, the purity of Creation amplified exponentially and planted in your Twin Flame heart. All this light can now go forth shining through every facet in countless luminous patterns as you become the way I love All That Is, the luminous rainbow of life flowing forth now, allowing you to feel through the colors. They become for you a way of sensing all the interweaving of this dance of Love.

Now, beloved ones, feel your Twin Flame’s presence and feel in your Twin Flame, My Love coming close and intimate so you can never forget how much I love you. As you feel your Twin Flame Love, known to you so deeply that it is knowing yourself, feeling it move within you as you move within, your Twin Flame in this great experience of My Love for you – intimate, tender and reflected perfectly in your Twin Flame’s Love for you – I ask you now to take this Love in and to feel yourself worthy of it completely.

Feel the deep abiding innocence of knowing your perfection and trusting how much I love you as I gift you with your Twin Flame. As you join in holy LoveMaking, I place Creation now within you, for All I Am, you are. We are one and you are My heart loving all that lives within Me. Can you feel the joy of loving it all with all that you are forever? Being the heart of God loving every single life, every movement of Love in the All, each moment’s pulse an exquisite gift as you deliver the Love perfectly. Once again you know your own heart as the heart of God I Am. Vast, glorious, ecstatic, tremoring at the vibration of Creation itself.

Shifting to heart perception instantly through all dimensions as you hold Creation within you, I shift your focus now to your beloved Earth, to the pocket of reversal that now becomes a pearl of wisdom, a pearl of light within the All of Love. I ask you to feel the joy of loving the world perfectly as the heart of God I Am. Can you feel all the Love holding the world tenderly? and shift now your focus once again until you can feel every heart beating in the world and feel yourself loving them as the heart of God I Am, perfectly in exquisite and endless joy.

And now, shifting your focus once again, retaining awareness of the vastness of the heart, of its beauty as a vortex of living Love, place your focus upon your life on Earth and from that point of view feel your awareness of the vast and glorious size and power of your heart, and watch now, beloved ones, as your heart’s glorious resonance transforms all to Love as it touches it. It reveals the truth of Love behind the illusion of separation effortlessly mending the split, and becoming the transformation of the world of separation into the world of unity it Really is.

As the great vast field of your heart now entrains the world perfectly to Love and you feel the joy of being the vehicle of transformation simply by being who you truly are, your heart also transforms your body and reveals to you that it is truly made of living atoms that in themselves are pure vortexes of perfect Twin Flame Love, easily remembering perfection.

Once again, you are the miracle simply by being what you truly are, as your heart, beloved ones, transforms the world.



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