Using Moments of Joy as Doorways to Communion

Beloved ones, it is time to bathe in the joy, to find the moments in your life that feel perfect and then, to dive into them to Me. Feel My presence longing to grant you this experience of all the abundance of God flowing always into you. Drink of this living River and know it as your life - as that which provides for you everything, including your ecstasy.

But you, dearest ones, must practice. You must practice opening to bliss for you have a lifetime of programming of the ego mind making you believe that you are separate. So when I ask you to open your hearts to Me and to let your heart be your instrument of perception, it is because I am waiting to truly give you the Kingdom, to give you All That I Am and to let it be the fullness of your being.

Please allow My presence to touch your heart, to soften it, to open it and to enliven it, until your heart can feel the nuances of My living God presence as the whole of life I Am, here as you. I Am within the essence of your being and all around you as your life and in the movement of Love within you that is the wave song of joy.

Yet in the beginning it will take some consistent commitment to moving outside of the flow of reversal that is the ego mind's world. It will take the momentum of decision, the energy of your call to the Spirit, and your recognition that I Am your Source, your life and the truth of your very being.

As you do this, you will be able to allow the mind to find stillness. I promise you that when you do, it will be such a relief, for the little mind or ego was never meant to hold your identity. Your energies were meant to always be going forth in Love instead. The energy that you have expended in holding the little mind's dream is easily energy enough to create a world of pure and glorious joy, of peace and plenty, of prosperity, of the movement of living Light sourced from Me, the living God I Am enlivening the whole.

In the reversal of Love you have been convinced that your good comes from the world outside of you. When you feel with your heart, you will remember that I Am your food, your life, your abundance, your identity and the essence of your being. The mind becomes a still pool, waiting, like the surface of a calm lake upon which is reflected the sky above it as one whole and perfect vision.

So too can the mind become the receptacle of the true vision of the living Spirit reflected from your heart's perception of the world as a living whole. But to break free of the ego identity does take commitment and effort until you are free of the gravity which is the belief in other than Love. The word "gravity" is perfect. It is that which holds you to the Earth, when in truth you are the freedom of the sSirit and you are alive in the hologram of Love.

Heart perception can seem like a miracle because it can change the whole orientation of your life and can bring you to Me in this closeness, this communion so that you truly know that I Am your Source and I Am the essence of your own being -- that life is a breathing whole, always filled with perfect Love.

So your work before you is to break free of the pull of gravity and of the perception, beloved ones, that anything outside of you can affect you in any way at all. Your work is to align your life with Me, to live each moment accepting this.

Accept your life from Me just as the Earth accepts the rain. If you think of the waters of life as the rain, it can be an metaphor for the truth -- drinking from the source of All your nourishment, your abundance, your joy. When you stand in the rain and it pours down from the sky, you know that it comes from above you. You don't look for another person to bring your rain. Nor do you think another person can cause your drought. You understand there are forces at work that bring you this elixir of life. Looking upward for the rain is a perfect symbol of looking to Me as the source of All.

How the ego mind traps you back into this dance of time and duality is to hook you into the belief that things outside of yourself can bring you good or bring you harm. The truth is they are nothing but consciousness. They are the dance either of the little mind, the ego, or they are the reflection of the open heart sourced by God I Am and alive in the living flow.

This is what I Am asking of you - to be sourced by the truth I Am and alive to the living flow that is yours, dearest ones, from the Moment of Creation itself. That which enlivens your being, your heart, your consciousness and thus informs your very atoms that they can align themselves with the living hologram of Love and go forth as perfect.

How do you accomplish this in light of your experiences on Earth? It is this of which I speak when I speak of gravity. Those experiences are the gravity that holds you to the old world of physicality, duality and separation. So you, dearest ones, must make the shift every moment to living the Vertical life, accepting no less than Me, God I Am, as your source, your life, your sustenance and your good, and living in the assurance that there is nothing else. Only Good. Only Love. Only Joy and only the glorious and unlimited abundance of Love pouring to you every moment in this intimate communion of the living God I Am with your Twin Flame spirit, given to the chalice of your open heart.

So please put forth the effort to withdraw your focus from the ego's dream and to refuse the little mind's requests for stimulation. Instead, choose to think into your heart, knowing that your heart is connected perfectly to this glorious spiritual "rain" of life, of truth, of everything that you need, including full and total awareness, fully awakened God consciousness - the consciousness of the heart of Love I Am, the living Christ as you.

Christ, the Christos, the consciousness that holds the whole of humanity in Love. That is what I mean when I say you are as Jesus and you are a cell in the heart of God I Am, giving Love always.

Breathe Me in and feel this Love. Let it be your heart's awakening and be willing to exert the energy to lift yourself out of the old world. Once you do and you find this freedom, oh, beloved ones, you ARE abundance because your energy isn't turning backwards in upon yourselves in the ego mind view of separation. You aren't holding the dream of the illusion of anti-Love, of Love and something else. Thus you are free to be the living conduit of the very source of all of Love, of the living God I Am fully present as you.

Step now through this doorway into the birth of Creation held in your heart as the consciousness, the "en-conscious-ment" of the bridge world of Love and perfection, given to you as your sacred work to bring forth in service to humanity. You who are the way showers; you who are the Light; you to whom I call to make this effort to return the little mind to its position as the still lake, be receptive to the holographic reflection of the great and endless good we share.

The doorway to this experience is for you to choose moments of joy. Stop and consciously amplify them until they are big enough to become for you a doorway into the experience of freedom and limitlessness and this all-encompassing Love. It is the encompassing Love that you are, beloved ones, your true nature. You are the heart that encircles the world and you are the heart that deeply loves humanity. You are the heart that holds perfectly the vision and the vibration of the one Love I Am, ready to be made manifest as this symbolic world of living Love, the bridge world of Heaven on Earth.

But the world of Love cannot be your focus, beloved ones. It is the result of our communion. It is the result of your "right orientation" to the acceptance of the spiritual "rain" that nourishes the whole of your being and creates every moment new life.

From this moment-to-moment communion in Love comes the awareness of yourself as a Twin Flame heart. From this, the deep experience of your heart as a living cauldron, as a furnace of alchemical awakening into the Moment of Creation, comes the experience of being the conduit for this ecstasy that is meant to be your experience every moment that you say "Yes."

It comes with every drop of this living rain of spirit, this elixir of life. Every drop that is absorbed by you as you drink it in through your heart brings with it the waves of ecstasy, the pulsations of glorious Love. The great omni-dimensional union, the great mandala of life that we are as one, and you as the open heart through which this great abundance pours forth comes to be accepted by you, amplified, and given forth exponentially

Let every second, every moment nourish you and find every doorway to joy until your heart is immersed in this experience and this communion with Me as your Source. This connection and your acceptance of your life from Me directly - this is not only your orientation but it is your sole responsibility, to be this awakened heart, accepting, amplifying and giving forth this magnificent life I Am, the life that we share perfectly.

Words always make it sound like different things -- that which we share and we give, and that which I Am. The truth is it is one indivisible whole and you are a unique energy stream within it. All of this holographic life is in communion with your heart.

So as you stand here this moment, heart open, reach into the world of Nature and make this connection with the panoply of experience that is this wholeness of Love, that is what you call "life on Earth." It is all here and every life stream is available in this great inner communion, this song of Love. The little squirrel sitting before you, speaking into your heart, totally unafraid and accepting when only four feet away, is a symbol in the world of illusory symbols that your heart is coming free, is truly open, and life recognizes itself in you and greets you lovingly.

Expect each moment to be a miracle of awakening but remember that you must choose the doorways, and the doorways to this grace and this abundance, beloved ones, are the moments of joy that you step through and amplify.


Debbie 27th May 2008 5:15 am

So beautiful, thank you for being a pure channel of the creator. The joy that comes form connecting to God's light is extraordinary.

May you continue to be blessed as you share your gifts of joy



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