Vibration is Infallible

As you begin to live beyond the mind, beyond the realm of ego, you will be living in the oneness. What you will find is that each moment is bliss because you are living at Love’s vibration, and yes, even the world of duality fades and your experience on Earth is one of unity. The symbols that come before you of your heart will always be those of giving Love, of living Love, of joy, connectedness and sharing, and beauty – truly the images of the New and perfect World.

This is because when you have released, moved beyond the little mind and ego, you are living at the vibration of perfect all-inclusive Love, and this is the answer to understanding unity. When you have become the conscious heart of God, then the only vibration that is functioning in your universe is the vibration of Love and oneness. The old world will have no place in you, and no place in your life or your environment.

So it is certainly not that all on Earth becomes the New World, but that the New World is born in the vibration of Love and therefore the symbols of Love. If you are living through heart perception, then your vibration is the vibration of Love. You can be having an experience of pure Heaven while someone else right next to you is having an experience of duality, of the old world vibration and conflict and the two of you will never intercept, will not exist in each other’s world because everything is governed by vibration.

So, beloved ones, when you lift humanity, when you pour forth the great River of Love, what you are doing is lifting the vibration of all on Earth, that the experience of Love may become universal and everyone may be sharing in the joy. Vibration is impeccable. It cannot be fooled or over-ruled. It invariably creates that which is “shared resonance with,” and nothing can ever change this.

The highest vibration of Love, beloved ones, is the vibration of giving. That which is freely given as Love is proof of the Moment of Creation, and becomes the embodiment of the highest, purest light, the most incredible vibration of the great union. It is ever and always that as Love is given through you, it is multiplied and returned to you and thus it is received in ever greater quantities than before.

There is a very big difference between the little mind and ego’s version of yourself as a human being and the glorious remembrance of the truth of Love you are. In the version of yourself as living spirit, as the waking, the awakened heart of God, you are always giving Love as the Christ, always receiving the abundance and experiencing the great giving of Love.

The little mind and ego creates a version of yourself that is limited and human and must get somewhere to become good enough, to become the living son or daughter of God I Am, the awakened heart. But the Christ heart always knows that it has already inherited everything that I Am in the Now Moment, Thus it approaches every moment of life completely full to overflowing. The difference in the vibration can be felt immediately.

It is the difference between the limited human still attempting to get somewhere, to be something and the glorious magnificent living Christ, the heart of God, already full to overflowing with the abundance of My Love. It is always ready, always focused on the giving, because the abundance is so grand that it overflows and reaches forth simply because it is the truth of its nature. In the giving always comes the gift.

So everything about this shift, beloved ones, is about vibration and about seeing yourselves as you really are, as completely full and overflowing or seeing yourselves as still lacking something. Obviously what you create is more lack of something or more and more abundance, overflowing and being given, which of course brings with it ecstasy and bliss and overwhelming unlimited joy.

What I want you to understand is that as you make this shift and hold to it, moving beyond the identity of a human being into being the open heart of God, you will begin to have a very very different daily experience, even if temporarily what you are seeing in front of you remains the same. Because the vibration of Love makes everything worthy, everything different, everything beautiful, everything surrounded with the aura of light, and makes every moment a moment filled with Real Love and makes every moment also centered on the focus of giving to others, because the heart of God must pump forth the Love that is your true nature. If you don’t, then you are not living who you are.

It is as yet too easy for the ego mind to circumvent the intention of your heart and your will, and to take you back into believing that this world, the old world, relates to you. This brings you back into a sense of limitation, needing to get to the point where you can open again and be the Christ rather than giving you the experience of the Now Moment. Sometimes it can convince you that the old world is somehow valid when in truth, the truth of your heart is only Love and you will know it and its experience by its resonance. So as you practice moving beyond the ego mind and the world of thought, and bringing yourself into the Real in the Now Moment, it is important, beloved ones, to realize, to remember that you are both consciousness and Love. Consciousness is the experience of the River of Life and its glorious vastness that you are in the Real, being the “en-conscience-ment” of the heart of God I Am.

You are also the Love being pumped forth and finding relationship with every element, every life form, All That Is. It is the heart that grants us the blessing of relationship and consciousness, that brings the milieu of total peace. Together they form a very Real heart beat. It is this heart beat on which I ask you to place your focus. Let it become for you an experience of who you Really are in Me, as both consciousness and the vehicle for giving Love.

As you continue throughout your days to practice, I ask you to remember to begin with the experience of pure consciousness, and then to add to this the glory of heart perception. You will find as this begins to live you, beloved ones, that your whole existence takes on a rhythm that is Mine. The great expanse, the glorious ocean, the consciousness of God I Am AND the experience of being everything that I Am and more – receiving more Love and making it more with your Twin Flame, until you know yourself as abundant and overflowing and glorious Love.

Then you will understand at the deepest level of your being what it means to be consciousness and heart and to live at the very highest vibration – the heart of God in relationship to All That Is. Most of all, I ask you to open to receive all that I have to give to you, and it is everything, beloved ones. Absolutely everything, and you can receive it in full right now. You can be so full to overflowing of incredible joy and wonder, rich in this glorious abundance. I want you to open up and really feel it being alive in you, for All That I Am is Love’s true abundance.

It is very important, beloved ones, that you remember that it is already done – that the shift has already been accomplished. Knowing that, your focus, your intention is very much what guides the flow of Love. Please be sure to focus on what is Real, on what is the truth of your heart and know that the old world vibration that is receding will have to fall away as you do, as you keep your focus on the truth of only Love.

For a little while both old world and New shall be existing together, side by side in the same space, the same place. Each will be holding a different vibration but they can co-exist. I ask that there be no more seeing yourself as limited human beings who have been through experiences that have been hurtful, because that is not the world you are inheriting. Rather focus on being the receiver of all My Love, recipient of the abundance of God, one with the abundant flow of the living whole as it overflows through you to bless the All.

Let yourself feel these things. Let yourself feel our deep communion and the mystery and the magic of our communion. Feel it coming now into your heart and filling you with this glorious Love until you totally become the living fountain, the fountain of God, and there is no ego mind perception. There is just the experience of the Now Moment, of receiving it all from Me, and feeling how it overflows beyond you in a flow of Love that never ceases.



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