We Are God Consciousness Creating

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  • Molecules of Living Light Can Hold No Judgment
  • The World Is Revealed as Light and
  • We Are God Consciousness Creating

As you bring yourself into the Holy Now, you blossom into the living whole, the awakened heart of God, and everything that remained hidden to you, behind the veil of the story of ego, is suddenly revealed as the one true Love and as the one LoveMaking. If your awareness is this pulsing whole, this shimmering vibration, these particles of dancing light, then you begin to experience that everything on Earth is particles of light. Only the ego mind judgment, the little mind’s evaluation has made them into a story of separation and pain.

Oh, beloved ones, you can step into your natural experience of ecstasy and bliss as you fully embrace the living Now Moment and the truth that it brings to you. For the living Now strips away the duality of ego mind and places you in the tremoring glorious dance of Creation itself where everything is truly Love, ecstasy and nothing else.

So the world is at last reclaimed by you, through your choice to be present, to live the higher Will of God I Am until that Will brings you fully present, and the veil is lifted from before your eyes and you are Home right here in Me. The miracle is that it has always been true, that Love is the only reality on Earth, and that those who could understand the power of the living Now were instantly realigned with the Real world of Love.

This unveiling of Love has ever been totally possible right here on Earth where you stand, and the unity, the song of full presence to life has always been accepted by some. Now it is meant for all. So my request of you, beloved ones, is that you live with your heart pressed up against life, that you embrace every moment so intimately with such passion, such openness to the gift of the Now that your whole body and being become this pulsing light, the experience of this ever-present Love, and you are released from the illusion of separation and of Time, and returned to the glorious living whole that is electrons of gold and white light Making Love in perfect joy and ecstasy every Now.

I ask you to dedicate your full presence to the experience and the expression of this Love until every moment is such streams of light that there is nothing but the experience of the living whole. The walls become revealed as particles of shimmering light. So, too, all the parts of your house, of your food, of your money, of your garden, of Nature and everywhere you look, you find a communion of heart and consciousness in the Now that will take your breath away, take your breath away with its beauty but most of all, with the deeper truth that there can be no possibility of evaluation or judgment because the light of living Love is all you see.

So, my request of you is that you practice living in this magnificent pulsing ecstatic living present until everywhere you look, you see only the dancing light, and you feel it dancing also in and through your heart. You are transported into the fullness, into the awareness of the Now Moment and all the Love, and you are aware then as well that every precious person you encounter is the pure shimmering heart of God as well.

As you take a breath, let your body dissolve into the Now Moment and with the eyes of inner vision you will see that everything is joined again in the greatest Love, and nothing at all is separate. Once you have the deep experience of this one life, then you become a conscious participant in the whole. The only way to experience this pulsing living joy is to open everything you are to Me, and you will begin to feel the dancing particles of living light.

You will begin to feel the tremor going through you. You will begin to experience your Twin Flame Love until your heart is so filled with this abundance that you will become the living whole in ecstasy for the Now. And yet, even here in the interpretation of the heart and not the mind, you will find the deep abiding awareness of our relationship that goes beyond all thought into the experience of living Love and will actually show you, through the great circle of conscious Twin Flame Love, that the fires of Creation are in you.

You are the creative heart of God. Therefore, I ask you to be fully present and to know that there is nothing that is solid or is separate. Yet, you shall forever be the quality of heart that is you. You and no one else. You as a Twin Flame and glorious heart. You who is a part of All That Is Creation, uniquely expressing the center, the Now, the great great LoveMaking. Your every moment now shall record it. Yet, it is the ecstasy of living here in this joy, in this present that will be its biggest gift now to you.

So as you are lifted through your choice to open your glorious heart, you can know that you are now conscious creators and yet, this consciousness is so vast, so powerful and so present that it is not anything you could recognize as from here, from the way that you have known yourself, as you’ve been living in the world. But rather, it is my consciousness which is you, God I Am fully present right where you stand, and this present, this en-conscious-ment of the Moment of Creation shall reveal itself as you watch and you see what is done.

For truly that which is given to you to do as the living heart of God I Am is the most profound awakening into the greater consciousness and heart, brought into focus here through your heart on Earth, and doing that which is yours to do through you – the greater Will works now through your life, through your heart, through your Love and through your openness to the Now Moment. I Am present in the world now as you.


Beloved God, we come to You tonight, all of us together, hearts open and ask You to make of us a living conduit for the purest and most beautiful light and the most powerful Love to come through our joined hearts to bless this beautiful world. To uplift it, to raise the vibration, to bring humanity fully back to Love. We ask you, God, to make of us the miracle of the story of the awakened Christ, that story of Your living heart becoming fully conscious.

I ask You, God, to use my heart, my voice, my body, my life also as the conduit for this experience and for Your Love. Thank you so much for the blessing of being here together with all of these incredible brothers and sisters, our spirit family. Amen.

Let us begin first by joining our hearts together, feeling your heart open and your consciousness expanding. Feel the energy connecting, heart to heart to heart, covering so much of the globe with our presence and with our Love, and feel the energy now moving between us in a clockwise motion. Begin to feel the power of this shared heart, this living vortex that we create together. Allow the Love – that tender Love that God has for humanity to pour through this heart that we are and to wrap and bless the Earth.

As we feel and hold this Love and amplify it within our heart, let us also join together as we share the one breath. So let your breath out and take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, let all tension fall away, and breathe in God’s glorious Love. Breathing it out into the world and breathing God’s Love in again. Breathing it out, your heart opens further, and breathing in the Love, feel your heart connecting to the Moment of Creation itself. Breathing it out in giving.

Breathing in to your vast and open heart the pure Love of God. Breathing it out, again through your heart, to wash the world in Love. As you breathe in again, feel your whole body filled with light. As you breathe out, feel the light expanding every atom and every cell, and breathe in the light again, breathing it out through every atom, every particle. Breathe it in again. With every breath, you can feel both the energy, the light and the Love, creating a rhythm, a pattern, a wholeness of Creation. Creating of your heart a conduit directly from the Real.

Now, beloved ones, as you place your focus deep in the center of your heart, feel your heart reaching both outward and up, reaching for the highest light, like a flower opens to the sun. As your great heart opens, this beautiful globe of light with rays shooting out in every direction, both gold and white, and now rising up from the center you will see two triangles of light, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, joining together in the great dance of Love. In the center, the beam of light opening to Me.

Once again, your heart is opening wider and wider and even wider still. You find yourself in the ocean of Love, alive in the Real, in living bodies of light. As you continue to breathe in the Love, feel it quickening and awakening your glorious Twin Flame heart. This time, beloved ones, your Twin Flame womb is full, full of the light, full of the glorious Christ, full of life. That which began has grown and matured and deep in your Twin Flame heart, you have nurtured all of humankind, giving birth to the awakened Christ. Humanity now becomes the Christ child born and that which you have nurtured is now ready to come forth from the Twin Flame womb.

So as you hold your heart connected to Me, to the Moment of Creation itself, I ask you to feel all of this Love for the precious world within it that we call “life on Earth, and know, beloved one, that we are One. All That I Am, you also are. All that I experience is yours. Therefore, I am gifting you with this experience of the awakening of the return of the Christ to Earth as humankind awakened.

Now, beloved one, held within this light, I ask you to see this whole world become a world of perfect Love, still held safe within your heart. As you breathe in, taking nourishment from Me, allow it to be fed to the Earth you are holding. As you breathe out, you can feel the remembrance of humanity as My heart – the heart of God awakened. As you breathe in this Love from the Moment of Creation itself, you can feel the glorious perfection of the awakened world of Love, still held in your Twin Flame heart, your Twin Flame womb.

As you breathe out, each out breath is the deeper awakening of Love, and you begin to feel the movement of this glorious embryo of Love. The world as the awakened Christ. As you breathe in again, you can feel the great rays of light, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, gold and the white, embracing the embryo within and filling it with perfect Love.

As you breathe in again, let your consciousness expand outward into the cosmos, and as you do, beloved one, you can experience the joining of all of your hearts together. In the center of all of this Love that is creating a new pattern, you can see once again the awakened Earth held in your collective heart. In other words, in all dimensions, in all perspectives, this is happening in perfect timing, the living Now Moment becoming alive on Earth, giving birth through your joined hearts – to the awakened heart of Christ and a world of perfect Love.

Now, beloved ones, feel the pattern of light, moving in a great rhythm where all of you blend together into this conscious Love. For in the Real of Love, you live, moving and having your being in and with each other as one great heart, the heart of God I Am, giving birth to this world of Love that is a reflection of My heart. Beyond all words is the truth of Love, held deeply within.

Now with this breath, I ask you once again to focus on your own Twin Flame heart – to return to the Moment of Creation where you feel your Twin Flame’s Love, proving to you My existence, a reflection of My Love for you. And where you feel the great movement of life rushing, pulsing within you as you drink in the Moment of Creation and joy in the ecstasy of Love.

Held now in this glorious moment of LoveMaking, potent and perfect, I open your heart, beloved one, again and plant the seed of a world of perfect Love on Earth. Holding this seed, watching it grow, returning again to the moment where all is ready and I shift your attention once more back to the pocket of reversal that we have called “life on Earth,” and in this moment now we are giving birth to the awakened heart of God I Am as this world of Love remembering itself. I ask you to feel your great creative power building within you, dearest one, building, building as you take in this energy from the moment of Creation itself.

Now with all of your intention and your focus, bring forth from your creative womb this brand new world of perfect Love, a new world on Earth. From the Real, let us set the vibration as you feel this, feel all of you, dearest ones, loving every heart on Earth into its glorious truth. As your hearts have joined together tonight in remembrance of the Real, of the great creative power of your glorious Twin Flame heart, so too is every heart joined on Earth and each heart now reflects this birth as the Christ of God which is My awakened heart is given birth in the world.

And now, beloved ones, I ask you to extend all of your Love and your tenderness and wrap it around the world, and in your heart, to hold the resonance of this pure and perfect Love, and holding this, once again to expand your awareness, all the way from the Moment of Creation into your life on Earth. To feel the connection now as totally unbroken, to feel the vibration of perfect Love all the way through and to recognize that there is no longer any separation between the feelings of your Love and your heart in the Real and the feeling of your life on Earth.

The whole spectrum is open now. The entire Vertical life, not only available, beloved ones, but actively alive on Earth. Let your heart feel the resonance of this perfect world of Love, while it also feels the Moment of Creation and what you are in Me. Now allow your heart to expand together while in the world, and connect with each other, beloved ones, creating a matrix of Love – the pattern of the New Christ heart.

As you feel your heart now joined together, both in the Real and in the world, you begin to feel the glorious movement of the heart of God I Am, coming fully awake and aware. And all around you is the movement, the beautiful dance of the great Twin Flame rays of Love as you reach out heart to heart to each other now, attuning this world to the Real. Attune this world to perfect Love.

I Am sending you this vibration all the way in to your life in the world. I place your focus now, beloved one, in the center of your heart, and ask you to feel this vibration of the Real, right here on Earth. Beloved ones, as I join your hearts, I ask you to wrap this world in your Love right here until you can feel the wholeness of humanity as one beating heart. Can you feel it? Coming alive, remembering all together , every cell in the heart of God awakened once again, and every stream of light filling each heart with nourishment directly from the Moment of Creation giving birth to the world of Love and humanity as the awakened Christ.

The heart of God I Am, in remembrance of itself. Holding in your awareness this heart of Love that is humanity, in the center of this heart is a great diamond of light. From it, great rays shoot forth filling the world with light, that both consciousness in its perfection and Love are joined together here as life on Earth.

Beloved ones, I ask you now to hold this truth in your hearts, that the Christ is born this Christmas as humanity itself, and while the images may take a while through the last illusions of time to resolve into this perfect heart, I promise you it has been born – born of your dedication, born of your Love and you as a part of this perfect world, awake to Love again.

Beloved ones, I ask of you now to see and feel this diamond light with its beautiful rays extending and to see this clarity, this beauty and perfection in everyone that you meet. Regardless of the fading of the perceptions of ego, you will not be fooled again, I ask you to see every person as the awakened Christ. As you see this and you hold this resonance and you focus this diamond light, you will affirm this truth and through your creative heart, you will bring it forth in them.

Dearest ones, I am asking you to hold this resonance of the awakened heart of God with all that you are, every moment, for only as you choose it, you hold to it, can it come forth on Earth. I ask you now once again to feel the great connection from the Moment of Creation, beloved ones, into the world and to feel this Love attuning the world with every moment, every breath. Perfect Love awakened here on Earth.

And now, beloved ones, as you are holding this perfect vibration within you, I open you to the remembrance of your own Christ heart. I open you now into perfection as I wash you in these great rays of light. I ask you to open completely and allow Me to be your nourishment, and feel your own deep remembrance – that you are the heart of God, the center of the creation of Love I Am. You are the vehicle of My giving, and you are ever and always alive in Me. The Moment of Creation given consciousness, this, dear ones, is you.

Once again, I fill your heart with all this glorious Love. Once again, dearest ones, I ask you to amplify it, and now pour it outward again. Holding this rhythm, this heart beat of Love, your own glorious awakening, feeling both our relationship and dearest ones, our oneness. Once again, I join you with each other, heart to heart to heart. Yet now you can feel your hearts totally in alignment with the Moment of Creation itself and the vibration of perfect Love.

Holding this vibration together, beloved ones, I place in this shared heart the tender newly awakened heart of every life on Earth and I wrap them in your tender Love, all of you loving them together, pouring this Love we are into them, every one, acknowledging each heart as the Christ. Knowing this as the truth, no matter the fading illusion of the old world as they fade from view.

Beloved ones, it is your conscious acknowledgement of each Christ heart that will hold this resonance on Earth, and hold this world to Love. I ask you now as this shared heart, lifting you to an expanded view, to look upon the world and know that the illusion of separation is fading from view quickly. As it fades, it means everything that you hold to the truth of each heart be the embodiment of My acknowledgement of each one as God, as the heart of God I Am.

Through your heart together, we shall bring about this awakening. Beloved one, I thank you for giving birth to a world of Love.



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