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Beloved ones, let Me lift you into the freedom that is the wings of the living Spirit, and as I do this, beloved ones, I ask you to feel the freedom, the joy and the glory of your Real state. As you feel this, remember the feeling package and plant it in the garden of your living heart, because it is the feeling packages, packets, groups of essential feelings that are that which create the pattern for your experiences of life.
Yes, your thoughts have creative power, but your real power is in your feelings, especially feelings that are lifted up into the realm of Love?s vibrations. These feelings are like the cosmic seed planted in the Love that come to blossom quickly and to give forth their gifts, because true heart perception is a language of feeling. As you begin to speak this language, you make a shift up and out of the duality of the little mind and the pocket of reversal into the heady light of the pure Spirit.

So, as you practice letting your heart light out, letting it stream forth in its power, its glory and its joy to bring Love to all it touches and from that Love to find communion with that which is the deeper truth of each thing it touches, that which is the Spirit, the essential nature, the symbolic nature of Love which then feeds back to you the feeling that is the language of the Spirit, resting in the symbols of the world ? as you get better and better at this, you will move beyond the need for the mind. There will be no middle man, no interpretation of that which your heart finds. Instead it will be direct communion of heart and Spirit and consciousness, and the world will reveal its secrets as an expression of pure Love.

For only the little mind creates the intercessor, the veil which is essentially the interpretation of everything it sees through duality ? through the belief in separation and in something other than Love. But the heart of course sees only Love, feels only Love and communes in it, so as the heart becomes your instrument, your life becomes a symphony of Love?s great expression through the heart?s realm of feeling. And of course you know that when I speak of feeling in this context, I am speaking of the spiritual life, of the divine feelings that are the movement of Love, and not the reversal?s feelings of life turned in on itself.

So the heart can experience many expressions of life in the symbols around you, especially the symbols of Nature and all that it contains because of course it holds true to the vibration of life, pure life, and its expression. So for anyone beginning heart perception, Nature is the place to begin. 
So your heart can experience the communion of the symbols of Nature expressing your Love from the essence of your being as you?ve created life on Earth. It can also of course experience the embodied consciousness that is the beautiful expression of all of these symbols or expressions of My Love and of your Love as well, of course.
In many ways, it is these nuances of the communion of the heart that give you the awareness, beloved ones, of what it is really like to live the rich and full dimensions and expressions of My life and to participate in the living dance that is the joy of Love.
So as your heart light opens and reaches forth to touch, the moment it does, in that instant, the communion begins and in that instant also the energy and feeling nature of whatever it is you contact comes directly back to you. Through vibration it is imprinted upon your beautiful heart, and then if you wish to, you can run it through your little mind.

What I seek to give you is the gift of wonder and wonder is the perfect attitude or relationship for you to the gift of life. Wonder is the perfect attitude for you toward the gift of life because dearest ones, All That I Am is an expression of wonder as I come into communion with All that lies within, and every magnificent energy, each passionate movement of life, every stream of awareness are all an embodiment of Love. Each one has so much to offer. Each one is wrapped in glory, and your gift, beloved ones, as My heart, is allowing Me to feel it all through the perception of your Love. Through the gateway of your heart, you bring to Me the intimate awareness of each precious life that is expressing within the whole. You give Me each moment the most delicious taste of the vibrational package of All That Is, of every nuance of life.

Whatever you are, wherever your focus in the great and vast Creation, you are there to love it all as and for Me ? to experience the wonder of the myriad interwoven expressions of consciousness, of life, and to grant everyone the experience of receiving My Love and of giving it back to Me. This is what I mean, dearest ones, when I tell you that you are the living gateway, because you are that which allows each life the interactive experience of My Love. You make My Love personal. That is who you are in being My living heart.

Not only is My Love personal to you, but through you to all other life. So, as you learn or choose to release the ego mind, the perception of separation, you will come into the experience, beloved ones, of being the gateway of My Love. As you still your mind, your little mind and open up your heart, you will begin to perceive these great currents of Love flowing back and forth through you, through your heart into Creation and from Creation back to Me. The wider open your heart, the richer not only your experience but the fabric of conscious life that can be given access to this communion of Love with Me through the open heart you are, the glorious Twin Flame heart.

Now on this level of your life on Earth and we must find another word for it, it is rarely the experience of human beings to feel this flow of Love and the connection with all of life. But as the mind releases and you allow Me to live as you, then truly you become the witness to this miracle, this miracle of communion between Me and all the life I Am.
So I want you not only to practice heart perception but to come into the silence deeply enough that you begin to perceive this communion of the heart, for you are My heart, beloved ones, and as My heart, you are the conduit through which each conscious life has relationship with Me. 
Once you understand this, then you understand what Jesus did for essentially, dearest ones, all he did was simply get out of the way. Once any sense of identity as separate had fallen away in him, then he understood that his heart allowed others to see Me, through him. Also it allowed Me to love them through the gateway that he was. Thus, the healings, the visions, the transformations of life on Earth because he understood that of himself, he did nothing. His work was simply to clear his heart, to open it as the gateway and to allow the deep connection through him with Me, that each person could feel My Love and feel it in such intensity that nothing else would exist for them in that moment.
Feeling my Love, the natural response of any life is to pour Love to Me. This is relationship, and this is My essential nature. Therefore, all of life responds in this way, and yet, because each element of My being is embodied in and as a consciousness, there has to be an embodiment of My living heart, of that part of Me that allows this interchange from God to other life, and other lives back to Me. It is always difficult to get into words because words make it seem so finite, when in truth it is always fluid, open and ever expanding in Love.
Once you realize, My beloved ones, the truth of your Real nature and the service you are meant to do, then your whole life comes into alignment because you have discovered your purpose, your place and your expression as My heart.. This is your deepest truth. You are the gateway, the StarGate, through which all life comes to Me. Yet here in the illusion of separation it has always been difficult to believe that these things that I show you about yourself can really be true. But that is only the little mind and as you get better and better at allowing this to come straight through your heart, then you will begin to feel the validity of what I say ? that it is so natural to you and so right to open your Twin Flame heart and to allow this exchange of Love to happen in and through it. Nothing then will stop you from being this heart, this living and giving conduit, because that is who you are as a Twin Flame heart.

Knowing this, then in every arena of your life, dearest ones, you instantly have your orientation, because you know what you are here to bring, and all doubt then has to fall away. There is nothing but the Spirit, only the awareness of Love and your need to open the way.

So, open the way for Me, dearest ones, most precious and glorious hearts. Let everything else go and give Me your every moment, and simply allow Me to give Love through you and then to receive it back ? to receive Love in return through the conduit of your heart. As this exchange of Love occurs again and again and again, you will recognize your place in the whole of Creation, and it will bring to you a joy and a deep and powerful sensation of belonging that is perfect for you in every Now Moment.

The fallacy of separation has deeply affected some of you, so the release from the lie of two powers brings you back into the truth, back into the truth of your living heart, your Twin Flame heart, as a conduit and a conduit through which communion happens of itself.  So you of yourself, dear ones,  need do nothing except release your life to Me, allow Me to do it all ? to love and to give through you, to open your eyes of the Spirit, your eyes or your eye of the heart, and to lift you easily out of ego and into the Real every moment.
Let Me show you the communion with Nature that is this exchange of Love, because, dearest ones, each such exchange always brings its gift to you. So every life form that uses this heart, this heart that you are to love Me and to receive My Love, always shall leave a gift for you for being the conduit. If you remember in the story of Siddhartha, the ferry man on the river, this is the symbolic expression of the true place of your heart as the ferry between the whole life I Am and every expression in Me of conscious life, dearest ones, and the communion, the giving and receiving of Love.

So as I come to you and lift you, beloved ones, let your heart open. Let your little mind fade away, be silent and watch for the gift. When it comes, and you are fed by it, fed by this glorious exchange, you will also be fed by the texture of the whole of this life on Earth. You will sense, if not know, what it is that I give to you in exchange for your heart and its truth and its service to My Love.
All through your eternal life as a Twin Flame heart, you are the corridor, the bridge, the conduit between every life and Me, and out of this, beloved ones, you will find effortless upliftment as you allow Me to do this for you, for you, My living heart.



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