You Are Perfect

Oh, beloved ones, let Me show you Love. Let Me fill you with this living song of Spirit. Let Me give to you this power and this beauty that attunes you to the glory of the universe. Let Me sing Love forth through your mouth and shout “Hallelujah” with your heart. You are the song of joy I sing, continually, forever, this moment.

When this Love is Real to you, then all illusion simply fades, for Love is so powerful and so potent, so Real, that you recognize it, beloved ones, immediately as the truth of your being eternally, wherever your focus is now.

In this Love is the richness of Creation waiting for you to discover it. Your alignment with this vibration of the truth connects you instantly to the mystery of the hologram that everything I Am, dear ones, is you. How I long for you to fully feel this, that the whole of Creation sing your name and offer you the choice in every moment of what Love brings forth as your heart.

As you join in this moment, in this communion, with every breath, beloved ones, feel the truth that the perfection of Creation is here as you and that All I Am joyously celebrates the pure, astounding beauty that is you. With every heart beat you can feel the resonance of Love, lighting up your consciousness with full awareness that All I Am is fully alive in you. The power and the sweep of Love is yours to speak and yours, beloved ones, to direct with the heart as the Will of Love’s extension.

Most of all, I want you to feel that you are perfect and that the steadfast beat of your Real heart is in alignment with the essence of Creation. Your every breath is meant to be astounding, as your consciousness instantly brings your heart into relationship with every aspect of your being, that you might be Love acknowledging all the magnificent possibilities for expressing the unique aspects of Creation that is you.

To live in this world, to dance with ego, to have absorbed any of the collective consciousness is to believe yourselves less than perfect and to believe you must do something to be worthy or to be able to fully feel and be this Love. The truth is All I Am is present in the point of focus of Creation that is your heart, and that every moment you are the singing hologram with endless possibilities for the expression of new creations of Love.

All of this is singing in your heart with a vibrational song or signature that brings you instantly into communion with the truth, with communion with the reality of your perfection. This is given to you, dearest ones, intimately as I love you and celebrate this gift of our relationship, the ability to acknowledge Love as the giving and receiving of Real life.

I celebrate your perfection by being you as you celebrate the Reality of God in the “I Am” of your every breath.

The deep, abiding trust in your own perfection, the awareness that you are the divine feelings of God, the richness of standing in the Now with absolutely endless possibilities for expressing the purposes of Love… When this is what sings out from within you, when this vibration fills your consciousness and your heart, when this Reality of the unity of Love is your identity more strongly than the world and the identity of being human and imperfect…

When this lives as the resonance of who you are, oh, beloved ones, your every step will be the whole of Love, the mystery of the hologram, the perfection of God I Am alive as you.

Thus, your heart will see everywhere you look the reflection of your perfection in everything … in the eyes of those you touch, in the blessings of Nature, in the majesty of a world that is so beautiful that you recognize it as creative principle, expressing in color and movement, your heart, the one heart of perfect Love in all its aspects that once you saw as imperfect humanity.

Come in this place where you can feel Me and you can allow this song to fill your being. When the vibration of the unity of the hologram is strong in you, then you are free of every illusion that has replaced it, every distraction from the truth of Love, every misperception that you are less than perfect Love, perfect God, perfect life in joyous and continual celebration.

I know the world outside can seem confusing. This is because your core experience has been missing, the experience not only of your identity but of being perfect. That perfection is being acknowledged and celebrated across the whole of Creation as the song of Love is made manifest in all dimensions expressing itself uniquely as your heart, yet singing the endless song of wholeness in the center of your being.

You know that the language of Creation is vibration, is resonance. This vibration is more Real than the creation of the ego’s dreams. This vibration is tangible as pulsing Light, as the beat of the heart of God is shining forth within you. When this becomes what you feel each moment, then, dearest ones, you will be so delighted when Light reveals everything within you, around you and in the fullness of your experience as the magnificence of your perfection acknowledged, celebrated and reflected in this Now Moment as your world and as your movement giving Love.

You are perfect. You are perfect to Me. And you are perfect as Me, beloved ones. Come into this sacred chamber of your heart and let Me counteract all the things that have told you that you are less than perfect.

Let the words I speak as you always be, “I Am perfect. I Am the wholeness. The perfection of Love goes forth as my heart to acknowledge _____.” Here I wish you to fill in the blank. Whatever it is that may have been seen by the little mind as imperfect or as less than, I want you to reclaim the truth and to live in this feeling, dearest ones, of wholeness, of being embraced, celebrated, acknowledged, being seen as you are -- as the heart of God, accepting this perfection as given to you in every aspect, every breath and every heart beat.

Even more grand is the experience of the Now Moment and of being the hologram and accepting the promise of God I Am that everything is possible for Love. Every celebration of God, every passionate expression of the whole, every moment you are acknowledged.

The acknowledgement of All I Am is what is happening. It is what Creation is. You, beloved ones, are this heart, are the very center of the hologram which is once again that magic, that eternal gift of being both the whole and the center, the expression of Love. In you, as you and all around you, perfection is made manifest in every new and exciting ways.

It is impossible to paint for you in words the magnificence of the possibilities of Love, the all of countless new creations, expressions of Love being acknowledged, opening in luminosity and beauty to receive the gift of full consciousness, the power of Creation and the miracle of God I Am ever awakening to more possibilities of giving the Love I Am.

Oh, dearest ones, your heart being the hologram can instantly convey to you this mystery and show you every potential of perfect good, every extension of pure Love, every pattern of consciousness, of Love expanding, every creation of color and life, every communion with all the streams of life that are meeting, acknowledging and opening to more indescribable communication of joy. Your heart can show you all of this and more as your perfect possibilities for being the heart of the hologram and for accepting and being in reverence of your perfection.

Can you feel what I Am giving you? How perfect you are to Me? And how perfect you are as Me? How can I be anything other than perfect Love? You cannot believe your ego or the messages of duality that have said to you that there is anything you have to be or do or learn to be worthy of or to accept this blessing of instantaneous communion with the whole of God that includes the recognition of your truth, of your identity as the perfect heart of Love.

You are filled with gratitude, gratitude that makes you permeable to the Will of Love that it might live in all dimensions as your heart. Permeable to this song of Love that is your name spoken in the language of resonance, that when spoken through your heart is the word of God and will have its way on the firmament, opening before you your ability to be the creative heart of God I Am and to celebrate with reverence and joy being perfect.

Perfect Love. Perfectly expressed. Making more of this Love with your every breath and acknowledging the pulse of unity with every heart beat.

It is one thing to ponder a hologram, to attempt to understand it with the mind. It is another thing to feel this as your identity, to soak in the inherent Reality of God that is, beloved ones, who you are.

When your heart is filled with the truth of Love, when this vibration of the presence of the holographic universe fills your consciousness and expands, beloved ones, the world is completely different and you experience the truth of Love behind every illusion. You especially experience all of Love’s possibilities, that every moment of connection with another life, with another energy ignites this joyous extension of Love becoming conscious of itself, that you might live in the world with nothing between you and the truth of God in every other being.

Once you feel, truly feel, your real perfection, not as a little mind, a personality, a human being, but as the heart and the truth of the hologram of Love, then the perfection of everything before you becomes evident and is conveyed heart to heart in an instant. Perfection acknowledged, even for an instant, then reclaimed…all the misperceptions of the world of ego and the clear Light is free to become the color.

Just as a diamond refracts the Light, the colors of the world, the co-creation of the hologram of God as Love and beauty made the world. How will it feel? How does it feel now to be the creator? And to feel yourself as perfect Love and more? How does it feel to paint with every breath with the colors of Love, the resonance of God, the beauty of life with limitless possibilities, named by you as Love pours through you, named “good”… named “holy”… and most of all, named perfect.

Oh, dearest ones, I want to fill you with this experience, to be for you your divine parent that through this eye of Love that we share eternally, I show you your indescribable beauty and your perfection that is your identity, that you might take with you this feeling and letting it live you, be fully creative in renaming the world “perfect Love” as well.

I Am with you. I Am in you. We are One Life, perfect, Now.


LordJesusChrist 24th August 2011 9:58 pm

Excellent! Thanks, Yael and Doug! It is our perfect God that makes us perfect thru Christ. Live forever and prosper!
:thumbs: :angel: :smitten:

mb 28th August 2011 11:19 pm

Amazing Love, Thank You for sharing this through Yael and Doug and guiding me here. I Love You! ?


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