You Are the Feeling Nature of God

You are the feeling nature of God. You are, beloved ones, how I love. Therefore, today I want to pose to you the question, how much does the heart of God love? It is in answer to that question that you will finally find yourselves and come to know who you really are; what you are really made out of. Most of all, how you feel.

Oh, beloved ones, the little ego mind has robbed you of your inheritance in so many ways that you don’t even see. You are living blind. Living paltry lives based in fear of Love. Out of all the things in all Creation that you should not ever fear, the greatest of these is Love for it is who you are. So as we create the course, build the bridge to freedom, as you live each step for humanity of the awakening from the dream, the time has come, beloved ones, to free your heart. To free your glorious being from the tyranny of the ego and to give you back your capacity to be Real Love.

Therefore, I now ask of you the greatest of all the shifts I have requested. It is the shift into truly feeling Real Love. It is one thing to think about it, to read about it, to meditate. It is another thing to open your heart beyond all limitation and to love as the heart of God loves. Not selectively, not loving those things that come to you with safety, but loving beyond reason, passionately and most of all, loving beyond thought.

For the little mind constrains you in so many ways, dearest ones, by giving you information about that which you love, feeding you duality and continually fueling the belief that truly opening your heart to Love will somehow hurt you. Oh, dearest ones, those thoughts have for so long been your prison and have kept you from throwing open wide the truth of your glorious heart, and letting it be truly the feeling nature, the instrument of God. Letting your heart be how I love, how I love All That I Am.

There are two parts to that which I ask of you now, as you make the way for the living Christ. The Christing of humanity truly is a birth back into the heart’s Real capacity to feel Love beyond all judgment, all reticence. Caring, your hearts open until they are truly vulnerable, open enough to expose that precious instrument that is so delicate it is attuned to every Love vibration. No matter how tiny, no matter how massive, the heart of God can hold it, can feel it and rejoice in it every moment passionately. This delicate instrument that is made for feeling and perceiving Love is you, beloved ones, as you Really are.

So the first thing that must go is living in the realm of thought because thought is the ego’s barrier to the perception of the heart. I am asking you to break free from all that has constrained you, to open your heart into the Real so wide, so vast and so beautiful that you can feel every last nuance of Love in All That Is.

In other words, I want to attune you now to the Real heart vibration so that the instrument of your heart is functioning as it is truly meant to and therefore can register every tiny pulsation of Love that washes through Creation again and again and again. Perceiving it and feeling it, you can truly amplify it and register it as feeling, the feelings of the heart of God. Feelings that are so different from that which you have named feelings that only allowing the experience can show you what they are.

But as long as you believe that you are limited in any way, as long as you believe you have a heart that can be damaged, then you cannot have this experience of the heart of God you are. There are so many ways that your ego mind has stopped down your life, has blocked you from the experience of your own true heart and has substituted the world of thought and the belief in pain and separation for the experience that you are meant to have of truly being Love.

If you are being Love, then nothing can change you. Regardless of the world of symbols, you are always the same inside. In you lives the greatest joy that can possibly be born by any consciousness – a Love so great that it illuminates All That I Am inside. It is this word inside that is your key to Real feelings, for it is only through the interior doorway of your own Real heart that you can connect to the true nature of all that it is that you love, and connecting, you can find what is unlimited. You can find the great streams of light, and you can find the pulsing vibration that is each life signature, and open yourself to the Love of that glorious being in that living Now until you truly are feeling the ecstasy of loving as I love.

You must feel so much more than what you have called “feeling,” for feeling in duality is always tinged with sorrow, and sorrow is anti-Love and is not a part of the Real. Thus, it is not a part of your experience of what it means when you Really love. You are the feelings, you are the heart of God I Am. You are how I experience giving and receiving Love, and surely you can intuit that what passes for Love for humanity could never be how I truly love.

You have the Real heart capacity to hold and feel this glorious Love and to truly be its conduit through all Creation. The vehicle of exchange of Love with every being and Me is you. You are how I love, and therefore, I am asking you, you who are reclaiming your true nature, to now begin the reclamation of the truth of your Real heart. Rather than having little forays into the Real and returning to your comfortable life of self-protection of that which you call your heart, I am calling you to drop the pretense of being limited and vulnerable and to return at last to your true identity as the feeling heart of God.

The moment that you begin this, when you release the dream of ego, release the little mind and the realm of thought, the instant that thought is gone, the heart becomes your vehicle, and the vibration of Love begins to resonate in it and tell you about the world, about Creation, about the life streams, about the Love that I Am, about your place as the intermediary between All That Is and God I Am.

The heart of God is this, and the heart of God gives Love, pure and simple, without any expectations of receiving in return. The heart of God gives Love pure and simple and registers the holy communion of Love with every life – registers the communion of God I Am with each precious life stream, feels it, rejoices in it and becomes the amplifier of every exchange of Love in all Creation. Are you beginning to get the sense of that which is your truth? And a sense of the Real function and capacity of your heart?

Your heart is the most sensitive instrument in all Creation and it is meant to register every nuance of the exchange of Love between Creator and Creation, between God and I and all within Me, and most of all, to be the conduit for the great expression of pure Love that is the Moment of Creation and is embodied in the Twin Flame heart that is you.

You have begun to examine heart perception and to open yourselves to the experience. Ah, but beloved ones, it is so much more than anything you can think it is and that is why I have come to you to invite you into the experience of that which you truly are and of Real heart perception. When the ego mind is quiet, then the heart comes online as the instrument of perception for each of you, beloved ones. Let me say this to you a third time, when the ego mind is quiet, the heart comes online as the instrument of perception for each one of you, and instantly aligns you with your own true nature as the feeling nature of God – the heart of God I Am.

When your heart is truly open, out there and functioning, it is so sensitive that every life stream will register upon it. You will feel them, and feeling them you will know them as I know them, through pure heart perception and the exchange of Real Love. This is an exchange that, without the ego mind blocking it, is pure ecstasy.

It is totally LoveMaking in its original form, which is the honoring of true Love, the honoring of your Twin Flame nature and how your contact with any life form creates more Love. That Love being created in and by your Twin Flame womb then rushes forth to be given to that life, and an exchange occurs that is so beautiful that each being becomes indelibly printed upon your glorious heart. You become available and able to carry each precious one to Me in your hearts, and therefore, they are fed and nourished and loved and through you, I can feel them and give them all this Love. All My Love, beloved ones, is given through you.

Only by consciously choosing to release the dream of the ego mind can you enter the realm of the heart, the realm of Real Love. What this means is a moment to moment choice to stop thinking, to truly, with conviction, shift into your heart. Opening your heart completely into the Real of Love, you will feel it extend and become activated and sensitive, become the interface that feels and gives My Love, that feels every pulsation from the Moment of Creation, beloved ones. It adds to it the amplified energy of your own Twin Flame Love as well.

As the exchange becomes established – of Love to your Twin Flame heart that is truly a magnificently open instrument of giving My Love – you will truly become pure feeling of the very highest highest vibration. The song of each life will play on your heart and elicit the great stream of Love that comes from the Moment of Creation through you and into that one, into that precious life and back to Me again. Every vibration of Love in any form will register on your open, giving heart and become for you a blessing, for you will live in a glorious experience that is the great exchange of Love that will be echoed by your own LoveMaking with your Twin Flame as well.

How do you stop thinking in order to truly awaken your heart, in order to allow your heart to become activated, to become My feeling again? You do this through being present, fully in the Now Moment, truly open to the Vertical but with a quiet mind. Each of you has had this experience of moving beyond thinking. The problem has been that you let thinking back in without putting up much of a fight because it is familiar. It is what you are used to, dearest ones, but it is not how you are meant to live.

So, our focus is going to be your assisting each other to begin to leave behind the need for the ego mind’s thinking, that you may come to enjoy the silence and in the silence you will begin to experience the connection with the Real. You will begin to experience your own heart as open and unencumbered, ready to be the vehicle for the communion of Love. You will find that you will be like a flower as the best example. Your heart will open and will extend like the pistil and stamen, extending as a sensitive instrument of vibration that will register every nuance, every vibration of Love.

Without the little mind interfering, you will instantly be in the realm of pure felt experience of God I Am and the felt experience of Real Love. This will blossom into the exchange of Love with every being, including the full experience of your own Twin Flame Love until your whole being is vibration – sensitive, pure, tremoring, waiting for the impact of another wave, another being, another experience of living Love which will wash through your whole being, registering in every particle as ecstasy beyond imagining.

It is the feeling of Real Love. You are the feeling heart of God I Am and Love is your Real nature. All that you are is waiting, waiting for you to remember that you are My feeling nature. You are not My thought. As thought falls away, true experience remains and true heart communication is easy. It is simple. It is the exchange that happens when duality is out of the way. The instrument of duality is the little mind and ego which is simply released by releasing thought and standing firm for its replacement as the experience of living Love in a Real heart communion.

Releasing the ego dream, releasing the tyranny of a belief in separation will release the old heart’s beliefs that say that Love can hurt you. As these knots of old beliefs dissolve, oh, beloved ones, you create a new world, a world in which every symbol is representing what is Real in you.

Consciousness and Love, you are My living heart. You are the greater awareness of that which is felt by the heart of God I Am. Giving you this, I bring you answer to many of the questions that have not yet been asked about how we make this glorious shift into the world of only Love.

So, beloved ones, please practice living beyond thought. Let your heart be what is Real and what proceeds for you. Like that flower you will be blooming in the Garden of Eden, for everything all around you will be reflecting your Love.



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