Your Hearts Are Born Anew This Day

Each day your heart is born fresh, brand new from the Moment of Creation, as all life emerges continually and knows itself as Love. Thus, every day your heart is a miracle that is filled with the fires of Creation itself. Every moment, rushing through your heart, is the ecstasy of all the explosion of life and All That I Am.

This is the continual resonance of your heart. It is the vibration to which your heart is attuned. It is the song of life that is singing within you. The song never ends. It is continual. Every moment it sings you perfectly into being.

So how can so many of you live in sadness, in fear, with your hearts contracted within you, a continual confusion of feeling so many things at once? While the pull of your heart seeks to lift you up, the pull of the ego brings you down and like a see-saw, you are ever moving back and forth along what you believe is time’s continuum. In fact, it is not your reality.

What I come to bring to you this day and every day is the exquisite experience of true heart feeling, the attunement with the glory that your heart is, and the sweeping resonance of eternity, singing forth ecstatic life again and singing it forth as you. How could anything ever be more beautiful than the heart of God I Am opening and flowering, awakening into this mystical union, alive in this continual first day – awake to the mystery and beauty that you are?

This is what I sing to you now, into the deepest regions of your true heart. This is what I show you as your spirit, the endless breath of the universe, alive within you and all of it sings your name. Pristine and magnificent is the Love you are, a joyous infusion of life. The Twin Flame movement of All I Am is speaking Love into your heart that you might amplify it.

So I ask you to let the clouds of illusion roll away. Reach, beloved ones, for your Real heart. Bathe yourself in this ecstasy every day and come to know that which you truly are. Let it take you far, far above this world to that place of pure and endless Light where the breath of the Spirit breathes Love to you, that you might be the very heart of God bringing it forth.

Can you feel this song of Love within your heart now? Can you feel how it pushes away every old contraction and cracks open every belief in fear? This instant causes your heart to blossom into full remembrance. This is the song of your life, the siren song of “truth” you might say that holds this highest vibration of All I Am. At last you can rejoice in your true nature and remember that you are Love’s dawning. You are the glory and you are the mystery. This is your natural resonance, not the vibration of pain and fear. Or even the vibration of heavy density.

No! You are pure life exploding in grandeur, knowing your place at the center of Creation as the eternal birth of My heart. This Love that you are creates miracles whenever it comes in contact with duality, with the illusory belief in something other than this truth. As the sun burns away the morning fog, so does the power of your heart release the illusion of separation, that you might be this blazing Light that shines forth, not only as my heart, beloved ones, but as my face.

It shines through your countenance of sparkling Light and speaks with your voice the holy name. “I Am the pure heart of God and I Am Love remembering its true nature, living this truth, here and now, willingly making the choice to remember who and what I Am.”

As you hear the clock of time ticking through the world, it is the metronome of a false reality, for you are the moment of dawn that is never changing, never fading and never waning into darkness. Most of the world keeps faith in time and the inexorable march of this illusion, but your heart holds only the real truth of Love’s continual, eternal dawning and its magnificence.

It is time, My beautiful and beloved ones, to re-attune your hearts to what is Real, to leave behind the belief in linear time and to claim the Moment of Creation itself as your reality. It truly is, and it is the most exquisite and delicious experience of sun-drenched life and its vitality that brings you everything that you need, always – beyond any concept of limitation.

All I Am is yours unto eternity and this must be your new choice. You must hold to the truth of who you are and attune to the true vibration of your heart. It is imperative. You must hold this as the illusion of the world begins to fall away and the false life of time begins to crumble. You must have your focus on your heart, that you might walk through these fires of transformation, not only unscathed but so alive that you have never imagined such grace and such a beneficent and endless Love that surrounds you. This Love supports you. You live in and you are held by My life, by My being, in this sweet attunement of consciousness and the endless entrainment of your heart with the birth of all Creation in the endless Now.

Keep the focus, beloved ones. Keep that vigil that beloved Jesus spoke of in his parables, for now we have come into this time where the lamp of the Spirit must be lit, and you must follow it as the world begins to change all around you. The world flows forth through your heart as a reflection of all that lives within it. Thus must your heart renew its truth, reaffirm that which it truly is, so the endless abundance of God I Am can flow through you and awaken in every particle of your being this perfect song of life that sings you forth. It is the reflection of the total truth of the Love I Am and the expression of the center of My being.

With every breath, feel My presence and let Me free you to remember how it feels to be newly born, to awaken in the midst of Creation’s dawn and to be overwhelmed with joy -- given unto the Holy Will that Love may use you to bless all, to amplify the glory of this life and to multiply all I give you, as ever I give you this whole and perfect Light.

Your every heartbeat sings the song of eternal ecstasy and is perfectly aligned with the pulse of the singing cosmos of Love I Am. All That Is shall always rejoice in your presence and in this eternal and sweet communion that all life shares. Remember, beloved ones. Remember this pure, exquisite resonance as you receive the nectar of Creation and open to the gift of life I bring you. Allow the awareness of yourself as Love never ending



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