Your Path of Service Is Before You

Oh, beloved, precious heart of God, your existence is a miracle. You are a glorious stream of Love. Each moment is expressing your glory.

That you are here to love this world, dear ones, goes without saying, and yet I come today to speak to you urgently about the need to deeply love everything, and to deeply recognize that what your eyes see is what your heart is meant to love. Every appearance of Love’s absence, of not-Love, of Love’s antithesis in your life, in your world and in your consciousness is ready to be transformed – transformed by the heart of Love.

Because this world is shifting so quickly, everything is ready to experience its freedom. Every misperception of this limitless God energy that is the world, that is your life, and that is your experiences comes before your heart as a living prayer for transformation.

Love, dear ones, is so powerful that its very presence sets the world to shimmering. The power of your heart is a universe waiting to embrace the possibilities of the truth of God as only Love that appears before you daily. With any touch of your open hearts, that which has been held in bondage is freed, released, restored to the Light – not increment by increment – but with the force of grace and the astounding power of Love.

So every part of the world’s drama is now a prayer for your intercession, that, standing as the heart of Love, you allow Love’s embrace to include everything, everything that your mind sees, thinks and experiences as your world.

There are many prayers that rise to Me in fear, in concern that the world is changing in ways that are unpredictable, as the Light brings forth the transformation of all that has been denied this Love.

So I Am asking of you the greatest service. This service is to take into your heart everything that your mind sees, but most especially, those things to which you have resistance and all that you hold in judgment – and to allow this Love, beloved ones, to restore the purpose and power of God and to restore your hearts to their complete functioning as the presence, dear ones, of a miracle of Love – the glory of Creation and our magnificent relationship.

You are here as this perfect Love. You also are held in this sweet communion as the expression of Love that Creation is, the open heart in outreach. Now your time is here.

Many of you seek your purpose and ask how you are meant to serve. When you feel your heart awakening, then simply observe what your eyes see, what your mind thinks and what you experience. If there is even an increment of other-than-Love within it, it is a call, dear ones, to your heart, that each of you might restore the presence of God and the miracle of Love on Earth.

It is so simple and so profound, and you are going to discover that it is easy for the whole of the Heavenly realms are gathered here to assist in this powerful time of awakening. Thus, every day your work is now clear. The beliefs that you’ve held about your experiences, especially of being a victim to the world outside of yourself – whether that be people or circumstances – these are a call to Love. They are your awakening purpose.

They are My request to fulfill your agreements to love the world free, to walk back every stream of darkness and all beliefs in other than Love by giving your hearts to Me daily, moment-to-moment, until you fully remember that All That I Am you are and that Love is the only power and the only truth.

And so, dear ones, in this time of change, Love opens the world like a heart awakening, cracks open each dream of anything separate from Love, that those who remember may step up, be active, and play the part agreed upon in the restoration of the truth of Love as the truth, the center of all Creation that lives in everything.

Dear ones, your hearts remember and they resonate with this truth in everything. The heart sees no barriers. It doesn’t buy the story. It sees only Love begging for recognition, and that recognition is the key. It is the restoration that you are seeking. It is the return of Love into its full expression as Paradise, as a pure Creation of perfect Love expressed.

So, every belief in darkness, in pain, in separation from perfect good, in lack, distance, in limitation – all of it is yours to love. I promise you that you have your assignment -- that what is in your life, what has been your experience and what your eyes see, what your mind experiences – everything that comes into your sphere of influence, it is yours to love free and to do so in pure and genuine dedication to the awakening of God within you and within all things.

Everyone has a story and believe it or not, your story is perfect for what you have agreed to do, what you bring back to Love, what you open to Me that the great healing balm of Love may restore the full recognition that God is free and each of you is God.

In this Love shall the stories of bondage cease, bondage to whatever dream of separation is occurring, be it lack, disease, starvation or succumbing to outer forces or circumstances in the world. The heart of Love is all power, and Love is the highest vibration.

So I promise you, beloved of God, that when you are holding Love in your heart, then you become the entraining power, the force of Love’s magnetic resonance. In response, the world will shift. Your personal experience becomes one of beauty, of the fulfillment of your heart’s request and the riches of the endless truth and presence of Love.

Because your hearts are so powerful, you have been given much to love. You have been offering to Me your every step, your every experience as a human being, that now, in this time when Love washes the world, here to reclaim each precious life, you are ready to stand in this flow, in this grace, and allow your heart its presence and resonance to be Love’s reclamation, not only of your personal experience, but by the Law of Resonance, every such experience of every human being.

And so you can see, can sense, can feel just how quickly your hearts in service can be Love’s presence, reclaiming the world, especially with the amplification of all the Beings of Light and Love who serve this glorious awakening.

Allow your hearts to show you this life. If you see before you memories of experience or the unfolding in your life of anything less than perfect, you can rest assured that Love brings it to you now, that you might take it into your heart and love it free.

Many of you may find that things long believed put to rest are coming before you now for this final act of Love. This, then, is My request – that you passionately make your dedication to Me to being this presence of Love, the open heart of God, and use your heart to greatest effect for the freedom of the world and the ending of duality.

As your hearts are acknowledged and put to use, then each of you is going to discover that you participate in a daily communion of such life and such stunning beauty that you will recognize deep within you that you are supported in this work endlessly. You can call on the Beings that you love and I Am ever with you, lifting you into the truth of God and giving you the higher view.

From this place of peace and power, you will love the world to freedom, for you remember, of course, the wonderful adage given to you by a great Master who lived on Earth as a unique expression of the creative power of Love. That man, that Master, said to you, then, and continues to say now and support you in remembering: “You cannot solve a problem on the level of the problem.” And so, it requires your allowing My presence to ignite in you your full awareness of who you are, of your vast consciousness and your perfect heart of Love.

From this perspective, standing in the power of Love, you can see the avenues opening before you for Love to bring back to perfection all that has believed itself separate. From the view of the heart, the world opens and calls to you. Each precious heart is revealed as the flower of Creation and every stream of life shines forth in its purity, and you can see with perfect clarity the overlay of the ego dream and take it into your heart and love it free.

With your hand in Mine, as a metaphor of our communion; with your life alive to the Moment of Creation; with the flame of your heart ignited and burning as the two forces of Love awaken your consciousness – then every step that you take is a step of loving service. Every thought becomes something for your heart to love, and every picture of your life as you danced in the world of duality, is a direct connection to the hearts of humanity to make your Love even more powerful through the Law of Resonance and your dedication through service.

Is there something in your life, beloved of God, that you have yet to be able to love fully? Is it a memory or a circumstance or something about yourself? Then this is your perfect doorway, through the practice of the loving heart in service to the freedom that only Love can bring.

So practice, dear ones, diligently, opening first your heart to Me until you feel the resonance of Love, until you feel the upliftment of this loving communion, until you feel yourself expand. Then take it into your heart and love it.

Even a moment will do. Five minutes is even better. But the power of Love is instantaneous and the Law of Resonance infallible. Once you’ve established this practice and you are able to hold our communion, to feel this vibration of God I Am speaking itself forth as you, you will begin to delight in the seeing of all that is waiting for Love. You will begin to look forward to what comes into your view as a manifestation of duality and your call to service now in this moment.

Moment-to-moment, see what arises and know that you are fully committed, engaged in the service of the awakening of Love within everything that comes before you or rises up as memories to be brought to the pinnacle that Real life is and restored to freedom.

Every electron of energy is a conscious being, and every one of them calls out for freedom. If they’ve been serving the out-picturing of duality, just like you they serve in Love and have held the out-picturing perfectly. Contact with your heart brings such an explosion of joy and release and freedom that they instantly will come into your service as messengers of the Light, carriers of Love’s perfection – ready to touch each heart, ready to open for you the deep holographic communion with all life in the world.

You will stand in Love in memory of your truth, fully ready to accept your true power. You live in a world right now that is, in truth, the out-picturing of God. It is only the overlay of the ego dream that keeps you from experiencing Heaven, Paradise, perfection, abundance, ecstasy and joy -- every moment with every breath, exalting life in a song of gratitude.

And so your working heart, in service to Love daily and hourly, will restore for you the vision of what is within -- every picture of world containing both Love and something else. As you feel this Love, your communion with all life becomes part of your moment continually, and the support of the realms of perfect Love, the streams of perfect expression of this energy that are the Angels, that are the Beings who have held the Light and yet do, continually -- it all becomes part of your world, availing you of the support, of the vibration of perfect Love where you allow your heart to be in service to the world’s restoration to Love.

What this means is shifting out of the personal, lifting up to a higher vision, accepting the view of your heart -- rather than the discussions of ego, rather than what you see on the news eliciting an egoic response. When you are held in the resonance of Love, lifted to a grander view, you will see it as a call to being your truth, the heart of God in outreach and your experience of all of these things will be very, very different.

While I Am using a future tense in speaking of these things with you, it is in this Now Moment that the shift to the heart becomes Real to you and your service to Love is performed.

As long as you make the choice to be the heart that restores only one power and that is Love, Love restores the expression of unity, all beings as one communion. This conversation, this conversion of the world is happening already, for your heart is fully in service to Me…

It is now the time to engage in bringing every part of your being, of your energy into alignment with the purpose of God, of Love. That is why you are here, beloved. Each of you is ready and waiting to accept the moment-to-moment request for the fulfillment of the purpose of Love that you are.

So, yes, this is a time of tremendous change, and each of you will have your hearts full (rather than your hands!)… Just know that you are fully prepared. You are capable and you’ve made the commitment. It is just allowing your heart’s field to love your own ego overlay, to lift to a higher view and to tell Me that you are ready, willing and available, and we begin the tender outreach of Love and the awakening of the full truth that Love is already present and easily restored.

This, too, I want you to know – that as the world is opened by the infusion of Love and more is revealed that is waiting for Love, so, also, is Love’s power fully restored, and the transformation of the images of duality more and more and more effortless.

Holding in your hearts what I bring before you now becomes your true fulfillment. You will live in amazement as you feel within the magic of Love’s powerful restoration of the truth that only Love is Real.

Thank you for being where you are, for being available and ready. Know that I Am here. I Am with you in the miracle of our relationship, and I Am the mystical breath in which you live and breathe and celebrate this communion. I Am also the outreach of Love that brings the world to Wholeness through your blessed hearts and your presence in the world.

You are My prayer of gratitude as well as My celebration of life. Every moment you are the wholeness of Love and you are the gift of My awakening into the conscious experience of Myself and all of Love’s possibilities. Thank you for your magnificent hearts, for your steady and determined dedication, for your prayers, your choices, your affirmations and for holding your very highest resonance.

In the face of the world’s illusions, your heart has brought you here and your heart is your Home in Me. I Am rejoicing!


Crystal38 20th August 2011 8:06 pm

Beautiful message!! Thank you Yael and Doug!! :smitten:

Peter fox 3rd December 2013 6:17 am

This is truly fantastic! And much more fantastic than when I read it yesterday!


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