2014: From the Mud Comes the Lotus Flower

If 2013 was the year of walking through mud, 2014 is the year we emerge like a Lotus Flower in bloom. Our whole energy field is awakening and coming to life. Light is being shone onto every aspect of us. Every inch of our Sub-Conscious carpet is being lifted off us so that we can see what is underneath. The veil that has been covering our Super-Conscious is being pulled back so that we can see what is truly within and all around us.            

You can see why we have been guided and called year after year to clear our ‘stuff’. On some level we have known that there was a time waiting for us when the renovation crew were coming, complete with their removal trucks, garbage bags and heavy-duty cleaning gear. If you are up to your neck in dust as it is, can you imagine what you’d be dealing with right now if you hadn’t done all that clearing ahead of time?

We knew they were also coming with interior stylists who would, once our home was relatively clean, start overhauling our residence with a good upgrade and show us home highlights that we had no idea existed: “Did you know if we take down this wall here, it will give you a whole new, expanded living area?”  “If you put a few shelves in here you can double your available space.”  “Let’s add some pink here and green there, now feel the difference!”            

The interior stylists are frequencies of light, entering our Earth’s energy field, as well as our collective and personal energy fields, activating everything they touch to awaken, to remember, to expand, to rise to match the frequency that is our new ‘home’.We can fear the idea that there is yet more ‘hidden to be revealed’ but whereas our past personal inner revelations were more of the difficult kind to confront, now we are confronting amazing, brilliant, creative, wise, intelligent, intuitive, compassionate aspects of ourselves that we have never before connected to as fully as we will.Yes, some of what we’re feeling and discovering right now doesn’t feel great – especially on the collective field level – but it sure beats being in denial and illusion.

Awareness creates the opportunity for empowerment and conscious action.  Awareness calls us to accept a greater responsibility for that which we are choosing to create and participate in whether on a personal, community or global level.We will be discovering and called to embody powerful, exciting aspects of ourselves this year that we have not previously allowed to emerge or be fully expressed. We can be just as scared of the potential of our Light and Power, as we have been in the past to look at our pain and wounds.  

Don’t be afraid of your Light, your Power or your Emergence. When the interior stylist nudges you to do something quite out of your comfort zone, (like the experience I recently had with the Emergence of my Red Self), and you’re freaking out a bit but something inside is jumping up and down saying ooh this feels good..…do it.You may feel at times like you’re undergoing a complete identity re-construction and in some ways you are, although in truth you are just opening to more of who you really are – and more of who you have always been. Many of us have thought of our Higher Self or Greater Self or Soul as being something outside of us, or separate to us. Yet it is not. This is YOU.

The YOU looking out through your eyes right now is your Soul, is your Greater Self, only we have had so much of ourselves covered, hidden and influenced by all kinds of filters and lenses we found it difficult to connect to our own self as being, well, our own self!  Now, we are going to feel ourselves embodying more and more of who we really are and receiving our identity from our greater, whole truth, rather than as before receiving our identity from that which covered and influenced us. Those influences were important of course, but now we are learning to integrate them and put them in their proper place rather than taking them on board as our primary identity. Exciting times…as always!


keryndawer 21st January 2014 2:58 pm

Love this message Dana. I really needed to hear: "Don't be afraid of your Light, your Power or your Emergence." I do feel I truly have, and continue, to be metamorphosing into a whole new human being. It is wonderful and exciting but frightening at times as I am acting more bravely than I ever have before. Thank you for this kind and gentle message that it is all as it should be. :)

With Loving Gratitude,

Don11 1st February 2014 1:09 am

Thanks for your comments everyone. Always great to read :)

Love Dana


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