29 July 2013 Star of David Alignment

Today's 'Star of David' planetary line-up features two grand trines, three oppositions, three mystic rectangles and a couple of T-squares all wrapped up in six sextiles - so what does that mean? 

Energetically it feels a bit like when you're driving a dodgem car at the fun fair. It's part zooming around smoothly with so much ease it feels effortless, part carefree happiness, and part side-swipe from nowhere that hits you so hard it jars your neck and gives you whiplash. 

Whatever happened to you or your loved ones today (or in the days surrounding today) it may have been wonderful, shocking, devastating or a miracle. Very likely it was unexpected. Most definitely it was 'written in the stars' and one of those fated things that happen regardless of what you were consciously planning or wanting to happen. Absolutely, whether directly or indirectly, it was heart-opening and soul-expanding, and for some that may also mean something that was heart-breaking. Sending lots of love to those who are feeling that. 

Today's alignment offered a course correction to those who were wavering off-course or taking unnecessary detours. It involves the hard-hitters Uranus and Pluto who don't play games or beat around the bush. They just come right out and change you. The Moon and Water Trine are there, making it very emotional. Yet at the same time the Moon and the Water Trine act like a caring, soothing mother saying "There, there it's all going to be okay," giving you a sense of peace and calm, sending support, love, inspiration, friends and hugs just as you need them. 

July will end having transformed so many of us, and this alignment wraps up so many of the current influences into one big bundle so there's no escaping change or growth where one or other (or both) are due. What's happening for you all right now?


LaRubia 30th July 2013 5:49 am

Dealing with major frustration, as I am currently unemployed and looking for work; am staying positive for the future; the Universe/God has never let me down, so I WILL start my new AWESOME job soon!

Don11 12th August 2013 7:58 am

Yes, congratulations on starting your new awesome job soon:)

Much Love,



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