30 September CME: A Release of Energy

Today had a very strong, clear energy around it. It felt like the sun came out together with a rainbow after weeks of feeling like we were in a pressure cooker and sure enough the Sun finally released a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) after what I think has been weeks of relative quiet. 

The feeling of 'ah, progress at last' is in the air. For some this may come in the form of a lovely surprise or unexpected opportunity after months of feeling 'stuck'. For others it may come via an overwhelming confrontation with all that there is to do, in order to finally achieve some goal. Even if this feels frustrating, it's actually very positive because this confrontation is allowing you to truly see what needs to happen: what needs to be let go of, what needs to be changed, what action steps need to be taken. 

It feels like the energy of procrastination and obstacles have been removed for a moment, allowing us to swim through yet another tunnel, so that we can reach yet another new level of ourselves. If you haven't already over the last few days, I highly encourage you to think of one thing you have been procrastinating about and just get it done already. We did a major spring clean a couple of weeks ago and it feels like we've moved into a new home! The house clearing also cleared our heads and energy fields, adding fresh motivation and clarity to a few things. 

How are you all feeling?


Sandra Smyre 1st October 2013 1:10 pm

Thank you Dana! I'm feeling a whole heck of alot better than for the past few weeks. A big release yesterday and it felt like the sun came out in her glory. :smitten:


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