All Aboard Ship 2013 – No Baggage Allowed

The energy excavation bulldozers have moved in and they mean business! They are going deep down into the depths of our being to clear out any remaining stubborn, emotional gravel. You may be experiencing this as extreme heaviness, then extreme resistance, extreme anger, extreme irritability, extreme impatience, extreme frustration, extreme oh aha lightbulb moment, extreme giddy joy, extreme happiness, extreme gratitude, extreme higher perspective wisdom, followed by oh no more extreme heaviness etc etc. It’s all happening, and it’s happening in no particular order of one emotion running into the other. All you know is that it’s happening, it’s unpredictable, the jackhammer hasn’t stopped drilling in days (weeks? all year?) and you wish it would shoosh up already!! But bless Jack the jackhammer because he is under special orders from the future You that exists in 2013 and beyond: To You and all you know, it’s All Aboard Ship 2013 – No Baggage Allowed.

Whenever we do any major renovation overhaul whether it’s cleaning the garage or demolishing a building, there is always plenty of dust and mess involved. Well so too we are all undergoing our renovation overhauls and likewise we are standing in the midst of plenty of our own dust and mess right now. Actually it’s not all dust and mess, it’s more “Oh wow so much dust, big broom sweep, ooooh ooooh super clear super clean, I see myself clearly now, and boy do I see others clearly, oh I think I’m done shift..oh no, oh no, more dust, oh really? Father stuff again? Really? Really? Okay chat to inner child, polish the mirror, okay that’s better, clear again, wooooh, I’m home freeee....what’s that? Inner feminine wants a word? She has needs? Oh man....sorry, I mean, Oh woman!”

Yep it’s all coming out now, thick and fast. Ready or not. In fact, so thick is this dust and mess and clearing process right now that we are alternating between not being able to see outside ourselves very clearly at all, or anything we do see is being seen through the filter of our dust and mess, and on the other hand seeing others so clearly we feel like they are literally see-through. Then again, we could be seeing them via our dust and mess filter, so we can’t be sure if we’re really seeing them or seeing ourselves through them. It’s all starting to feel like a big dream where we wake up and say “Hey I dreamt there were all these people around me, but then their faces started changing, and I looked around, and everyone was me!.” Strange dream huh...

In this dream that’s actually your life, and in this life that’s actually your dream, (dizzy yet? A LOT of people are with you if you are...literally dizzy that is), your emotions are being triggered and heightened like crazy and you may find yourself responding in a really over the top way to people and situations around you. They may not even be doing anything, but you feel they’re doing something. You think they’re doing something. Or not doing something. Or not doing enough. Either way, it’s really annoying you. If you’re having a good day, you may have stopped yourself before letting them have it, and taken a step back to ask yourself hmmm, what’s really going on here? What you’ll find is that ‘they’ may as well not even exist because really your issue is not with them, it is with yourself. And yourself has taken a trip back from the future to trigger you via someone else not acting how you think they should, or some situation not unfolding as you’d hoped it would, to get you to look at something that needs transforming asap prior to boarding the good ship 2013.

You’ll probably find that it’s an old belief or myth you’ve held about yourself or reality that is not only no longer serving you, it is not compatible with where you’re going and it goes under the ‘no baggage allowed’ category. Just to clarify, when I say we’re all going somewhere and boarding a good ship, I’m not talking about being saved by people from other planets or ascending up into the sky. I’m talking about our vibrational move, our perspective shift, our emotional/spiritual graduation into our next phase of evolution. We’re all aboard the good ship Earth and it’s with her that we’re going wherever we’re going as a transformed humanity. Doubting transformation at this point? Well the thing is, Earth is shifting into a higher vibration, and we all have to shift with her. She’s not really asking us if we’re done with the old reality yet. We’re all along for the ride ready or not!

It is time to stand strong by the reality you know in your heart and cells to be true, for example I am loved, I am always supported, I do receive all that I need, good things are happening, and when you hear that pesky little voice trying to convince you otherwise it is a matter of strength and belief in some greater you to say to the doubting you, “I don’t believe you anymore.” It’s not easy and at first you probably don’t even feel like you really believe that you don’t believe in your doubting self anymore. It’s a daily practice, that becomes habit, that gradually shifts how you feel, that translates into actions, that influences what you attract and how you perceive what you attract, and eventually you find that you do believe it. And as we all know we see what we believe.

That has never been more true than it is now, and that truth is increasing in strength by the day – hence why Jack the jackhammer is being so diligent in his job. As the content of our energy bodies increases in vibration, it increases its ability to be felt by us, and to manifest in our lives as the physical equivalent. So you want to be conscious and aware of the content of your energy bodies, and you want to clear out anything that no longer belongs there. The energy excavation bulldozers are making it easy for us. As challenging as it is to be facing in your face inescapable emotions and situations, it is far more challenging to have to dig for years in the dark to try and work out what your issues might be – as many of us know who spent years digging. The quicker you acknowledge whatever it is they are so obviously shovelling in front of you, the quicker they will move on and leave you with a new clear you.



COBALT 14th August 2012 11:15 am

Nice! :smitten:

LauriLumby 14th August 2012 12:14 pm

In the spirit of no baggage:

I no longer believe I deserve less than.
I no longer believe I need approval.
I no longer believe I have to keep quiet.
I no longer believe my needs are without value.
I no longer believe in lack.
I no longer believe it is my job to make you happy.
I no longer believe in fear or lack.
I no longer believe in something than MY OWN TRUTH.
I no longer doubt the voice of truth within me.
I know. I believe. I am!

And I know that in this moment and always, the FORCE is with us!

Lauri Lumby

zorro 14th August 2012 5:22 pm

“The energy excavation bulldozers have moved in and they mean business!”

Words from the exact letters and number of letters in:

E N E R G Y E X C A V A T I O N.

I cannot make this stuff up, folks!

Ex-Ancient Voyager
A Nicer Next Voyage
Ancient Year Vex Go!
A Negative Ex-Crony
A Near Evict – Oxygen!
A Rat Oven Exigency
A Tear Conveying Ex
Ex in Trance – Voyage!
Vanity Exec – A Goner!
Exec Tony in Ravage
A Very Atoning Exec
A Toxic Yang Veneer
Ace, Ya Nitrogen Vex!
Octane, Ye Grain Vex!
Eying Ocean Tar – Vex!
Ocean Gray Vex Nite
Nix Very Octane Age
Aeon Very Exacting
Vertex in Agony, Ace
Ax Every Ancient Ego
Inexact Era – Envy Go!
Inexact Grave Ye On
Vent Rage? Ace! Yo! Nix!
Axe? Ace?!!…No Try Given!!!
Ivy Entrance – Ax Ego!
Craven? Eat Oxygen!
Creating YEA! – Vex, No!

zorro 14th August 2012 8:55 pm

One other small observation.



Celia Fenn's article focuses on 88, The Lion's gate.

8+8 = 16

As the two hemispheres of our magnetic energies unite as symbolized by 88 we know internal unity, have increased awareness, and all that doesn't fit this revelation of the real us, is excavated.

Don11 14th August 2012 10:46 pm

Zorro, your replies are fascinating! Thanks, Dana :)

zorro 15th August 2012 7:09 am


We be in sync.

Zorro knows words make good sword.



grammanet 15th August 2012 8:55 am


Cesar Daniel Brauer 16th August 2012 10:42 am

I could not verbalize/express my experiences so well as the post does ... and 'no baggage allowed' ... I am being stripped off of the me who's not really me ... the image I have now is 'of a Mother cleaning her infant, moving his little arms and legs, turning his torso, rubbing his head and face ... his feelings through the touches and motions as SHE does IT'. Sometimes I feel this happening very clearly. Great post, thank you!


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