An almost X Class Flare that feels...Soothing!!

Who says Solar Flares can't feel lovely! We had an almost X class flare today and unlike the usual rollercoaster ride of intense emotions brought on by most flares today's felt positively soothing. The energy today felt much like having a really nurturing reiki healing or massage. It felt like it brought an extremely high vibrational wave of the 'feel good' energies we are to expect more of as we move forward into 2013 and beyond, full of creative lifeforce bringing rejuvenation on every level - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This rejuvenation will manifest in whatever way you most need it: a broom sweep through the mind cleaning up your thoughts, a release of old emotional energy that you might experience physically as feeling lighter, an inner sense of calm knowing everything is going to be okay, and fresh inspirations around plans and projects for 2013.

You may also be feeling like you can literally take in more oxygyen, breathe easier (especially compared to last week's heaviness) and feel lighter around the heart chakra/chest area. Prior to this wave, last week we experienced a very heavy energy with a lot of very, very old stuff coming up that you may not have had to deal with for years or even decades. Positive shifts are almost always preceded by a last minute clearing of related old stuff so if you happen to still be there know that the dust will clear soon. More than likely this old stuff is nothing you need to still work on, rather it has come up to make you fully realise 'Wow, I've so moved on from that!!' Reminding yourself who you really are will help you to feel this new wave of energy.



kdawn 28th October 2012 11:29 am

I was in excruciating pain when the flares hit. I usually feel my nervous system amped up when there are flares; I can always tell the flares before I look to see if anything's happened. But the last few times I've felt more pain. And my breathing has been labored.
Consequently my life has been slipping down further and further. Everywhere I turn I'm being attacked or wrongly accused, injured, etc. My family has even attacked me, and I don't have a place to live....all the while trying to recover from 4 years in a rental house with toxic mold and a slow carbon monoxide leak. Yet when I put my focus on knowing I can heal and move one...and actually thinking and feeling positively... "WHAM!" - something else comes smacking me in the face making things more difficult or unbearable.
I've tried so many things. And it feels like even the "trying" is creating resistance and bringing more of it to me. So I keep practicing releasing any attachments or resistance and being open and ready to receive the positive. Yet my options seem to be going towards lying in a field and dying.

kitegirlcoach 29th October 2012 12:16 am

Bring on the soothing flares. More please!


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