April 2012 Monthly Visions: Re-booting, Re-wiring and Recalibration

What feels like a big void and an inability to get your thoughts straight is part of a massive re-booting, re-wiring, re-setting and recalibration process that was triggered onto a whole new level by the recent Mercury Retrograde. As always, this process is happening on both a personal and global/collective level. Usually you can expect some clarity to emerge once Mercury goes direct again, but this time around it is more that the retrograde kick-started yet another stage of our ongoing vibration upgrade with that stage now setting the theme for the next couple of months leading into the June Solstice.

This stage is all about recalibration which opens the way for more clarity, but just like any renovation project the process itself can look and feel more like confusion. Ironically, by allowing all the myriad of thoughts, feelings and experiences that will come up at this time, and not expecting to be clear, you can relieve yourself of some of that confusion! Think of it like a bunch of stuff being thrown in the air, it gets re-organized up there, and then comes down in a new way. The more you resist with thoughts like “Why am I so unclear”? “Why does nothing make sense?” the more it feels like it is going in slow-motion and taking forever. The more you allow it with thoughts like “Everything is getting re-organised”, “I’m about to become so much clearer/stronger/productive”, “This is great!” the faster it happens.

Renovations are supposed to look and feel a little messy but they always involve an organised plan and so it is with this process. This organised plan is not usually evident until the end of a project. It’s only when everything is finished that onlookers say “Oh wow, if you’d told me it was going to look like this a few months ago I never would have believed you, but now look, it’s amazing!” The builder/architect/designer knew what it was going to look like, even in the midst of the renovation chaos, and we can learn from them with our approach to our current changes. We can get overwhelmed and anxious and think everything is falling to pieces, or we can trust that some higher part of us knows exactly what is going on and has their hands on the bigger picture/plan.

When some people read ‘trust’, they think it means to passively sit back and let things happen. Sometimes things magically do happen, usually after much inner vibrational work. Other times it is your inspired action that allows things to happen. So when we say trust here, we don’t mean ‘sit back and hand over responsibility’ we mean trust that you have a very intelligent force inside you guiding you every step of the way toward manifesting and attracting the life you came here to create. This intelligent force is making it more and more clear these days whenever you are on or off track with your thoughts, words and actions. Trust in this intelligent force is energetically active, not passive.

If it makes you feel better, say to yourself “There’s a plan here, show me the next step.” Don’t ask for what’s going to happen ten steps down the track or how you’re going to take those ten steps. Just ask for the next step.

Different people will respond to this time in different ways, depending on where you are at in your personal process. If you are feeling relief at the thought of all this re-wiring, you’re doing great and you’re right on track. You’ve done a lot of work on yourself, you’re ready for a quantum leap and can feel it coming.

If you are feeling frustrated, you’ve done more than your fair share of toe-tapping, fingers drumming, waiting for something to change. You are among the group shouting at the universe show me something for goodness sake!! You fall into the category ‘You are the one you are waiting for’. Ask “What part of me is waiting for me to own it? What part of me is waiting for me to catch up to it?” Own it. Catch up to it. Then grab it with both hands and run with it. No more waiting. This recalibration process for you is about realising you already are that which you are waiting to be, you just have to realise it.

There are lots of different energies co-existing this month - some harmoniously, some conflicting, some on one dimension, some on another. Some energies are leaving, others are incoming, nearly all are shifting and adjusting. Imagine a bunch of different coloured laser lights all crossing over each other, moving up and down, blinking off in one place, returning in another (or not), transformed (or not) .and you’ll get the picture.

This can at times feel like a bustling central station with so much going on we don’t know what to do with ourselves. When the different energies bump up against each other (eg two people who are living in different vibrational spaces) the result can be pretty unpleasant if one or both insist that their vibrational space/reality/viewpoint/perspective is the right one. Multiple vibrational spaces and thus perceptions of reality are existing right now (always have actually, only now it’s becoming more obvious), and the more we keep that in mind the more harmonious our interactions with those around us will be. There is no one right vibrational space, there is only that which is right for you for right now. Sometimes it will feel like we’re all becoming our own little vibrational island. Feeling a bit separated or disconnected from others for a bit is actually an important part of sorting out who you really are, as opposed to who you have thought you are based on the influences of others.

We are going to start seeing a lot of extreme clashes of opinion and polarizing played out as people start to gravitate to the vibrational spaces that are right for them, yet feel that everyone not in that space is wrong. Don’t waste energy on any of this tug-o-war type thinking. We are also going to start seeing a lot of judgement and projection going on wherever people are resisting the ownership of any of their wholeness. For example, someone unhappy in their job might lash out at someone who has just left theirs saying “Who are you to think you have a right to be happy at work? Work isn’t about being happy.” Even if we’re no longer attracting this type of stuff in our personal lives, we’ll see it in the media, politics and social networks. While this might seem like we’re going backward, it’s actually a collective manifestation of what happens whenever we individually have a big breakthrough. You know how it is – just as you commit to a new behaviour, your old patterns rise up in your face. This happens as a kind of ‘clearing the last speck of dust in the room’ opportunity. Our soul’s commitment to shift will feel relentless. Everyone is going to be increasingly pushed and triggered to remember and reclaim their wholeness. We can do it kicking and screaming, or we can do it gracefully. Our choice.

Some of us are feeling a big void where we feel nothing is happening nor do we even feel like doing anything. It’s like the quiet time when all the buses at central station have left and the arrivals are yet to arrive. If you are feeling too quiet and unmotivated, you may be in the midst of a ‘Passion upgrade’. The old things no longer interest you but you don’t know what new things do interest you. This is an excellent time to start a new vision board, only this time try not to have any pre-conceived ideas about what you might want to put on there. If you see a picture or word that jumps out at you, cut it out or print it out. Let things come to you that may not make sense when applied to your ‘old life’ but for some reason keep whirring around in your head for attention. It could be a country, a course, a project, an ambition, a goal, a desire, a dream, an idea or even just a word. Follow a lead even if your logical mind says you are being silly. Ask for a brochure for that trip or course that’s calling you, go inspect that car or house, even if you have no idea how you’d pay for it. Some call this wishful thinking, and it is. Those who know that our thoughts create our reality practice wishful thinking all the time. When we follow our thoughts like Hansel and Gretel cookie crumbs they guide the way to the manifestation of all sorts of impossible things.

Now more than ever we have to daily remind ourselves: WE create our own reality. WE collectively are going to determine what happens over the coming year and years. WE are responsible for what every aspect of our life looks like. Don’t let yourself fall back into old victim mode habits (What if I never resolve this issue, What if the world never changes, What if I never become who I am here to become). If the best you can do right now is repeat to yourself I’m getting there, we’re getting there, everything is getting clearer, then repeat that. Don’t let yourself fall back into old apathy mode habits. Recalibration can feel a bit like everything is on pause or chaotic, so if you are prone to despondency (and who hasn’t been sometimes, especially when you feel like you’ve waited for things to change for soooo long) then it is especially important to remind yourself “I’m getting there, we’re getting there”. Feel like you’re lying to yourself? Ah, at the risk of talking in circles – now is the time to remind ourselves WE create our own reality. If you have a “But” at the end of that sentence then some part of you is still unplugged from some part of your power and authentic self – and ultimately that’s what this recalibration process is all about. We are reconnecting to our power. We are reconnecting to all parts of our authentic self. We are reconfiguring all those aspects of us that made us think we were less than who we really are. Some intelligent force within is reminding us: you are more, much more than you can possibly imagine. We are remembering and we are re-membering.


Rhiannon 12th April 2012 9:13 am

Thank-you, Dana! Good information that is really appreciated! :smitten:

moonshadows sun 12th April 2012 12:31 pm

Wow, what a relief and reassurance this post is. THANKS, DANA! :D

zorro 12th April 2012 8:52 pm


This is all right on the money.

Follow your guidance and follow the “stepping stones”. Don’t judge why you are being asked to go down a certain path. Don’t judge that the person in front of you is not the person you are looking for. Listen to what they have to say and then follow the clues. The clues they give you will guide you to the next. There are no accidents and you are being guided to your greater fulfillment, and these people are part of the stepping stones on our path. This is about “mastery” so master the terrain and the clues. Every time we judge the clues our guides are shaking their heads and say “No, no, keep going. Don’t stop there. We just tossed you three life rafts and a helicopter. For God's sake keep moving!" Once we get this part so that it is second nature we flow easily with the clues, trust increases and we easily move on to our destiny. I know. Venus is square Mars/Neptune, Mars is opposite Neptune and the Sun is opposite Saturn so it may not be as smooth as we like, But after the New Moon on April 21, all will be changed. So act then.

COBALT 13th April 2012 11:04 am

:roll: Just chllin'.

Leigh42 13th April 2012 7:40 pm

"massive re-booting, re-wiring, re-setting and recalibration process that was triggered onto a whole new level by the recent Mercury Retrograde..."

I have felt like my brain is being wiped clean right now and I literally am barely able to function. I was on powerdrive for a week and a half and now I don't know my name or where I live! I figured it was more "hard-drive cleaning" but was relieved to see here that there is indeed, according to others experience and insight, a rebooting occurring.

Who knows, when it is done maybe I will have a new name to match the new vibration!? 2012, so far, has not dissappointed. Every single second filled with intensity, some exhilerating some terrifying.


Don11 8th May 2012 7:35 am

Thanks everyone for your comments:)

Zorro yes so true what you say. I always picture the guides this way too, haha they must get so frustrated with us:) :)


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