Are You Living on 'Rush' Time?

This week, a busier than usual week with Jax's 2nd birthday + party coming up on the weekend, more than ever I'm taking one moment at a time - and trying to do that without the usual 'relentless mental pace' that apparently has been going on behind the scenes of what I thought was a fairly calm self! 

I was doing some art journalling yesterday as Day 1's exercise in Jelena Mrkich's Return to Self course and realised how regularly my mind is rushing me through things during the day, and the kind of pressure that creates in my emotional body. It was a big surprise because I really thought I had left that issue behind when Jax was born as he created much needed work/rest/play balance in my life, and truly I have a lot of rest and play time with him each day. But even so, even with a good dose of 'now time' living, apparently there is still a lot of me operating on 'rush time'. 

It really was a big 'what the!?' moment when I realised that apparently, according to my art journalling, I need to just BREATHE more often and BE in the moment because that CONNECTS me to ME and to Source - you know, what I suggest to you to do all the time! I thought I WAS doing that, but my Subconscious, via my art journalling, says no! More breathing, less mental rushing, okay got it! 

Just goes to show that our inner being has a lot to tell us about ourselves when we make the time to stop and listen. That's another thing that I'm always on about, so here I am, listening.  So, if I'm not around as much this week it may be because I've decided to shut the computer and just breathe. Either that or I'm out shopping for Hoot the Owl party supplies:) 

How are you all with mental rushing vs breathing/being? (And it's a very revealing exercise to journal or art journal about this because how you think you are isn't necessarily how you are!)



Radiant Love Energy 6th November 2013 10:12 am

Yes... I have been mentally rushing lately. Seems like more and more so the last few months. Everything is just so busy! Must breathe in, breathe out... breathe in ... breathe out ... :angel:


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