Are you Waiting for the Life of your Dreams?

Someone asked me recently how long I had to wait for “the life of my dreams”. This question made me think about the topic of waiting, particularly in relation to ‘the life of our dreams’. How many people are waiting for not only one thing, but many things to happen, before they feel they can be truly happy and consider themselves living the life of their dreams?

For myself, the journey toward feeling a sense of real inner happiness and outer fulfilment has been a long one and one that is ever continuing and evolving. At the risk of using a spiritual cliché, it is very much one that most definitely started on the inside before I could manifest certain things on the outside. One thing I know for sure is that the external aspects of my life that mirror what my inner dreams were for many years, aren’t a simple product of time passing by and patiently waiting. Constant inner and outer movement forward rather than waiting, was key to allowing myself to receive some of the most important things that were ever present on my constant ‘What I want my life to look like’ annual lists including a soulmate relationship and making a living doing work that was in alignment with my life purpose.

We create our outer reality with our inner energy, and I’m so passionate about us all knowing the contents of our inner energy to empower ourselves in moving forward toward the outer reality we want and deserve. If there is a subconscious aspect of you that doesn’t want what you consciously want, then it will continuously sabotage you until you acknowledge it and address its issues. The proverb ‘Know Thyself’ is one of the greatest keys to a life you consciously create rather than one that is passing you by as you hopelessly wonder if things will ever change. I must have journalled my way through over a hundred notebooks since age 11, confronted my parent issues, inner child issues, abundance issues, intimacy issues, past lives, epigenetics (ancestral issues), you name it, over and over again. Every difficult experience and unhealthy pattern has been an opportunity to look beneath it, to discover the roots and beliefs that were contributing to it or influencing it, so that they could be healed and changed.

So, know the contents of your energy field, and listen to what it is saying to you on a regular basis. When you do this, you open yourself up to gut instincts and intuitive sparks to do certain things or go certain places. You open yourself up to magical synchronicities and miracles that you couldn’t have possibly planned with your logical, rational mind. When you hear your energy speak to you whether via a physical body symptom or an inner feeling, follow through with action. Too many times our energy gives us Hansel and Gretel cookie crumbs leading us to potential ‘life of our dreams’ experiences but we stop ourselves with negative self talk, doubt, fear, or worry about what other people will think. People who are living even a portion of their dream life may also have had those same concerns, but there has to come a moment where the fear of not living the life you came here to live overrides your other fears, self-doubts and worries about other people’s reactions.

To a degree there is such a thing as divine timing with certain things. The conception date of our son was given to us 7 months prior to the event by a wonderful friend and intuitive who offered to go take a look at the Akashic Records for us. The date was accurate and it really drove home the fact that sometimes things are about timing and that’s that, you can’t make it happen faster than it’s meant to happen. However, I do believe that inner work is an important part of the process, ensuring you are ready and open to receive the best possible future experiences awaiting you in the best way possible, when the time is finally right.

The life of our dreams is as much, if not more, about our perspective on everything in our life, as it is about anything physical within it. It’s also not a full stop event – life will constantly change, have ups and downs, and nothing external is guaranteed to last forever. Life itself is not guaranteed – none of us know when this day will be our last day. So if you are finding yourself spending a lot of time in the waiting bay, do what you can today to shift that even just a little bit. Look around for things to be grateful for, that are in alignment with your dream life. Get out your journal and ask for guidance about issues that repeat themselves. Clear old patterns and beliefs with the help of a healing practitioner. Ask to be shown the next step toward whatever it is you dream of. Stop waiting and see yourself opening and moving forward to all that is waiting for you.



ToTwoTOo 21st January 2013 8:52 am

I don't have a dream. I never did. My life was always "reality" and "problems" that needed "facing" and "fixing". I think of Bastian in The Never Ending Story who was commanded to keep his feet on the ground and head out of the clouds (deprivation of a dream for his life, in commandment of servitude; obligation and duty).

I watched a video this morning where Sinead O'Connor talks about her son Shane, who asked her if she'd ever met God. After she answered him he said, "That's not how you meet God. You have to make your dreams come true".

JackGrabon 29th January 2013 1:15 pm

Great article, Dana. I like how you talk about the balance of having to do both inner and outer work. Neither is complete without the other. However, it seems like most overlook the inner work that has to be done because it's subtler and more difficult as a result, or think they're doing it when they're really not.


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