Clearing and More Clearing

Predictions of these times always involved huge waves washing over the planet. Many prophets (or interpreters of prophecies) always assumed this would be one of water. The huge waves are indeed here washing over us only they are waves of Light, they are waves of high frequency energy coming to us from the Sun, from the Centre of our Galaxy and from the part of the cosmos we are currently travelling through.

This time was always destined to happen, and many of us came here specifically to be here for the changes that are going to occur as a result. This new energy is causing the release or transformation of everything that is not compatible with it's frequency. Our old issues and old power structures can no longer exist in this new frequency in much the same way that digital and analog frequency cannot co-exist on your phone or television.

On a global level we're seeing this with the protests in Turkey, the March against Monsanto movement and Edward Snowden's whistleblowing on Project Prism. On a personal level many of us are are experiencing releases in the form of cold's and flu's (and have been all year). This is regardless of whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. We are going through a major inner and outer clearing process, and this applies even if you have spent years clearing your 'stuff'.

It's a major demolition process: there's a lot of debris flying around now and it can feel suffocating and uncomfortable physically and emotionally. We're also going through some very interesting Soul Retrieval processes, where old aspects are tapping us on the shoulder...they want to come into our new reality too albeit in a transformed way. I'll talk about this, and how to work with these aspects, in the June Monthly Visions...coming soon.


RonDP 14th June 2013 6:25 am


Related and resonated with what you said. Maybe many do.

My intent is sending blessings appropriately to those I interact with . . . a magnetic clause: good will attracts, scheming repells.

Kind of sounded like this new energy. Balancing of planes.

Enjoy your mind,



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