Correct Your Thinking!

Our minds can get stuck on a loop, repeating phrases that literally keep US stuck! I really noticed this the other day when another mum I met shared that they were planning on having another baby this year. I said: "We're trying too." Only suddenly it struck me - my tone was so gloomy! I may as well have said "We're stuck too, sad face sad face" OMG is this depressing tone the vibration I've been carrying on this topic?! Obviously yes! With fresh inspiration I took a leaf out of her book and re-launched the spring in my thought step. From that second on I decided to choose to correct my thinking: "We are planning on another baby too!" Ahhhh, that feels MUCH better!

Whether it is a thought keeping you stuck, or the thought is a manifestation of an underlying sticky emotional/energetic issue, (and it is ALL being revealed this powerful year) correcting a thought pattern loosens everything up in a good way. Try it right now with something you have been stuck on. The difference in feeling, and thus vibration, and thus what you can energetically allow vs push away is incredible.

Until a new way of thinking becomes your natural new normal, set affirmations can help to re-direct and re-wire your usual thought grooves. Stick positive phrases relevant to you up where you can see them every day. Inject them with feeling - that is: say it like you mean it. Visualise it like it is already real.

If you don't believe this works, say the below examples with feeling....and then say the opposite to yourself. Notice the difference in your body, how it changes, depending on what you are telling yourself.

The following came through in a session for a client the other day, and might be helpful to some of you right now too:

The way forward is now easy and smooth for me.

The doors allowing great changes that help people are now swung open for me.

My voice is heard and encouraged. My ideas are put into action.

Who has used thoughts and affirmations to turn things around? Share your stories here!


zorro 5th February 2015 8:35 am

"Our minds can get stuck on a loop, repeating phrases that literally keep US stuck!"

Exactly! When we get a group of otherwise potentially creative people together for any project and this happens, we get what is known as a "pool party trap loop". The energy gets stuck on a repitious loop, with nothing new happening. Go forward or backwards and we're stuck in this loop (pool). The only way out is to stop splashing around in the meaningless, and Be Here Now!

zorro 5th February 2015 9:34 am

Oh yeah, and one more thing I forgot to mention, when the loop takes over, well, watch this: (mobile)"", "amp", "...

cyndy 5th February 2015 12:33 pm

Becoming unlooped. A new human experience shows up as we unloop. As if we are a new species.
Love the video Zorro and it will be looped in my mind for the day and create a smile on my face and bubbles of giggles.

Heartfelt courage 6th February 2015 4:55 am

Here wego loopty loop! Here we go....
Let it go!


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