Cosmic Flow preparing to move Forward

If you’ve been feeling fried and frazzled over the past few days, or are trying to get traction on things that need doing but getting nowhere, there are some cosmic forces at play that can help explain things:

Mercury and Uranus have both slammed on their retrograde brakes as they prepare to go direct…Mercury on Thursday, Uranus on Monday. Everything can feel a little haywire, especially connected to communication, computers, electronic devices, schedules, plans etc. Try to breathe through it knowing things should start to feel better and flow more ease fully once we’re into next week and even more so the week after.

The good news is, from Jan 23 to April 21, all planets will be direct for 3 months helping unpause the pause button and get things moving forward

This happens to co-incide with the Lunar New Year on Jan 22… year of the Water Rabbit …nothing loves flow like water..

On top of everything we are now at 30 M Class and 3 X Class Solar Flares over the past week!! They’re the strong ones heightening, amplifying and activating energy which can feel super energising, super draining, super electrifying, you get the drift.



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