Delays: Your Soul's Chosen Detours

When we consciously want something, for example a love relationship, a certain level of success or some other life change, if it is not in our lives it is not always because of some big block or issue. Sometimes it is because we truly, honestly are choosing to delay that new change, on a deep heart and soul level. Perhaps not forever, and perhaps not even for a month or day more. But it is a peaceful moment when you realise....ahhhhh, so I did choose my current situation, and this is why.

Most of you reading this know that on some level we 'choose' our experiences, yet still certain situations are harder than others to accept. It is really comforting and empowering to connect with the part of you that has chosen a situation - and hear directly WHY you have.

Now yes, sometimes when we want something we don't have there are patterns and issues to face. Other times there are other people's free will and life paths to consider that differ from what you consciously would have chosen or preferred to unfold. And there are times where what we want, is not actually what our Soul wants, and is not truly meant for us. Today we are not talking about those instances - we are talking about things that are meant for you, that are for one reason or other seeming to be held at arm's length.

You can connect with the part of you that is holding something at arm's length, delaying something you are wanting, either through journalling with that aspect, or meditating and having a dialogue with this part of you. I always like to give the aspect a name like Independent Isabel or Hiding Harry. Trust yourself. You know how to receive answers from yourself, trust what comes.

It makes it so much easier to accept that part of you, to love that part of you, and to relax/surrender/trust knowing that if you chose this situation for a certain important reason, you will also eventually end up on the path where what you desire comes to you, which you also promised yourself.

Your Soul knows what he or she is doing - even if your conscious self sometimes has no clue!

Have any of you had the experience of something being delayed, only to later realise once it finally arrived/happened "Oh thank goodness this didn't come earlier, I wouldn't have been ready"? (I definitely have!)

Share your stories here to inspire others in the same boat now!


ShelleyT 10th March 2015 9:33 am

Hi Dana,
My boat was becalmed, but I am gearing up to sail...
Thank you for your guidance...

Eyewitness 10th March 2015 4:50 pm

I know you have your own point of view but I can honestly say that I did NOT choose this horrible life that I hate.... that being said, when can I unchoose it? I have often wondered Why wouldn't 'The Universe' just give every soul exactly what they want?? Whats the big deal with that?? Is it not the very essence of Real Love to give and give and ask for nothing in return?? Does The Universe not delight in rubbing MY belly and making ME happy even as I do this for stray cats who are starving and scared?? If Im NEVER going to have experiences that I chose... or value... then Im just going to suffer?? If Im constantly forced into pain and dispair against my own conscious will.... then how, exactly is that any different than what terrorists do to humans every day on this planet?? I wonder.... why not just give every murderer their very own planet and let them slaughter everyone at will?? Give lovers all eternity to love... give power mad tyrants a million years of competition until each every one of us was utterly bored and satiated with the whole dang thing?? I wonder... :)

antoinette atanasoff 10th March 2015 4:55 pm

Dear Dana, you have always hit the mark at least for me. Exactly as you have stated I wonder if my soul or high self is delaying and the truth of the situation will be revealed. Is what has been started too good to be true? Am I being too vulnerable and believing? I do not know and need to know. I am in a quandary. So I shall start a conversation with my inner self.(Sometimes answers are positive, sometimes not. How come?) Love you, Antoinette

woodfly 10th March 2015 7:47 pm

Dana, I resonate with your love and I enjoy your positive encouragement but the message has been recycled a few times and is getting a bit tattered. I don't want to sound unloving or ungrateful but if the forces of light really want to help they better do a little more than show us the finer points of spiritual contemplation, because life as we know it is in a very precarious situation. We can not sustain life much longer if we continue with the present consciousness. Many bad things are going down just about everywhere on this planet and we need it to end. It's not easy to work on your soul's mission when your faced with life and death situations, we all need to eat, have shelter, and have protection. You can project love and resonate all you want but if the guy next door is a raging alcoholic lunatic your not going to fix your situation by trying to understand his conscious state of mind. It is a terrible analogy but that's what we are facing, how can we raise our own consciousness when we are being beat over the head with a world gone mad? Lets pretend we are all OK but...?

woodfly 10th March 2015 8:06 pm

I understand your unhappiness with life on this Planet...I went through my spiritual awakening process, and I am glad I did, but to be honest after a few years of living the spiritual path I realized what Jesus Christ did......I know the way of the creator is love but unfortunately for all the love I put forth I receive very little in return, and actually the more love I put forth the worse my life gets.... This is why beautiful people like Mother Theresa even questioned her belief in God.... We live on a planet with dual energies, and like yourself all that I strive for has been taken, and love is not rewarded at this time on this planet, yes our hearts may be lifted and our vibration/ frequency increases but often our love gets hammered with negatives. In the last three years I have seen far too many light filled people die unexpectedly, I have experienced many negative unprovoked attacks when all I want to do is live as a peaceful sovereign human. I am very grateful for all the contributors to this web page but lets be real, the loving light bearers are getting beat up.

zorro 10th March 2015 9:36 pm

When things seem to be delayed, stay the course. Others will doubt, but even the planets have their courses and will at times appear retrograde from our vantage point, when in fact from the helio perspective they have never stopped moving forward. Sometimes, for a demonstration of the power of spirit over doubt, things appear to go backwards and this will have a tendency to draw things out that are hiding in the dark. Then the stage is set for a great shining of the light and miracles. Delay does not mean denied. Delay is a powerful illusion used successfully throughout history to defeat delusion and overcome lack of faith. Delay is many times a great ally in disguise.

Spirit Library 11th March 2015 4:54 am

Thank you Zorro for explaining it so well! We feel/think the same... thank you so much!

debs go lightly 11th March 2015 3:34 pm

Hi Dana, thank you for your helpful message. I am currently experiencing 'delay' in the new life that my soul desires.
Some events unfolding around me cause me to feel 'anxious' but this is simply a process that brings change,
within and without. I accept that I feel 'fear' and then I release it. The more I practise surrender the more love comes to me, and through me.
This is not easy, in fact it's really hard. But love is worth it.

Much Love and Light to all,


cyndy 11th March 2015 6:55 pm

Ahhh, Divine Timing. To be connected to the infinite intelligence, infinite wisdom and infinite love and then allowing the timing, the orchestration to come from that. Divine Timing.
And sometimes it is the energy of the soul resting.


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