Double Whammy X Flares: Clean and Clear your Energy!

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The energies since the weekend have been all over the place! Frazzled, disjointed, communication mishaps going haywire (more than the usual Mercury direct stuff), not being able to think straight and even Neptune (planet of imagination, creativity, illusion and sometimes delusion) going direct on Thursday doesn't explain the general 'plugged into an electric socket' feeling. 

With the Sun about to do its magnetic pole flip any time now, our clearest explanation can be found by checking out what the Sun is doing and yep sure enough not only has it had two X -class Solar Flares over the last few days, their CME's (coronal mass ejections of solar winds and magnetic fields released into space) have combined (!) and are coming our way as one gigantic CME. 

CME's come our way all the time so this isn't anything to freak out about. However given that these are from X class flares and given that they have combined, it explains a lot for those of us that are increasingly highly sensitive to the Sun's increasing activity. It also explains erratic technology behaviour - flares and cme's affect computers, phones, internet, satellites, etc, as well as unusual weather patterns. Even for those who are not aware of what is going on energetically, everyone can feel there is 'zhoozh' in the air - static, electricity, tension, adrenalin, feeling on edge, anxiety, it can be experienced in many ways. 

The flares are triggering and releasing stuff in everyone left, right and centre, as well as awakening and activating us so it is extremely normal these days to be sitting in an office, strolling through a shop or attending a party and have everyone around you be going through something very intense in their lives. They don't have to be talking about it, but the emotional intensity being carried by everyone as they try to deal with the waves they are swimming through can be felt by us, even if we don't know 'what' exactly we are feeling. 

So more than ever, have an 'energy shower' when you are feeling like it's all too much. Either smudge with white sage, or visualise yourself clearing your energy much like you would wash yourself during a shower. Ask that anything that doesn't belong to you to please go back to it's rightful owner, or go up to the universe to be used in a good way, and ask that anything that does belong to you to be returned to you (we can come home from the shops with people's energy and leave parts of our energy behind and wonder why trips to the mall leave us feeling drained!). 

Keep your energy clean and whole - you do it for your body, do it for your energy! Eventually energy clearing becomes second nature like breathing and you don't have to make a big deal ritual out of it, but if this is new to you or you're feeling like you're more frazzled than usual - clean and clear away!!


StellarWings 14th November 2013 11:28 am

Thank you! Everybody's 'stuff' is swirling around and it's truly ceaseless these days. When I clear and deep breathe I can transmute the energy. To understand that others' stuff does not belong to me and I don't need to carry it around on my shoulders took me a long time to accept, but what a blessing it is - to love and care for others doesn't need to be all-consuming and draining every moment anymore.

Sandra Smyre 14th November 2013 1:24 pm

Thank you Dana for posting this. There is so much energy flying around these days, I find self clearing over and over. The typhon has stirred up an unbelievable amount of sadness, I have wept many times just trying to clear. The days fly by just trying to stay balanced. Good thing we didn't know this part of the journey or I feel alot of souls would have opted out. I have so much gratitude for SL, just staying plugged in to others right now is life giving. :smitten:


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