Eclipses, Emotions & Expansion

How's your week going so far? If you feel like you were walking along with a pile of papers only to have them all blown in the air by an unexpected gush of wind, if you've felt like crawling into foetal position and having a cry, if ALL the things are happening ALL at once (from fabulous to what the), if you're looking around thinking the world has lost its sh*t, then you're not alone! 

The Lunar Eclipse of next week (Tuesday pre-dawn in Australia, Monday elsewhere) has made her effects known early. She's sure rushed in like a bullet train this week. On top of that Uranus planet of 'well that came out of the blue!' turned retrograde today. 

And in general, the energy of Mama Earth is waking up big time so we can all feel that on some level (or rather WE are waking up big time and can finally feel her properly, meantime she's like umm yeah, I've been here awake the whole time peeps!) 

So we have extreme emotions, erratic happenings and events that come and go so fast they're giving us whiplash. The GOOD news is that all this is happening to clean and clear the path ahead, to accelerate us all to where we need to be via the quickest route. The quickest route is often over the prickly bramble bushes and through the muddy creek versus the smooth highway, but hey, time is of the essence. 

In tomorrow's FB live I'll be chatting about the upcoming Eclipse, (which happens to be on 8/8 Lion's Gate), Emotions, and the Expansion it's all leading us to. It will also be recorded and available to watch anytime later on my FB Page or HERE.

Love Dana x 



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