Energy Update: Feeling of Compression

There is a feeling of pressure in the air, as if something is about to (or needs to) burst, explode or release. You may be physically feeling this as a pressure on your chest (heart area). Emotionally you might be feeling like you're on a short fuse, walking on a thin wire between keeping it together and feeling utterly frazzled.

Visually I'm seeing a huge amount of 'new energy' coming in and compressing the 'old' energy, forcing it up (from under the carpet) and out. This is a positive thing, but depending which part of the wave you are surfing in any given moment it can feel either very suffocating and restrictive, or incredibly exciting and liberating. There is no right or wrong with whatever you're feeling. The fact of the matter is that everything that is not harmonious with the world we are here to create is being pushed up into greater awareness right now.

We are energetic beings that are realising our interconnectedness with all things. We are emotional beings that are in the midst of expanding our hearts. We are spiritual beings that are increasing our sensitivity and intuitive intelligence. It is not as easy as saying 'oh rise above it' when we find ourselves sitting in the part of the wave that is experiencing compression. Our awakening is not just about riding the crest of the wave, it is also about opening our eyes and hearts to the WHOLE wave, even the parts that don't feel so good, and especially the parts that have been limiting not only ourselves but our fellow humans and all living beings on this planet. Awakening to our wholeness can be intense. Birth IS intense. But it is essential for life to continue to evolve.

If you are finding it very difficult to go through this particular phase, hand it over to the part of you that DOES know what it's doing. In birth, your body knows what to do. In this intense evolutionary phase, your soul knows what to do. Hand the reins over and ask your soul to help you and guide you. Do this last thing before you go to sleep as that's when we get out of our own way!


belovedamy 11th March 2013 1:50 pm

Dana, how I am SO grateful to you. My life as I have known it exploded all around me today. My husband, being very much in 3D, has gone into Major Depression and from there because he eavesdropped on a phone conversation today I had with my neighbor for support, he went from there in calling a divorce lawyer. I am in a state of shock, for NO-THING is making sense, as my world is careening around me. Thank you for these words. I will just remember to breathe, get in my zone, and keep weaving my Tapestry of Love.

Deeni 11th March 2013 2:04 pm


As always, your timing is perfect.

You need to know the impact of your words, and I would like to tell you that as soon as I read this, it felt like the pressure just vanished, ALL IS WELL.

God Bless You,

Lots of Love and Light to All,
Nadine : ))

kay 11th March 2013 3:14 pm

Your take on this feels absolutely in tune with what I'm going through as well. I'm so grateful for your posts, and gratitude does help us ride those waves. As you say, they're alternately exhilarating and crushing. Understanding what's going on helps. Knowing that so many of us are going through very similar experiences helps immeasurably.

Sending love and blessings, belovedamy, beloved master. Thank you, Dana.

zorro 11th March 2013 6:16 pm


Yes, your assessments are right on the money. I feel the cellular changes and the physical symptoms as well, and they are distracting as hell if there is a job at hand to do in the 3-D world. And I must confess that I often check this site to see if anyone else is experiencing some of the symptoms that I am, shoulder, neck and back pains round the clock lately, with all this galactic tweaking going on. How can one focus and accomplish anything of practical use with so many physical symptoms associated with ascension pain going on? On the other hand… one can ask, “What’s right with me?” Huh? That’s right, what the heck is cosmically right with you right now? Can we be cognizant of that, and is it just as easy to give that voice? Yeah, like the dog who only has three legs, blind in one eye, one ear chewed off, recently castrated, and who eagerly responds, and smilingly, when called out by his name…LUCKY!

zorro 11th March 2013 6:21 pm

Okay, all kidding aside! The point is this, we need balance, a sense of humor, and at least a hint of recognizable male/female energy integration on an ongoing basis, as this all transpires, to show we get it, and to keep a sense of mastery in it. This is in no way a display of denial of the facts, but more an outward display of the overriding acknowledgement of all the good that is coming about through this process. Thank you from my heart of hearts for sounding your truth. I love your insights, which cause me to look deeply at my own progress. I love this community of writers and readers on the forefront of this very exciting and mind-blowing time. Never stop sharing, and love to everyone!

RonDP 11th March 2013 7:56 pm


You speak and I feel better. Just like that.

So, I've favorited your website.

Compression is so important in great music. When loud sounds are reigned in, the gentle parts can be heard.

The economy especially needs compression. Does anyone need more than 20 million; does anyone deserve too little to thrive. Compression can end "Billionairs" when there are homeless and hungry.

Sending you a blessing,


Baloneypants 11th March 2013 8:11 pm


I do experience the symptoms, and I have not been able to work a normal job because of them, my energy and concentration are a total mess. As you can imagine I have some debt and am pretty poor at this point.

There are some days I experience anger, and some where I must sleep all day, and some in a level of bliss and relaxation I have never experienced before in this life.

And every so often, I will go outside and everything looks 'lighter.' And not just a little bit, I mean psychedelic drug-different. I find myself grinning like a crazy person while gazing at the beautiful details of something as simple as a cement sidewalk. And when I look at the traffic lights, I say 'WHOA' to myself and my eyes widen. I want to grab people and say 'don't you see it? it's beautiful!' but, I don't think were seeing the same thing. Not yet anyway :)

I just wanted to share that so you know you're not alone. And that some people are experiencing some extraordinary things, and there are many more people going through this that we are unaware of. :)

cyndy 11th March 2013 9:11 pm

Oh yes, greatful to you all. Day of total bliss on Sat. Sun. the day kept declining. Today, Monday I felt so much energy moving in my body and it is new unidentifiable and so much as to be somewhat uncomfortable as it is foreign in it's newness. I put rose pink in and all around me to soften and make it more comfortable as rose pink is the color of the vibration of love. AND it is my birthday today which opens portals AND with the new moon not only in Pisces but landed on my exact day and 6 planets align today.
Humor is fabulous. So are all of you.

kay 11th March 2013 10:49 pm

Just checked back to see what might be going on here and I'm so glad you're all here and saying what you're saying. Aren't we all just fine? And didn't we know we could do it when we said we would? When we agreed to it? When we took that enormous leap? Sending smiles out there to all my family.

kellyannie923 11th March 2013 11:47 pm

Thank you so much for this update! I have been so emotional, short tempered (which is far from the norm!), overwhelmed, but also free, peaceful, motivated, deeply in love with my family, everything feels very intense! I am analyzing and learning through this cluster of feelings. I'm so excited to see what happens with each new day! ~LOVE ~

zorro 11th March 2013 11:53 pm

Baloneypants, cyndy,Deeni belovedamy, kay, and Dana....ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto and ditto!

I wouldn't want to experience this in a vacuum and be left wondering what the heck is going on here. The community makes it fun and totally bearable!

angelika 12th March 2013 7:18 am

Hi Dana & all writing in,

I so agree with all of the comments. Sometimes I jump about because I have so much energy and lightness, other days I could stay in bed for most of the time.
This has been going on for quite some months for me though. On a few occasions I though my cat had jumped onto the bed because I could feel such a strong movement - turned out it was just the energy pulsing through my body.
A lot of fear is being removed, and it's no fun going through this 'valley of fear' while I'm in it, so sooo great when I come out the other way. Afterwards it feels like another piece of the jigsaw has fallen in place. I had an image the other day of a jigsaw being 2/3rds complete. Thank you all for writing in your experiences, Love & Blessings

RonDP 13th March 2013 8:04 pm


After reading your energy update, and time, my compression has changed.

Now, I rather like the extremely wealthy.

Learning happens,



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