Feeling more Crappy than Happy?

Some of you feel more crappy than happy in this New Year. I want to talk about that because when one is feeling low, happiness and all this talk about 'forward momentum' can make you feel even lower, isolated and questioning what is 'wrong' with you.

It takes a lot of courage to feel ones feelings, and to express them. Nothing is wrong with having feelings, no matter what they are. Feelings are messengers. We can talk to them, and receive guidance from them. Journal with Doubting Dave, Sad Sarah, or Unmotivated Uma. You will surprise yourself with what comes through.

Many sensitive, awake people are so attuned on an inner level to energy that it is easy to feel down more than up at times. Feelings are felt more acutely - not just ours, but those of the collective. We are also finely tuned to what our reality on a higher dimension is like, and so anything involving a lower density - fears, doubts, worries, feeling not good enough etc - is absolutely suffocating. Especially now. Especially as we enter more and more higher vibrational energy here on Earth.

It sounds like a cliche, but I highly recommend starting either a daily Happiness Jar or Gratitude Journal. It gets you on the 'upswing' at least once every 24 hours, rather than sinking in the down.

Just know everyone has their moments, and I try to honestly share about the downs as well as the ups. Keep on trucking, we are all in this together x


bluedragoness 7th January 2015 9:14 am

Thank you Dana

The feelings that we do not understand are usually ours but they come from processing past lives.

People usually tend to think that what they cannot understand is therefore not theirs but this is not always the case.

zorro 7th January 2015 9:52 am

Some sit as if in a burned out basement, with the full moon in their eyes. Someone asks, "When will the archer split the tree?" Someone replies, "that was all in a dream, all in a dream...
but the knights in shiny armor are real, and are here today. "WHO ARE THEY?", someone asked....

Tiff 7th January 2015 11:25 am

Thank you, Dana. This is so accurate for me for at this time. I'm feeling better little by little, but thank you for reminding me that It's still normal to feel and that I'm not alone....Not that I'm not frequently being reminded of this from heavenly beings but it's still always nice to have acknowledgment and reminders from the physical realm as well. :thumbs: Thank you.


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