Healing and Grieving Old Wounds

We're coming out of a tough few days with a Sun/Chiron opposition happening yesterday - although it is kind of funny and ridiculous to say 'a tough few days' when really it is back to back one thing after another these days! 

This opposition is all about healing old wounds particularly in relation to how those wounds simultaneously shaped us and sabotaged us. You may have found yourself confronting some ancient personal or family history and feeling a bit fragile/vulnerable around any realisations you made. 

The capacity for both healing and grieving is huge right now. Grieving because it doesn't feel nice to realise wow who could have I become without this wound? Yet healing because now, with your new wisdom and insight, you get to become that person AND you also have the benefit of having already become someone you never would have become without that wound. This is all happening in tandem with relentless waves of high frequency energy washing through us that have not let up this year, nor will they anytime soon as far as I can see. 

Try to go easy and gentle on yourself, and others this week. A lot of people are feeling super sensitive and super fragile, and this can be turned inward as depression or it can be exploded outward as bursts of anger. Just know that our identities are going through an extreme process of flushing out the old and expanding into the new, and while this has been happening for many years it is now happening in a much more accelerated way to many more people. 

Before you respond in an extreme way to each (temporary) wave, try to get into the habit of taking a breath and asking yourself: what is really going on here? If it is too mentally or emotionally taxing to go there in that moment, the breath alone is good enough. The breath will always calm you, bring you back to centre and often bring you any insights or feelings you truly need.


Sandra Smyre 6th September 2013 7:16 am

Powerful message Dana! These are definitely challenging times and knowing others are experiencing the same things is comforting. Some days are so easy and others it feels like it all comes back with a vengence. My old wounds have served me well and made me the person I am, now I'm ready to take flight and soar. In LoveLight, Sandra :smitten:

heymumphy 6th September 2013 3:11 pm

I can relate to this. Thank you. :thumbs:

LauriLumby 7th September 2013 7:13 am

Thank you for these comforting and assuring words. The past week has been a doozey with an unexpected resurfacing of grief and guilt around my former marriage. I was shocked and surprised to see this resurface and was caught off guard by the accompanying depression and brain fog. I gave myself time and space to process and grieve and today it seems the fog has lifted. These are indeed strange days and speaking for myself, I will be glad to see the new life arrive.

Lauri Lumby

blissbunny 8th September 2013 11:58 pm

This week has been an absolute MuthaF***ker. No other way to say it, big BIG unexpected endings...relief, sadness and somehow all and all, in a period of only a few days- it's come to resolution.

Fuck ascension, seriously..I'm only 'human'.

One foot in the grave, one in the light - that's how it seems on weeks like this.


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