Heightened Desires Highlight the 'Gap'

We are halfway through the 11 days of all planets being in forward direct motion. This influence heightens the dreams and desires we have for our life. It clears the focus on the future, reminding us: This is what I want, that is what I came here to do, this is the kind of experience I want for my life, that is how I want to feel.

Because our 'what I want' is so highlighted, so too is our feeling of 'the gap' between there and here, wherever here is right now, physically, emotionally, materially, financially, spiritually. So while we are receiving flashes of inspiration and nudges to do abc, or stop doing xyz, we are also likely having any 'not in alignment' thoughts/beliefs/emotions/memories/patterns being brought to our attention. This can feel uncomfortable and unpleasant, but my motto is better out than in!

All that stuff is in our subsconscious and shadow anyway, influencing us anyway, so better to just get it out on the table, stare it in the face, and then do what you need to do with it. Tell it you can't press replay on it for one more year or one more moment, dance it out, journal it out, and have a chat with all that old stuff about how you would prefer to feel, what kind of life experiences you would prefer to have.

In my experience, our old issues LOVE this kind of chat with us. They have a job to do. They have been on a lifelong mission to make us aware of something within ourselves. Some to remind us of our strength, some our power, our worth, our value or our purpose. They aren't our enemy, they are our biggest champions, nudging and triggering us: "Remember who you are!!" Rather than berate your issues or feel bad about having them, as we all naturally do, make a nice cup of tea and say: "Let's talk". They will offer a wealth of information and insight.

To have this 11 days occur at the threshold of one year ending and another beginning makes its influence more power-packed than usual, because we are already tending to do our annual life stocktake at this time asking ourselves where we have been, and where we want to head. Internally as well as externally.

How are you all feeling?


zorro 31st December 2015 10:00 am

I had a "Bagpipers Dream" last night where I heard vivid bagpipe music. It was stunning! I see this as an activation into the energies we are syncing with crossing over from 2015 to 2016. In trying to find a way to describe it II found these 3 cuts below that may progressively tap into and build upon emerging ancient codes expressed by the composer Dougie Maclean when he wrote this at around the time of the harmonic convergence. The ominous tones and codes will facilitate the recognition of our new being and they facilitate faith, courage and ancient knowing.

First listen to his original version of The Gael recorded by Dougie 1990:

Now listen to the movie version from Last of the Mohicans:

Now listen to the bagpipe version by The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Bagpipes:

What do you feel when you hear this?

This one is a bonus:
Primitive, ancient, and beautiful!

keryndawer 1st January 2016 4:03 pm

Thank you Dana and Happy New Year to YOU :smitten:

Yes, I'm feeling quite like you described: very in-tune and in-touch with my desires for the future but seeing this HUGE GAP and wondering how it can all possibly come to fruition (health-wise, financially, relationship-wise, etc). It's a long way from here to there. But I am happy IN THIS MOMENT so I keep myself PRESENT and deeply TRUST the ways and hows will be shown to me. I believe in and have faith in the Divine unfolding of my Life for my highest good :)

Blessings and Love to You and All this New Year's Day and Always,

Gary B 2nd January 2016 8:19 am

Well I feel just as you described Dana. Thank you for that Awareness!

Deeni 3rd January 2016 10:45 am

Thank You, Dana,

This message resonated big for me.

I am finding that the more my desires heighten, the further away the possibility of them gets.

I tell myself to Trust, and have Faith, it will all work out in the end. However, I have told myself that so many times now, I am beginning to feel as though I am only kidding myself. I know it all comes from within me to turn this around, although the GAP seems to be ever present there too.

I feel as though I have been kicked one too many times, and I could care less about getting up this time. What for? So it can happen again at a much greater magnitude than a previous experience?

Lately, I have been experiencing visions, and snippets of conversations, clear as a bell, and have no idea what purpose they serve.

I strive to believe in better days, although the difficulty in that seems insurmountable.

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

Don11 22nd January 2016 12:56 am

Lovely words. Happy New Year to you Keryn :)

Love Dana

Don11 22nd January 2016 1:01 am

Hi Deeni,

You are a great writer, I love how you have worded your post :)

To increase your trust: what have you envisioned for yourself or your life that HAS unfolded, that HAS come true? That is, would the you of ten years ago look at you now and think wow! I am not talking so much about external situations (although that can be included), but in terms of how far you have come with your personal growth, with your inner strength, self-worth and so on. Usually we have achieved more in life than we realise, but when we judge ourselves by how far we have still to go we can't help but feel like we have fallen short of our expectations for ourself.

Write down those visions and snippets of conversation, and keep writing and see what comes out in the pages that follow. I feel like you have a lot of messages that want to come through you.

Love Dana


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