Hi To Higher Vibrations, and Bye Bye Bridge

Emotionally and energetically, we are in an all or nothing kind of place - and that refers to 2015 not just when there is a solar flare, although they will certainly help the process along!

What this means is, we became accustomed to living within two frequencies simultaneously. We were on a bridge between worlds for a long time. Now however, that bridge while perhaps still there in some form, is no longer there as it used to be - and certainly it is no longer one that we can stay on. It can't hold us, support us or sustain us anymore.

So you will find that you increasingly feel you 'have to' be in a higher vibrational space with your thoughts, perspectives, feelings, what you choose to focus on and believe, what you watch and read, what you eat, what you do and say, what and who you surround yourself with, and so on. You will feel it instantly when you are doing/reading/speaking/acting from a lower vibrational space/perspective.

This doesn't mean you can't read about certain topics or eat certain foods. It is all about what feels right FOR YOU. It is about how you feel about something when you are reading about it, eating it, or doing it. Happiness, joy, empowerment and freedom are among our soul's natural states of being, and we are all being called to live in those states. Not in a 'head in the sand/denial' kind of way, but in a 'when my head, heart and soul are clear, I can see clearly, respond clearly, act clearly' kind of way.

There is SO much to say on these new energies, and I have plenty of new energy messages pouring out faster than I can type and post.

How are you all feeling?


zorro 16th January 2015 12:32 pm

Hello Dana,

Feeling like Mars is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. A lot of dream activity but sub-par "drive" to physically act on them to any great extent at this time. Feels more a time to journal things, see what new views pop up when Mercury goes retrograde this month as well. If you have a lot of fire in your astro-DNA, this is an adjustment, but one we need to heed. So not breaking any personal records at the gym right now, but have used this time to root out anything in the diet that wasn't helping with optimal health. Focusing on ideals and inserting healthy pictures into my thoughts of how I would like things to be, a powerful activity that actually manifests in a physically positive way, to my astonishment. Learning how to "be" even when not "doing"! I am very actively "picturing" at this time, for what I would like to see happen, based on what is actively going on within and without.

LauriLumby 16th January 2015 2:30 pm

New energies indeed! In the past several weeks, I have been tapping into a dimension beyond 5D (I'm calling it 6D for lack of a better word) and this dimension seems to be nothing short of magic! In fact, I am learning that it is in the 6th dimension that we tap into Divine Alchemy, Divine Manifestation....where we learn and are provided with technology to support the creation of the new world - both for ourselves and for the collective. I am also learning that in the coming year, I will be called to teach others how to access and implement these technologies! Humbling and super cool all at once!

Lauri Lumby

gretchendreisbach 16th January 2015 2:32 pm

Schools out!

Time to play Beloveds!

(I always did like "free time" better…) (I forgive myself for using a duality term :))

Love to ALL!

from, Gretchen Grace



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