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It feels like someone has thrown us in the middle of that card game Memory or Concentration. You know the one - where all the cards are laying face down. You pick up a card and it has a picture of an apple on the other side, then you have to remember where the matching card is among all the other cards on the table. Only this particular game of Memory has a Life Review theme, the matching cards are turning over all on their own with hardly any (or even any) effort on our part, and the cards are representing real life actual events, conversations, insights, feelings and synchronicities that are happening to us right now, especially this week and I'm feeling there will be plenty more to come. 

So far it seems to work something like this: You have a recurring emotional issue that's just flared up, then suddenly you're 'picking up' the matching card that is showing you an old memory, making you see so clearly where that issue started. You've spent years with this issue and until now you never saw this particular connection to it. 

You're reading a magazine article where someone is talking about their childhood and it brings up a lot of emotion and memories about your own childhood. For the first time you really wonder, hmm that's strange that I didn't do that, or that I did that, or that we did that. Then the 'matching card' pops up: Omg, that's why I have that pattern I have! That's why I resist doing x, or have troubles doing y! 

A random conversation happens with a family member or friend triggering the most unexpected, healing discussion. Then the 'matching card': Clarity descends on you, you have a lighbulb moment, a weight lifts off you, suddenly something that never made sense makes sense. 

We've all been told that when we pass we get a Life Review where we all see very clearly, in super fast forward motion, why we were how we were, why we did what we did, why we repeated the patterns we repeated, what the story was that we played out with certain people - but something is happening with the energy now that we are getting to live through parts of our Life Review NOW. And it is happening in minutes, very quickly, in very unexpected ways - not necessarily through meditation or a healing session or anything like that, rather just through the motions of your day to day life. 

To add to the huge array of synchronicities that have been happening, in the last 24 hours my two sisters and I all had the same question pop into our minds, about something we hadn't at all been discussing, or had ever discussed (and we've discussed pretty much everything)!!! We have had lots of telepathic moments, but this is entering a whole new level. 

Who else has been experiencing instant Life Review type stuff, clear rapid links from old memories to recurring patterns, and heightened synchronicity and telepathy?


happyme 30th August 2013 5:25 am

Hi Dana, wonderful article!
Something like that happened to me quite a few times this week, instant clarity, instant knowing, instant grumpiness... :crazy2
I believe in telepathy, but most around me deny it... so i'm used to be treated as the crazy one. People keep silence of the phenomenon of the connections around, and how we link to people everywhere now...
Blessings to you!

roselamb 30th August 2013 9:00 am

Instant Clarity is the perfect title for this article. That is what it brought to me. I too have been experiencing these instances of connection. For example, after 68 years of life it dawned on me this week--oh, that's why I have problems with my throat, with my drawing (self-expression), with my reaching out: all through my childhood I was not allowed to speak. It may sound obvious--it does now to me!--but for whatever reason, though I have always been a seeker, I had never made that connection before.

Great article. Thank you!

Silkworm 30th August 2013 9:52 am

Yes, experiencing this. Yesterday specifically in discussion with a friend, several puzzle pieces popped into place. Connections made between past and present. New insights that allow new clarity and presence in the moment. Some topics that don't need to be discussed again. Even more awareness of how thinking or talking about something draws the experience. Thank you for reflecting this.

wapani23 30th August 2013 10:52 am

This is exactly what was been going on with me. Thanks for the article because there really was no one to share this with. It is quite fascinating. It is almost like I knew things in concept only and now the specific details connect so I can live with a much greater awareness and hence use my tools more precisely and effectively. Perfect description!

benners 30th August 2013 11:16 am

I've been encountering all of the above! It seems as though all the issues and relationships that I've been able to keep on the back burner are all in my face, as if life is forcing me to deal with either carrying forward or leaving them in my past. I guess it's very true that we can't take our baggage with us! Thank you, great read!

queens4freedom 30th August 2013 3:37 pm

for most of the time i am in other realities lately! the life review! it has been going on for weeks! i thought to myself yesterday" i have been having all my life events popping up everywhere, like they say when people are dying, in slow-mo, am i slowly dying?" i feel ok !? faster, more noticeable evolution! right now in a physical healing funk. thank you for the confirmation & NAMASTE!!! angelique

mary444 30th August 2013 4:47 pm

I have had so many synchronicities lately like pieces of a puzzle falling into place. I was at a funeral when I had a flashback to my childhood when I realized,"wow that's why I had such a hard time getting past the fear that was instilled into me by my strict religious parents." Epiphany. My daughter is noticing that everything we need seems to happen at the right time. She is saying, "it happened again." Perfect timing. I have strangers coming up to me and asking for advice on very personal matters.

Don11 31st August 2013 6:45 am

I'm loving reading everyone's experiences, thanks for sharing!

Dana x

jules444 31st August 2013 8:38 pm

yes i am having a life review and flashbacks from my life. Also My friend also says he is going through it. I have been through living with a debilitating chronic illness for the last 25 years with many traumas and regrets and through this i realize that all i need to do is love myself through it. I can't change what happened- but i also feel i am not of this world anymore.

Dls 2nd September 2013 8:17 pm

Dana, it always amazes me how you hit the nail...I was on a mini-vacation this weekend, and it was our 8th-ish annual get-together. Recently, I made a HUGE decision re: my relationship, and I was having a few doubts. This mini-vacation only solidified my decision. It's been over 20 years, and my relationships within a certain "soul group" have remained stagnant. I FINALLY realized that they were diminishing my light -- almost to the point of feeling like they have been and continue to "choke" my soul. I know it sounds dramatic, but they have never seen the light within me (and actually ridicule/try to diminish it); whereas, perfect strangers recognize it daily. It made me sad, but on the other hand, I can now stand by the choice I made. I will always love them, but I realize I need to spend the majority of time around those who will help me grow in order that I can help others grow. Thank you so much.


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