Juicy Manifesting

Over the past week I've been feeling guided to drink more fresh juices and casually thought "I have to get a juicer soon." Then the other day Jax was watching a kids show where they were making fresh juice. He started listing all the fruits and veggies he wanted to make juice with and asked if we had a juicer.

Later that same day a friend popped by and out of the blue, not knowing anything about our current juice theme, said "Would you happen to need a juicer? I have a spare one I've never used"

Yes thank you! Next thing you know, boom, fresh juice thank you very much.

This is how the Universe works when you just let it happen. The thing is, in my experience, the less you have any sort of attachment to what you want, or resistance, the easier and quicker it happens.

Wanting a juicer was a casual thought that went into the "I'll have to pop that onto the get it when we can list" category. It doesn't work on things where I think "I want xyz, pleeeeeeez universe, give me xyz, i neeeeeedd it, pleeeeez!!!!" That sentence has the vibration of lack all over it.

When you can tap into the joy of a thing, without giving a thought to the lack of it, magic happens. I also think your Soul speeds things up that it really wants or needs asap. Like say the juicer. My mind might have filed it away for later but my energy swung that door wide open the second both Jax and I started talked juice.

What magical stories have you had happen where something appeared almost as soon as you mentioned it?


ShelleyT 28th April 2016 1:52 pm

Yes... Thank you for the reminder....


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